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Peachcell Com Reviews [June] Should Anyone Order?

Peachcell Com Reviews 2020

Peachcell Com Reviews [June] Read It Before Order! -> In this article, we are discussing the pros, cons, specifications, and customer reviews of an innovative and ergonomic designed key.

Do you keep on surfing and searching for new websites to shop? If so, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will give you thorough information about one such website named Peachcell com. These websites claim to sell accessories for your mobile phones. You have to place your order online, and you will receive it at your place. However, before buying anything from this website, have a look at PeachcellComReviews

As everyone wants protective and beautiful accessories for their mobile phones, which is essential to check the website from where you are placing order. Today, you will find many fake sites online which claim to sell quality products, but you get counterfeit goods in return.

However, with the help of customer reviews, you will come to know how well the website is operating. This United States-based website is recently built, and so you need to check all the details before buying anything.

Although all the products displayed on the websites are according to the latest trend, deciding too early can cost you more. By looking at the website’s specifications, customer reviews, and flaws, you will get a better idea. 

Let’s have a look at the website in detail. 

What is is an online threshold that claims to provide exciting deals on various products including the frequently used phone covers, waterproof and wireless earbuds, phone holder, phone finger ring hand strap accessories and tempered glass. This online website provides all the items that are designed, keeping the customers’ preferences and choices in mind.

Well, all the Peachcell Com Reviews that are available online are so disappointing that the buyer doesn’t get any clarity whether he should try the hot-selling products of the website or not. 

Due to customer reviews, many doubts can arouse in customers’ mind, and this is the reason why the website hasn’t gained much popularity. So, before spending your hard-earned money on purchasing anything from this website, look into all the essential details.  


  • Store type: every kind of mobile accessory
  • Shipping charges: not applicable
  • Expected delivery time: 2-5 working days
  • Return: can be requested but only within 45 days
  • Exchange: no information available
  • Business address: not displayed on the website
  • Refund: applicable only in case of un-used product
  • Company’s mail address:
  • Company’s website:
  • Phone number: not provided on the website
  • Payment method: all the online payment methods

Pros of shopping online on

  • The website has got an enormous collection of stylish and funky mobile covers.
  • The site delivers the orders very fast.
  • This online website provides free shipping.

Cons of shopping online on

  • The website charges according to different exchange rate if your credit card accounts are in US dollars.
  • The site has not provided any contact number and doesn’t respond when sent a mail.
  • The site has not mentioned any detail regarding the exchange of any product.
  • The site has not gained much popularity and doesn’t have many online reviews.

Is legit or not?

All the information available on the internet seems to be right about the legitimacy of the website is doubtful, and the Peachcell Com Reviews also didn’t reveal any genuine positive feedback from even a single happy customer.

Furthermore, the website has not shared any contact number or permanent address which is a big reason to doubt the website’s realness.   

What are the buyers saying about the website?

The website has no social media presence and has got nearly zero reviews online, and the few available Peachcell Com Reviews are not sufficient to trust the website completely.

Moreover, there are plenty of complaints regarding the website not being responsive to the queries of the customers.

Final verdict

After going through a lot of online information about the services and Peachcell Com Reviews, the website is found to be suspicious of being involved in some scams or frauds. Also, there is no legitimate content regarding the website’s realness, so it can’t be called to be an official website.

Moreover, the buyers are advised not to place bulk orders on the website. However, they can start their buying journey with the site with a small order and test the reliability of the website and quality of the products. 

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  1. I thought I was ordering the golf game and it was supposed to be half price they took 31.00 from my account and 3 weeks later I got 1 rubber golf ball, I would not have paid that for a ball to me the add was misleading and haven’t seen it since I ordered

      1. I agree. Ordered 2 sets in May and after much correspondences I received 2 soft golf balls and they argue that that is what I ordered…..really?? For $50? A real scam

    1. Me too only I ordered two games and ended up with two foam golf balls for a whopping total of $52.79. What a rip!

    2. I had the exact thing happen to me ! I am still arguing with them…$29 for a SPONGY golf ball. Really!! Was supposed to get the game. Also their website no longer exists. Complete SCAM!

