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Parler-Review Reviews {Nov 2020} Learn Benefits Of Parler! >> Read about a social media platform that allows its users to speak freely without fear & doubt.

Everyone loves free speech, especially in the United States. But a lot of people misuse their right to speak freely. And generally, this happens on a social media platform where there are no consequences. But now social media have started enforcing some rules.Are you aware of the rights? Do you also misuse your rights? Reviewsis the new talk of the town for this reason. Parler is a social media platform similar to Twitter, but here the forum says that it is a community where you can speak freely without the fear of being de-platform. Let’s see what this platform has to offer!

What is Parler?

Parler is a social media platform that allows its users to express themselves without the fear of being de-platform. On this, the users not only from theUnited States.

But worldwide can build a community of people with varying life experiences. The user’s post ‘Parleys’ and those who agree with them echo their thoughts through ‘echoes.’ Reviews found that this platform says that its users are entitled to freedom of expression, security, and privacy. The users have to undergo a verification process to help remove bots and civil disclosure from the platform. Let’s see what happened on this platform.

What happened on this platform?

Parler recently became the second most popular app in the app store and has reached more than 1.5 million daily users on its platform. But this sudden rise in numbers was due to some reason. In June, many rights-wing users started registering on this platform as its claims to provide free speech to its users. And soon, Reviewsbegan trending.

With the US election coming up, many social media platforms removed hate speech and removed far-right accounts. Therefore, right-wing users started flocking to this platform to express their views and ideologies. And this was not received well as many people started using this platform to promote hate speech.

What is people’s reaction to this event?

All the right wing-users on the platform are perfectly content with the free speech policies of this platform. They have used this platform to promote their political ideologies and dismiss equality movements happening in the United States.

Other users are unhappy with this violation of the right of free speech and have written vital Reviews. People have complained that this platform has been used for promoting hate speech and symbols. People’s experience and life events have been called out and dismissed by other users.


Social media is a great way to express your opinions and thoughts and get feedback from other users. Although everyone has the right to free speech, many people misuse it to instil hate speech and symbols. And to disregard the inequalities faced by other people. Parler is a great platform, but any platform that promotes free speech should also check that their users are not hurting other people’s sentiments on their platform. And maintain high ethical standards.If you have any experience on this platform, do mention your Reviewsin the comment section below.

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