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Overstorage Reviews [April 2020] Worth or Waste of Money?

Overstorage Reviews

Overstorage Reviews [April 2020] Worth or Waste of Money? -> This article is for those who wish to learn more about

With the pandemic spread of the corona virus all over the world, people have become extremely conscious about keeping their hands clean, because it is through our hands and nose that this virus enters our whole system.

How far  will we be successful in combating this unseen enemy is a question that’s difficult to answer at this very moment, but clearly it’s only through social distancing and maintaining personal hygiene that this bug could be rested at bay.

Washing our hands often with soap and water helps. If there’s a dearth of the liquid, then alternatives like sanitizers and wipes can be used for a thorough disinfection. The latter is instantaneous and more effectual.

However, such commodities are fleeing of the market too fast and the world is facing a scarce situation every now and then,

So, here’s introducing ‘’, an online store originated and prevalent in the United State, which caters sanitizing products to the masses.

What is Overstorage? is an e-commerce portal that has surged up in this hour of need with a huge repertoire of disinfectant wipes, thermometers, toilet papers and hand sanitizers.

The company claims their products to be original, strong performers and value for money.

Still, a person cannot rely only upon the tall statements that a company proclaims. There are several dubious firms who project false businesses and dupe people off their money.

So, one should remain extremely alert when dealing in online stores.

How does it work?

Goods bought from are to be paid through Paypal. That’s the official payment mode entertained here and they boast of acquiring a SSL certificate as a proof of security.

So, basically, you choose and order your items by paying in advance and be rest assured that the products would reach you.

In case of returns, you should contact the customer helpdesk through the only contact information of the company, that’s their e-mail id :

Who should buy from here?

With hand sanitizers, wipes and toilet papers going off the shelves faster, industrialists are taking this opportunity to produce more of the same and fulfill the ever increasing demand of the items.

The deadly corona virus spread has scared the wits out of the common man and every individual is urged to use such disinfecting products as a precautionary measure. The demand in the markets has risen so there will be no scarcity of buyers.

Why is it famous? seems to be a newly registered website and has a facebook wall confirming it’s presence. There are a lot of sanitizing and protective products to choose from and one would not run out of choices here.

The company claims that all it’s valued items are best in terms of quality and workability. 

What are the negative remarks about it?

Inspite of being present on facebook, doesn’t support too many external links and other social media prominence. Being a new launch, which was registered on 31.3.20, such coverages are highly implied.

The website has sealed all information about the company and it’s owner(s). It’s working on the platform of shopify and resembles spam sites.

Even, there is no return address mentioned in the website.

is overstorage com legit or scam?

It’s difficult to state as a scam or legit because it will be too soon to do that. The company is new and still has time to re-project itself in the world of internet. It can build on it’s content and designing for making it more user friendly and convincing.

Unlike many truant sites, do not stress upon low price or huge discounts. So, it seems they genuinely mean selling.

However, garnering as much information as one can about this novel e-commerce business is the best thing to do before considering any kind of investment here.

Comparing the products and prices with other relatable commodities being sold on popular established shopping sites is recommended. That will bring out the truth about the items being over charged or not?


I understand, times are compelling but remember that the world economy is also dwindling. So, taking care of your finances is equally important along with necessary purchases. Reckless shopping and splurging money at distrustful sites isn’t appreciable in this hour.

Taking care of self hygiene is important and products aren’t available readily in the markets, but no one should exploit this very situation. So, think right and act.

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    1. Worse business I have ever seen. I have repeatedly ask for a refund and cancel order. A complete scam. Never order from them.

  1. I too think I have been scammed. Ordered on 4/4. Have not heard anything about shipping. Tried to email customer service. email came back undeliverable. Credit card charge show up as FabFashion LTD company out of Hong Kong. I would advise people to stay away from this company. I also noticed that I get other ads on my google now with the same products listed but wedsite now says

  2. Ordered April 4th, today April 10th. Sent customer service email responded with standard stall response. Buyer beware do not believe they have items in stock for immediate shipment. It is also an out of USA company and your credit card will be charged a fee for out of country charge.

