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Organd Website Review (May 2020) Is it a Scam or Legit?

Organd Website Review

Organd Website Review (May 2020) Is it a Scam or Legit? >> In this article, we review Organd, an online clothing and other accessories shop.

In search of items to gift someone? Or maybe you want to buy clothing items or jewellery? You’re probably looking at all of those products in several shops. In that case, let us tell you about another such website, Organd. 

In our Organd Website Review, we’ll provide details on what makes this website different, and makes it stand out among others. We’ll also offer reasons whether you should buy from this website or not.  

The website is out of the US, and hence it enjoys a significantly large amount of popularity in the United States. In the region, Organd has become trendy, it has experienced some success, and the traffic on its website is also pretty significant, considering it’s a relatively new site.

Let’s take a look at all other details related to this website.

What is Organd?

Organd is an online store that sells various products, items and related accessories at affordable prices. If several Organd Website Review are to believed, the products come at attractive pricing along with being of high quality.

Their product range is considerably extensive and includes items like Home Gifts, Petites, Beauty items, hair products and gifts accessories. They provide a secure gateway for payments and ensure a hassle-free returning process when a broken item is received.

Organd Specifications:

  • Website-  Gifts, Clothing, Hair products and accessories.
  • Email-
  • Address- 1926, South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Contact No- 12563695004
  • Shipping period- 3-5 days (in the US & the UK)
  • Delivery time- 7-9 days (in the US & the UK)
  • Returns- product is eligible for return within 30 days of purchase.
  • Exchange- most of the products can be exchanged.
  • Refund-  within a few days of receiving the returned product.
  • Payment- Credit Card & Debit Card.

Is Organd legit?

Whenever we decide to purchase from a website we’re not entirely familiar with, the first thought that crosses our minds is if the site is a scam. When it comes to Organd, we believe that is not. 

Crucial information like email address, contact number, and address are all present on the site. Thus, we have no reason to think of Organd being a scam. So, to answer the issue that is on everyone’s mind, we claim in our Organd Website Review that the site is legit.

Pros Of Organd:

  • Their products are of excellent quality.
  • The pricing of their products is very reasonable.
  • Return, Refund and exchange policies are available.
  • Delivery within the US is entirely free.

Cons Of Organd:

  • The responsibility of returning the damaged product to a given address is entirely yours.
  • Services like worldwide delivery are absent.
  • Users not residing in the US may find it costly.

What are customers saying about Organd?

Like several other online shops and stores who aren’t extremely popular, Organd also does not let users or customers review any product. They do not allow them to express their thoughts and opinions on any product. 

However, we succeeded in finding a few of them on a few other platforms. It wasn’t easy finding those reviews, but we managed to collect them. Of all the Organd Website Review we went through, most of them were positive. Majority of the users were pleased with their products. Although there were also a few complaints. 

Some complained that the products were damaged or broken within a short time of their purchase. Some were disappointed with the delivery period. Some complained of receiving a faulty product, but then praised the customer service for immediately initiating the return. 

Overall, in our review, we found that the number of positive reactions was far higher than the adverse reaction.

Final Verdict

Now that we have an idea of the services and items offered by Organd, from our review, it is now time to end this discussion. The products available on this site are of excellent material and build, and also very cheap. They offer several benefits, like free shipping. But they also suffer from some difficulties as we read in the customers’ reviews and cons. 

When it comes to the question if we can trust this site or not? We can. We’ve already stated how the website is legit and not a scam.

Thus, our readers, if you want to buy anything from Organd, there’s no need to have any doubts about the site. You can place your order. But, if you do not find what you’re searching for on Organd, there are many other options for you as well.

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    1. Yes. They are a scam. When I tried to get my money back through PayPal, they provided some phony baloney tracking company to say it had been delivered…and we have been homebound, so it is not like we weren’t home to take delivery. A complete scam.

  1. scam alert. my money was sucked out of my account, no invoice was provided. phone number is bogus for company

  2. Just as an FYI … if you call their Customer Service number listed, it tells you this is a number that is not in service. (As of 5/16/20 @ 12:45pm PST).
    I placed an order but did not get an order confirmation, however my card had been charged. I have sent a message through their Contact Us and am waiting for a response.

