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Olypant Com Reviews [June] Is This a Scam Site?


Olypant Com Reviews [June] Is This a Scam Site? -> In this article, we would be reviewing a website that a collection of some fantastic gardening material.

Are you looking for a new website selling trendy clothes? Do you like to wear elephant pants? If so, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will talk about one such website that claims to sell trendy elephant pants. With the help of Olypant Com Reviewsyou will come to know about the trust for the rest of the website. 

You must have seen a lot of eCommerce stores selling fashionable clothes for women. however, this website is not only selling clothes at discounted rates but is also concerned about a cause. The site claims to donate some part of its profit to the charities, primarily working on the protection of African and Asian elephants. 

Nevertheless, the website is promoting a good cause. It does not mean that it is a legit website. It would help if you looked after many essential things before placing your order from any new site. 

Olyphant Com is mainly targeting United State audiences but is selling the products all over the world. 

What is is an online selling store that contends to offer great offers on women’s casual wear and uses the profits for some good cause. Well, the website mostly sells elephant pants at affordable prices, which is quite fanciful to believe. 

You are among those people who keep experimenting with their clothes, and you can try the elephant pants on the website. These elephant pants are highly comfortable and can be worn on casual parties. But make sure before purchasing anything from this website, you look for its reviews. 

The online Olypant Com Reviews have not got much traffic because it is a recently launched website. Also, casual wears are available on unbelievable prices in the sale, almost half of the actual price. 


  • Website type: women casual wears
  • Refund: Full refund within a month of receipt of the parcel
  • Exchange: can be requested before completion of a month or delivery
  • Shipping cost: applicable on orders below $40
  • Company’s mail address:
  • Cancellation of order: applicable
  • Phone number: not provided

Pros of making a purchase from

  • offers a full refund to the customers in case of any return.
  • The online store is budget-friendly, and you can get products in bulk quantity within a low budget.

Cons of placing an order on

  • The domain name of the website is very recent, and it has got a poor trust score, so it can’t be trusted easily.
  • The site has not mentioned any phone number for the customers.
  • The online store doesn’t exchange or return the product after 30 days of delivery of an item.
  • This online apparel store deducts shipping costs while providing a refund.
  • This online selling website has not mentioned much information on the site, making the realness more doubtful.

Is legit? has a poorly designed website and has not mentioned any contact number for customers to get in an interaction with the executives, which is the biggest reason to doubt the legitimacy of the website.

Moreover, the nearly zero online Olypant Com Reviews are the main reason that the legitimacy of this website is still questionable. Furthermore, the site has got an abysmal trust score of 1% and is suspected to be a scam.

What are users saying about the website?

Online reviews of the previous customers are very much helpful while deciding to make a purchase. And has nearly zero social media presence, and the online Olypant Com Reviews also didn’t get any considerable review. As the website is recently built, it is not much popular among regular users. 

Furthermore, this website has also been marked as the worst shopping website by some of the users who got scammed.

Final verdict

Seeing through all the online information regarding the services provided by the online store and the quality of the products, the website can’t be considered safe for placing any order.

Moreover, the online Olypant Com Reviews are not convincing enough to trust the website and recommend it to any of your family or friends. The site has not gained much popularity online, and we suggest the online shoppers not to place even a small order. 

I hope you have enjoyed the information we have shared about the website. 

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  1. Nope, DO NOT ORDER from Oly Pants AT ALL!!
    Their address in Denver belongs to an entirely different business which has nothing to do with them…NOTHING on their website is accurate. I placed an order and over 3 months later…NOTHING!
    So I contacted a friend who lives in Denver and had them go check out the Address. The address they put up belongs to a business which , when my friend went in and inquired, said that they get that a lot. They are aware that someone else has been using their address for a scam, but they can’t do anything about it.
    DO NOT ORDER from this site. Pretty soon they’ll change the name and open up as a different shop, offering the exact same stuff, with someone else’s address. They should be arrested and thrown in jail.m

  2. I ordered 2 pair of pants from Olypant on June 18, and have not received them yet. I guess that is $30 down the drain!!!

  3. took 3 months for my pants to arrive and they are utterly cheap. one pair as already ripped after one wash. do not recommend.

  4. Im very upset too that I am a victim of this scammers, they thrived on cheating people’s hard earned money especially at this pandemic era. I ordered back in july,22,2020, 4 pairs of pants as they were posing on their website that they are closing because of the crisis so they are offering huge closing discounts, I felt pity for them so i ordered a few items but until now i have not received any. They are so quick to collect the payment even before they can fulfill the items. And look at there ads now, more stocks are here trying to lure people again to buy them. I thought they were running out of business but they are still there because they scammed our money. Such wretched souls, i have emailed them several times but to no avail, they just lie and lie. I hope this people get sick of something that will make them realized how bad they are and hopefully they will come to their senses and stop scamming other people’s hard earned money.

  5. I have a huge back and forth chain with the support team of this website which after 1 month I have emailed about every week and they have new excuses as to why they havent shipped. It doesnt matter if they are a scam or not, just dont shop here because it isnt worth it at all.

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