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Parx Food and Wine Festival (July) Surprising Facts!

Parx Food and Wine Festival

Parx Food and Wine Festival (July) Surprising Facts! >> This article is about a food and wine festival organized by the Parx Casino.

Are you a food and wine lover who is looking for a blasting moment of joy? Parx Food and Wine Festival is here for you.

Although it has been canceled because of this pandemic, no matter how hard this pandemic will try, it won’t break our hopes and happiness. Am I right? Okay, heading to this post, this Parx Food and Wine Festival is for food lovers and wine lovers out there.

Enjoy the festival where you would get the town’s best chef, restaurants and wines of your choice. Coming to this festival is a win-win deal; you won’t lose anything; neither would you regret coming here.

Let’s check out the further details about this festival as the festival will happen in 2021, so be prepared from now and get yourself registered at this festival.

What is the Parx Food and Wine Festival?

Parx Food and Wine Festival is a fun-filled weekend festival where you can find the town’s best chefs, restaurants, wineries, and breweries. You can enjoy international wineries and celebrate a fun-filled weekend with delicious foods and crazy wines and the town’s best brews. You can also experience delicious cuisines that showcase the best of bucks county and other nearby regions.

The best of this festival is a fundraiser festival, and ticket earnings directly go to Libertae, Inc, a treatment and recovery center for women and their kids across Pennsylvania.

You can also feel the live music at the festival. Tickets for all three days of the weekends may vary according to the audience.

What is the Parx Casino?

Parx Casino is an entertainment, Racing, Casino, and Nightlife Center.

It offers Casino, Racing, Entertainment, and Racing along with online gambling and sports betting. It has 260, 000 square feet of casino and 280, 000 square feet of Parx East, which is home to Racing.

The Parx Casino also offers and organizes exciting events and parties. One of the recently organized events by this casino is Parx Food and Wine Festival, which was organized for the first time in 2019 and about to be organized this year, but the schedule was canceled due to this pandemic.

But soon in the year 2021, this casino is going to organize a thrilling and exciting fun-filled food and wine festival.

Event Details

This Parx Food and Wine Festival was about to be celebrate its second year consecutively on April 17 to April 18, 2020, but got canceled due to the pandemic. This pandemic was unavoidable, so the organizers had to cancel their event and refund the amounts fully. Still, the organizers have promised to make up this party in 2021 with a double celebration.

If you have any queries regarding this festival, you can surely check out their official website.

What would you get at this festival?

  • You can experience the town’s best chefs and their delicious dishes.
  • The Parx Casino itself offers one of the best dining experiences.
  • Breweries and wineries.
  • Celebrities cook chef.
  • A live musical weekend.
  • A fun-filled thrilling weekend.

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