  2. I also ordered a chipping and pitching target golf game, paid $33.00 and 3 weeks later I received a foam rubber golf ball, worth about 50 cents. I’ve gone back and forth with the “support email” personnel and they insist that I got what I ordered, despite that fact that my order very specifically says “Golf game x 1”. Very deceptive marketing – photos and video were all about the game, what came with the game, cost of the game, etc. This is a scam! I don’t expect to see the game now, but I will submit an honest review about this scam that is just taking people’s money. They are very sophisticated. They have what looks to be a legit website, they send something you can track with a tracking number. By the time you get your “package” and realize that you have been taken, there is no recourse. The company is in China or Hong Kong. They are not reachable by U.S. laws or consumer protection. Not worth your time to keep fighting with them. Just DON’T ORDER FROM PEACHCELL – IT IS A SCAM.

  3. I ordered the golf game over a month ago and have heard nothing.
    The email address and website that cam with the confirmation are not active.
    I think I was scammed.

    1. Same for me; however, I bought two. I was going to go to pay pal after I tell to put their balls where the sun don’t shine, but you are saying because in China, no recourse. Actually, I thought when buying that the company was in California.

  4. I ordered the same game on June 1, 2020, and never received it. I did receive an email order confirmation, typical (in appearance) of many orders I’ve placed from other companies. When I went back to that email to look up information to contact the company for a delivery status – I noticed in the email it said “If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at” If you look closely the word support does not have a “t.” When emailing that address, the email bounced back – invalid email address. I re-emailed adding in the “t,” but haven’t heard anything back. From reading these reviews, I’m either not expecting to receive the item, or will probably get 1 golf ball (as noted in some of the other reviews). I’m going to be more careful ordering, and order only items made and sold in USA.

  5. Same! No golf game that was ordered in May. Can not reach the company at all. Lesson learned!
    Karma 💜

  6. In June I ordered the game for $33. Today, September 1st, I received a foam golf ball as if to say, “We took your money, now screw you”. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAM ARTISTS!

  7. I ordered the golf game on June 1st. Have been fighting with them for delivery since July. I just received the foam golf ball the gentleman in an earlier review spoke of. Peachcell is telling me that I only ordered the foam golfball for $33 and if I wanted the entire game it would cost in excess of $75! Unbelievable! Still trying to take $ from me. I filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. PEACHCELL IS A FRAUDULENT SCAM.

  8. I wish I had read this earlier. I ordered 2 of the golf cornhole type games in MAY. I kept up communication regarding delivery with constant messages about tracking. Excuses…excuses. I spent $50 plus for these as it was two was a discount. Package delivered…2 soft white golf balls. Communication is dwindling with their statement is that I only ordered 2 balls. Can’t this website be shut down ? I found this on ad in Word or Facebook… this is a scam

  9. WE too ordered the Chipping and pitching golf game only to receive two foam golf balls after 84 days. Looks like we got scammed as well.
    sent an email to their support for a refund.

  10. I ordered two sets as well and eventually received 2 foam golf balls. Much communication with no chance of a refund until I put in a complaint with PayPal. Had to post the balls back and then I got my money back. Winner in the end.

  11. I spent $45.90 for two golf games and I too only got 2 foam golf balls. I have been emailing back and forth with them and they keep saying I got what I ordered. I sent them the email confirmation that i got when I ordered and it clearly shows the golf game . It took 4.5 months to get here and could not believe that they shipped only two foam balls. I keep explaining to them I would not of paid $45.90 for something that was only worth less than $1.00. Any suggestions anyone has, I would be happy to listen to. I have turned them into the BBB – but when I look at other reviews, hard to believe all the different prices charged. Wish I would of seen these review sooner. I have continually asked for a refund and keep getting reply’s that it is what I ordered which is not correct.

  12. I ordered a set on June 3rd at the request
    Of my husband. As of today I have received nothing. Website is gone, email address is fake and I filed claims with both PayPal and my bank. Total scam.

  13. If you stupid fucking Libtards would quit pandering to these slant eyed chinese gouks we wouldnt have this problem. We shouldve napalmed everyone of those fucking gouks with their vietnamese cousins during Nam

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