    1. I ordered April 5, have not received order. I did see where it said Fab Fashion LTD. I emailed twice finally responded, it said taking longer to process order, please be patient. I think I’ve been scammed we will see. I did cancel that credit card in case they try to use. If scam learned my lesson and lost $40.98.

      1. I have a PayPal claim open. PayPal is investigating. Don’t order from here. They will scam you.

  3. Yep…120.00 order on 4/6. Rec’d an auto response at the time of order…then nothing. Sent an order inquiry yesterday…No response…AVOID. THEY ARE A SCAM SITE!

  4. is owned by a confirmed Chinese scammer. Your money will go to a Chinese account and you will never receive your items. I recommend you change the card you used if you bought from this site. It is ironic that the Chinese spread the Corona Virus causing death of many people and then also scam those people for medical supply.

  5. Always parasites willing to scam you out of your money! Got me for $107.00+ I wish the owners/perpetrators of this and other scam sites an extraordinary small jail cell!!

  6. I am so grateful for you guys! My family is broke but we were about to go into a small amount of debt on hand sanitizer, because my husband is a front line worker and I’m extremely high risk. We almost spent a couple of hundred dollars we absolutely could not afford to protect our family. Getting scammed would’ve been heartbreaking. It’s sickening that people are taking advantage of people’s fear and illness to line their pockets. I hope PayPal shuts them down.

    Thank you, again.

  7. Wish I had read this earlier! I too ordered early April. I got a message giving me a tracking number. When I track it get a message “waiting for shipment”. Folks like these I hope are caught a d prosecuted. Scamming is bad , taking advantage of the current situation is worst of worst.

  8. I was in great need of the items they offered and ordered them, paying with my credit card, not paypal. They promised an email with an estimated date of delivery. When I didn’t get the email, I contacted them. They did respond, saying that they had no record of my order, and could I give them the confirmation number. That I did, right away, and then looked at my bill online to see if the charge had already gone through, and of course it had! But not under the name of Overstorage! It was fabFashion. Reviews for that company are abysmal, citing horrible customer service and what a scam it is.
    I did not find that it was based in China, but in India. Either way, it is a scam. They are taking advantage of people who are desperate. It is not based in USA, although, it is a scam no matter where they are. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

  9. Wish I had read this before. I ordered from this company and never got my products. I just now cancelled my order and requested a refund, but I’m sure now I’ll never see my order nor my refund.

  10. Do not buy… after 2 weeks from order date, no shipment info, sent several emails… no reply… request for refund… no reply… opened claim with paypal for refund.

  11. I actually got the hand sanitizers today. One arrived okay, the other had busted and was all over the mailer and other one. I order this and TP on the same day. Still no TP. I placed another order that had the sanitizers and some masks. They have not come. But both orders 2 days apart were already charged to my CC. The order with the TP had a digital forehead thermometer. Which I have not seen yet. Probably have been scammed. This was before I saw all of this.

  12. Ripoff. I received my order in 5 weeks. Deceptive wording. I thought I was getting 6 pkt of 60 alcohol wipes. Instead 60 total wipes in non-resealable bags. About US $30. I was a sucker

    1. Don’t feel badly I thought u was getting 49 rolls of TP for $32 and I receive 10 small roll off brand rolls! (After shipping it was $40)

    1. Worse scam ever! They offered a refund, then said sorry your order is on the way. You never get it. You can’t contact them.

  13. I order toilet paper 40 rolls Charmingly got 10so far after several emails.They have worked with me so far hope I will get the rest. Shipping is slow on some items due to supply chain

  14. I spent $52 for Charmin and 2 bottles of sanitizer 2/20/20 shipment arrived today 5/18/20 10 small rolls of some cheap toilet paper no sanitizer this place is a scam / ripoff

  15. Yup, ordered a sizable toilet paper order. Received 6 weeks later. Was not what I ordered. They advertised Charmin Ultra Soft but got some off brand chinese toilet paper. Turns out to be $3.05 a roll. What rip off. I would not order from them again EVER! PayPal needs to vet these scammers better.

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