    1. Website supposedly out of Nebraska. I ordered a sewing machine because it said free delivery within 3-7 days. Five days after my payment has completed I received an email written in improper English (like when the prince needs money transferred) with a tracking number from “China mail” that does not work. So frustrated. Please correct this article, there is no such company in Nebraska.

      1. I ordered a Brother Project Runway sewing machine was given a tracking number . I waited 39 days for it . You know what I got ? 3 masks and that was what they sent to me . Try to get your money back if you can these people are scammers . I got most of my money back but they let about $11.00 for something I never ordered . They are definitely scammers

    2. I ordered on May 9, 2020 my money has been devoted from my account. I have not received no updates or status on the product. The tracking number still says the same thing” product been prepared to be shipped. Oh! And I didn’t receive a tracking number until I email the company. Like as mentioned above the number is bogus I wished I had researched this company before buying a sewing machine ugh. I don’t know how to get my money back. Paid through PayPal. This sucks and I do believe that this website is a scam. When you google it, it’s difficult to get to the website and it’s like no reviews and nobody has heard of it.

      1. I also ordered a sewing machine, and got an email with a tracking number which did let me track the product from China. It shows it was delivered, but I never received the sewing machine. I’ve tried to email & with no respond & went on website they provided and there is no such website that I can find. I’m just glad I paid by paypal I turned it in so they can investigate and hopefully refund my money.

  3. I just purchased a sewing machine I didn’t get a confirmation yet not sure yet if it is fake or real I’ll let you know. I did try to call the number the number does not work.

    1. I also purchased a sewing machine and received a package of some ugly masks. I have tried to go on the website after I placed the order and it was no longer there. But I emailed them and told them I will contact the BBB if they don’t refund or send the product I purchased. I did receive an invoice and told them if I do not receive it they will hear from my attorney and charges will be brought against them for theft by deception. I do not recommend anyone to purchase from them if you see the name show up anywhere run as fast as you can… By the way they have sent me an email saying that my order has been shipped from china and claims it is on its way. We will see.

      1. I ordered a singer sewing machine and it said my order didn’t go through so I did it again. I was charged for 2 sewing machines. Tried to cancel one which they didn’t they finally said I could send one back. Received tracking information showed finally delivered at my mailbox. Filed a complaint with my Local post office. When the second one was delivered at my mailbox is when I finally figured it out. They had sent us n-95 mask. I’m not paying for damn mask when I ordered a sewing machine. Now have to go through process of filing false claims with our bank.

  4. I’ve placed an order through this company and received an Order ID, and confirmation the next day. However, when trying to contact them, the number is disconnected. I’ve since reached out by email, but have not yet received a response. Logging into the website, it is impossible to pull up previous order if you haven’t registered through them at time of purchase. Giving that it is out of the country, it may take a lot longer for delivery. Will update review after I receive my products ordered.

  5. Number is not in service, shipping info sent says they are shipping (a heavy sewing machine) from Hong Kong but when you read the shipping item details it’s listed as a light weight parcel. I’m sure I was scammed and am working with PayPal to recover my funds. If it looks too good to be true, it is. I learnt my lesson.

    1. All you’ll receive is masks that’s the same thing I was told . I bought a nice sewing machine and kept being told my mail was a parcel . I received 3 masks . Not at all what I ordered . They refunded all but 11$ of my money . Said they was sorry and reshaping my order we’ll see . They are suppose to be sending it by EMS but when I put the tracking number in it says it not an EMS NUMBER . But they send me something from that place and says it’s in Colorado . I live in Colorado so why hasn’t it been delivered yet . Been 4 days now .

  6. I have been trying minutes of placing order to get a confirmation that a duplicate order on this website has been canceled. I contacted them via email but have yet to receive a response. I am monitoring credit card.
    It’s interesting that the recent reviews were posted on 5/16, which is the same day that a erroneous duplicate order occurred, I found the website to be “buggy.”
    I will post outcome to this experience, hope fully all will be resolved.

  7. SCAM. Ordered…got “confirmation” email with link to my “view order”. Link is bogus. Used contact number. Not working. Used two diff. emails. No responses. Contacted Chinese seller. No response. ORGAND website no where to be found today. Don’t buy from these scammers. Working with many entities tor try to recover money.

