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Onceangel com Reviews [July] Is it Legit or a Scam?

Onceangel com Reviews 2020

Onceangel com Reviews [July] Is it Legit or a Scam? -> In this article, you get information about a website offering trendy dresses for women.

Women love fashion and look for one or another website to get the best quality dresses. One of the trending websites that we see these days is the Onceangel. This article will help you get unbiased onceangel com reviews so that you can make a perfect choice for purchasing trendy dresses.

In this article, we will review, which is a company based in the United States. Onceangel is one of the most preferred websites among women to get the most fashionable and trendy clothing pieces.

What is is a website offering different types of dresses for women. The site is mostly preferred for providing unique and trendy clothing pieces that women love these days. The site offers different kinds of dresses like the maxi dress, midi dress, printed dress, and short-casual dresses for women.

In addition to this, different types of tops and jumpsuits are also offered by the website. In brief, this website is a hub for the best clothing pieces for women.

Specifications of Onceangel

  • Website: For women’s dresses
  • Email:
  • Address: 1010, Cambourne Business park, Cambridge, CB22,6DP, United Kingdom
  • Contact number: Not mentioned
  • Shipping duration: three to ten business days
  • Shipping cost: free shipping on orders above $79
  • Delivery duration: seven to fifteen business days
  • Exchange: within 14 days of the delivery of the product
  • Refund: applicable
  • Payment method: Debit card, credit card, as well as PayPal

Is legit?

This article is here to provide a detailed Onceangel com Reviews, to let you know if is legit. The legitimacy of a site is dependent on different factors like the management of the website, SSL certificate, product description, and the presence of the website or brand on social media platforms.

When it comes to, we found that the website is SSL certified, their products are correctly displayed on the site, and the brand has a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Tweeter.

In addition to this, their website also mentions product descriptions about the dresses. The size, clothing material, and refund policies are indicated on the site. Although customer reviews are not available on the website, it may seem like a red flag for many people. Overall, seems an authentic site for women’s clothing.

Pros of buying from Onceangel

  • Numerous trendy options in women’s clothing
  • Fashionable designs and patterns are available
  • The affordable price of the product
  • Indicated policies on the website
  • The return policy is available
  • Fast delivery options are available.

Cons of buying from Onceangel

  • Cash On Delivery options is not applicable
  • Customers bear shipping charges in case of return or exchange of the products.
  • The contact number is not displayed on the website.

Customers view about Onceangel.

Although customer reviews are not available on the website, some online platforms show customer’s opinions. While most customers like the fashionable and trendy clothing pieces offered by, they felt that website overcharges some products.

While some customers gave positive opinions about the quality of fabrics and perfect fit of the clothing pieces, some were suspicious about the non-availability of contact numbers on the website.

The quick delivery system and refund policies got some golden points to the website.

Overall, the website has a mixed review from the customer’s end. Most customers loved the wide range of trendy dresses available with onceangel.

Final verdict

Since we have provided all the necessary details needed for Onceangel com reviews, it’s time to give a final judgment from our end. Looking at all products described well, availability of different deals and discounts at regular intervals, and well-defined policies show that it is a legit website.

Since the website is pretty new, it doesn’t have lots of information or reviews from customers. The only red flag that we found while reviewing this website was that it doesn’t have a contact number.

The SSL certificate, well-written privacy policies, address, email id, social media presence, and unique clothing pieces show that it is a genuine website.

Even though the website is new, it has been maintained well.

Thus, for all women, who are looking to purchase trendy and stylish dresses, jumpsuits, and blouses, Onceangel can be a perfect platform.

So, from our end, the website is legit, and you can purchase clothes from this website conveniently.

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  1. I ordered a cotton/ linen dresss, got one in polyester. They sent me the wrong item. I had to pay postige for return, same amount as the dress. Beware they can send you anything, because its too expensive to return. That is a good business idea.

    1. I waited over a month for 3 dresses. This company is based in China. Not one was what was pictured. One dress was embroidered in the picture, embroidered in description but not one thread of embroidery, just a screen print of flowers. The other two dresses were similarly disappointing and not at all like what was pictured. I imagine it will be too expensive to ship back. I ordered enough for free shipping so I guess I’m out $80 bucks. Stay far away.

  2. This is a China based company and that is where orders ship from – NOT England. I have been waiting 9 days for an order to ship. When I asked for a refund I was to that requires a 15% refund charge. Will have to contact my credit card company to fight it out. I am so sorry I ever ordered from this company. Stay away.

    1. Same for me. I ordered 4 dresses in cotton Linen. I waited 6 weeks and got wrong model wrong size
      and all in polyester.Lost all money!
      Dont buy!

