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Parent.neverskip.Com (August) Honest Reviews Below.

Parent.neverskip.Com 2020

Parent.neverskip.Com (August) Honest Reviews Below. >> The article outlines the main aspects of a new online education portal, and introduces you to its unique features.

Every parent desire to keep themselves updated about their child’s progress. Apart from teachers, the family also plays a crucial role in a child’s education. Yet many times, schools are not able to communicate regularly with parents. Consequently, parents get estranged from many essential facets of their child’s academic life.

 As a parent, you must be eager to know what your little one is up to. You must be looking for some way to help you gain a clearer understanding of your child’s education. It’s here that digital technology comes to your rescue in the form of various interactive educational apps. One such app in India is Parent.Neverskip .com.

What Is Parent. Neverskip .com?

Neverskip is a platform that offers a range of smart digital solutions for school children in India. It provides a continuous stream of communication between the parent and schools so that no one lags.All the essential information regarding admission, tests, assignments, and other activities is delivered instantly to the child’s parent

No longer do parents need to spend long hours at the admission counters in schools to access and fill several forms. Parent.Neverskip .com has made it possible for every parent to complete the necessary formalities from the comforts of their home or office. They can access photos, videos, homework, and thus can effectively track the progress of their wards.

Unique features of Parent.Neverskip .com

You can reap a plethora of benefits while using this portal. It would enhance your engagement with school. At the same time, it will also enable you to find out areas where your child needs improvement. Some features that make Neverskip unique are:

  • access to academic, attendance, and activity information with a single click.
  • payment for various purposes can be made from your phone.
  • a daily activity planning calendar to help you ascertain the learning of your child.
  • A list of activities for you to help boost your child’s learning apart from school.
  • facility for real-time school bus tracking
  • user-friendly and flexible.

What people are saying about Parent. Neverskip .com?

The app has been newly launched in the app market. Of late, many parents have registered themselves in this portal. The app has received mixed reviews from its users. Many people have complained that after registering, they are finding it difficult to log in. It is mainly because the app has different versions for parents and teachers. People are finding this aspect of Never skip portal confusing. 

According to the app Parent.Neverskip .com, on the other hand, only authorized users can access it. 

It says that those who aren’t authorized to use it will naturally face problems while working with it.


In this age of digitization, educational technology is on the rise. The greater focus on utilizing technology in education has given rise to various apps and programs, all of which are aimed to enhance teacher, parent, and child engagement and collaboration. It remains to be seen how well Parent. Neverskip .com portal responds and adapts itself to the needs of people.

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