  8. I’m thinking it is a scam, due to the fact they are saying it’s coming and I cannot track it, also when page has disappeared

  9. This is a scam site, the product listings are from old Ebay listings and you will not receive what you buy. They will send you something in a envelope from china so there will be an active tracking number but you won’t get what you bought. If your lucky you played thru paypal and can dispute it and get your money back. Do not purchase from them.

  10. As soon as my order was placed and my card number entered, the website became unavailable. I immediately contacted my card company.

  11. same here they were listed under Target like they were a 3rd party vendor they took my money I haven’t received no confirmation or no response to emails never again

  12. same here they were listed under Target like they were a 3rd party vendor they took my money I haven’t received no confirmation or no response to emails never again

  13. I ordered a singer sewing machine good price worst surprise they sent a thank you with a note when funds clear we will ship They took my money and where an when is machine coming? I cancel my card an reported them to BBB they know all bout them do not order their a fraud 😡

  14. I bought a really nice Brother Project Runway sewing machine from this site $66 and some odd change . My card was Immediately charged the money . In May 19 the machine was paid for . They received my money right away . Now it is June 24 and still no sewing machine and no Money . I’ve asked them several times to refund my money . That I get an email telling me to contact the post office that it had been delivered . I call and they tell me it is still in China . Finally it get over here to USA and I ask the weight of my pkg because I’m told it’s small . I’m told my pkg only weighs 2 oz not the weight of a sewing machine . I’ve tried looking at the site and told it doesn’t exist . Don’t by anything from this place as it is. A scam . I’m an elderly lady and can’t afford to lose my money on a scam . I did pay through PayPal so I may be able to get my money back .

    1. Site is definitely a scam. I also ordered a sewing machine back in May. They did respond to my emails that it was being shipped from China which is not what the website claims. The package arrived from China: it was 3 disposable face masks!!! No sewing machine. Sending the masks is providing a tracking number hoping to throw off the customer but everyone should know a sewing machine is not just a few ounces! PayPal reviewed my claim and refunded my money. It did take about 6 weeks to get claim settled. is nothing but scam. Do not give them your information!

  15. Don’t buy anything from this site. Scam! Luckily I paid with paypal. I purchased a sewing machine and was sent 4 paper masks. It took awhile for me to get a refund, but I knew I was protected with paypal. Also, they aren’t located in Nebraska…. they are 100% drop shipping from China!

  16. I got scammed by this fake company and PayPal upheld the scam — don’t spend your money with them. Pricing was competitive with US companies, US address and customer service that responded. After paying they sent me a tracking code that didn’t track. I filed a fraud complaint with the Federal government. They sent me a package with 3 paper masks in it. NOT the iron functional sewing machine I ordered!!!!

  17. SCAM! Same “$65 sewing machine” story as all others above. I knew in my gut it was a scam, but I was desperate for a sewing machine in the early Covid-19 face mask making frenzy. It must have started in May, 2020 because there were no scam reports that I could find at that time so, against my better judgement, I took the risk. Now, there are many scam notices and it appears that most orders were made in May. I was given three different “tracking” websites. I received a shipment of 3 cloth face-masks. When I notified them, they agreed to resend the sewing machine. When the FAKE tracking site stated, that my shipment “may have been lost,” they offered me a $70 credit to two FAKE websites. Then the offered to resend the original sewing machine for a third time. Luckily, I used PayPal and it sounds like others were successful in getting a refund – I hope to do the same. Abigail Haze, the reviewer of Organd web site is either a FAKE, or needs to find another job. I defy anyone to find one individual who has received anything legitimate or of any quality or value from Organd.

  18. Total scam. Tried to order a sewing machine back in late June and the money was transferred from my account immediately. I emailed asking about delivery and never was able to send another email- they all bounced after the first one I sent. Also, I tried to use my login at the website again to view my order but I couldn’t click any of the links. I was blocked from the website. My husband tried from his computer and was able to login as me but then he couldn’t click links once he got in. Within 24 hrs of ordering I guess we hit a limit on viewing the site because I was unable to even see the site- it just said “URL not found.” Total scam artists. They certainly enjoy the benefit of the customers’ money until the bank does a refund.

    I immediately filed a claim to get my money back. PayPal will refund the money after you file a fraud claim and go thru the waiting period of 30 days. Thank god I ordered on PayPal so my banking info wasn’t compromised. It’s a cautionary tail- use a PayPal acct for any new website orders you place. Do Not use this company.

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