  3. I ordered two dresses on Instagram but never got a confirmation mail on the purchase, When trying to send an email to my email bounced, the address was not legit. I am now trying to cancel payment with PayPal, and have a big suspect this is not a legit seller!

  4. This is a total scam site – the product was not at all as depicted on their website the absolutely cheapest of the cheapest fabrics and workmanship – the most disappointing purchase I have ever made online – didn’t realise it was coming from China until I had paid – RIP OFF B E W A R E

  5. It is a real scam.

    On the web you can see linen dress and embroidery.

    They have arrived in polyester and with very poorly painted motifs instead of embroidery

    On the other hand, the clothing is very poor, poorly cut and badly sewn. Without auctions not as they appear on the web

    I will never buy here again


  6. Stay Away! This site is a scam. I finally received one of the two items I ordered – in the wrong color. Customer service link does not work but does. Lio Shirt is a similarly formatted website with horrible reviews. The fabric doesn’t even feel like cotton – it’s a cotton/poly blend and very thin. Have contacted my credit card to report a scam.

  7. You don’t realize you are dealing with China until you order. Thank goodness I ordered through PAYPAL and cancelled 3 hours later. As per their rules full refund and no fee if cancelled within 24 hours.

    Also make sure when ordering from unknown sites, use PayPal.

  8. NOT LEGIT — a scam They sent me 3 wrong dreses. The items are not linen and cotton, but polyester. STAY AWAY

  9. Got the order today. The quality is bad and far from the description. All the 4 items are not made from cotton but some synthetic materials, also the items in the website (both description and pictures) showing embroidered, it just some ugly print. Beware!
    Sizes are OK, the stitching is also OK though. Just bad material and ugly.

  10. I too am very disappointed, poor quality fabric that was advertised as cotton and linen.
    I think they post photos of original design and copy with cheap fabrics and none of details like embroidery, tassels.
    Very disappointed!

  11. I ordered a blouse that specifically said it was cotton linen with embroidered detail. The is NOT what I received! I got a disgusting polyester blouse with a “embroidered print”, not real embroidery! There isn’t even a label in the blouse to show fabric content. This site is a definite scam! Do not fall victim!

  12. I can confirm the other writers’ reviews. I also ordered a dress with embroidery, buttons and interesting details. the dress supplied was a cheap copy of it (without embroidery and details). I am very disappointed.
    In fact i have ordered before in china several times (shein for example), but i have never experienced such a scam like this (maybe just lucky). I would therefore never order from onceangel again (and wished i would have googled it before…).

  13. I had same experience as others. Cheap polyester fabric, NOT EMBROIDERY & NOT COTTEN OR LINEN. This is a complete ripoff. Do not order from this website!!!!

  14. Do not buy anything from this place.
    They are running a scam.
    They take your money then ship you something totally different than what they show and describe on their site.
    Here is what they show and what I received.
    The fabric was not cotton or embroidered it was a cheap polyester.
    The colors were completely different.
    Worse was the cut and style was totally different and very poorly made.
    Sleeves were different, seams were off.
    Just a totally different dress from the images and descriptions.

  15. SCAM!!!!! INSTAGRAM SCAM!!!!!! They have already removed all their adds.
    Took 2 months to receive it, no way to contact the company for follow up and when arrived, it was the shittiest (excuse my language) product one can find. Poorly sewen, fabric 100% polyester imitating linen and silk. I never buy anything online, really 1st time and I had already given up.
    Beware of Instagram adds, I believe the same company is back on Insta with adds, but under a different name.

  16. COMPLETE SCAM! Dresses look nothing like what you order. They’re ridiculous AND to get a refund, you have to SHIP THE PRODUCTS BACK TO CHINA AT YOUR OWN COST! DO NNNNNOOOOOTTTT PURCHASE ANYTHING HERE.

  17. I bought a linen dress which arrived about 2months later. This was a very cheap ugly fabric with no linen in it! Since it would cost me as much to return and I didn’t believe I would be reimbursed after reading the reviews, I threw it in the garbage. I would say this is NOT legitimate since they seem to consistently misrepresent the product

  18. COMPLETE SCAM! The dresses look nothing like what you order, I ordered an XL and they sent an M, I ordered cotton / linen and it arrived in Polyester, poorly cooked (the front is cooked backwards) and the color was faded gray in pink and arrived in gray and another model. And to get a refund, you have to SEND THE PRODUCTS TO CHINA AT YOUR OWN COST! DON’T BUY IT’S A SCAM

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