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Okhomeonline Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Okhomeonline Reviews 2020

Okhomeonline Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store? -> In this article, you get to read about an online ecommerce website which sells sanitary products.

Okhomeonline is a recently developed online retail store with an ambiguous reputation.  

The Corona Virus pandemic has placed the world in a high-risk situation which is majorly impacting the United States among other countries. The increase in mortality rate has directly influenced the essentials of creating a safe hygiene environment in our surroundings. As a result of which the demands for sanitary products have increased so much, that there have been many businesses that have emerged recently to fulfill the shortage in supply for these products. However, with the rising demand the risk of counterfeit products is also increasing.  

In this Okhomeonline review, we will answer the most asked question – Is Okhomeonline a reliable website for shopping or, is it merely a scam? We will also share other essential details about this trending e-commerce website.  

What is Okhomeonline? 

Okhomeonline is an e-commerce website that is one of the suppliers of daily necessities products in the United States. They have a variety of products such as Hand sanitizer, Wet Wipes, Toilet Paper, Thermometer, Latex Gloves and other personal care suits.  

They have a variety of products that are available in an affordable range and variation. If you are looking to gift care packages to your friends and family members this website would offer you a bundle of personalized package deals.  

So, why do we often hear words such as scam or fraud associated with this website on several Okhomeonline reviews? Is it because of their service or, are they selling knock offs?  

Specifications of Okhomeonline: 

  • Website: 
  • Email: 
  • Address: N/A on the official website 
  • Contact Number: N/A on the official website 
  • Shipping Time:   Orders will be processed within 2 business days of ordering and shipped the next day after the processing day. 

           Days: Monday to Friday; No order will be processed over the weekend. 

  • Delivery Time:  United States: You can expect your package to arrive in 8-10 working days. Others: 10-20 working days. The maximum time frame for South America is 90 days.  
  • Return & Exchange:  14 days from date of that you received the product.  
  • Cancellation:  Contact for cancellation 
  • Refund:  Refund will go back to your account in 3-5 business days. 
  • Payment:  Pay with Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club. 

Is Okhomeonline legit?  

How do we determine a website’s legitimacy? What makes us think that this website is fraudulent and is deceiving their customers? A website’s reliability is dependent on several factors such as the relevance of the content published, whether it’s secured or unsecured to take online payments (SSL Certification requirements), contact details of the organization, customers Okhomeonline reviews, etc and lastly the duration since establishment.  

While, the website is secure to take online payments the same cannot be said about the organization itself. Apart from their email address there is virtually no form of contact through which the customers can contact in case of any queries. They also have an exchange and refund policy mentioned on the website however, there is no return address or postal code provided.  2014 is the year that is mentioned as the official year of establishment and, there are no customer reviews that exist for this e-commerce site.  

So, the legitimacy of this viral site is certainly questionable.  

 Pro’s of buying from Okhomeonline: 

  • Range of miscellaneous products 
  • Care packages that are customizable as personalized gifts and bundle packages 
  • Various modes of online payments and the website is overall user-friendly. 
  • Guaranteed refund if the product is not delivered within 90 days or else, 3-5 business days for standard cancellations.  
  • Faster delivery duration in the United States

 Con’s of buying from Okhomeonline:  

  • No contact information (apart from email address) available for customer queries 
  • Unrealistic prices quoted for their products. 
  • Ambiguous terms and conditions, policies 
  • No customer reviews on the website and no search result for the organization 
  • For any exchange/returns the liability of the shipping cost is bearable by the customers 
  • No Shipping on the weekend and the range for delivery lies between 8 to 90 business days.  

 What are people saying about the website?  

The site itself does not share any customer reviews or ratings for their users to view. Hence, we have gathered information from other consumer sites and other online reviews.  

 Most of the Okhomeonline reviews that we have gone through are claiming the site as fraudulent or a scam. As per this website was created on the 5th April 2020 which is relatively new for any upcoming e-commerce website. They also have an identical website template such as other previously determined scam sites.  And, most importantly OKHOME Online Stores, LLC does not exist in the United States database or elsewhere.  

 Final Verdict 

Now, that we have provided all the relevant information related to this store we are sure that the legitimacy of the website would be sufficiently clarified for you.  

Considering all the factors mentioned above such as the sketchy existence of the organization, their policies, lack of contact information, etc. this website would not be a suitable recommendation for any e-commerce shoppers.  

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  1. This garbage company scammed me too! Now their site is down and the customer service email can’t even be verified. Ugh…. I haste people sometimes Stay safe out there everyone!

    1. They scammed me too!! My friend told not to that there was not enough information about the company, I wen on line with my Bank and it is in China and the name is Fashion LTD Wan Chai China, I’m going to get my money back. So don’t feel bad I did it too. Stay safe

    1. Looking for my order that I placed on the 10th, had that feeling I was scammed. Sure enough I was after reading all these comments. It’s now april 29th, no product and no where to contact this company. Why do I fall for this crap! I’ll be calling my bank today.

    2. I placed an order with this company April 10th, I have received nothing as of today. I received my credit card bill today and the order has been charged to my card. I sent an email to the company, and received a reply from someone named Jacqueline, asking for me to confirm my shipping address, which I confirmed and requested the companies phone number and address. NO RESPONSE. I’ve notified my credit card company and hoping for a refund.


  2. I was too. the website now is offline, so whatever you spent is now gone. I did dispute this with bank so hopefully Ill hear something back. What a crap thing to do. The name of the parent company is fabfashion ltd wanchai. And they apparently have a lot of websites and people are complaining left and right about them.

  3. Ordered some wipes on April 10 went to check the status of my shipment, the website no longer exists, email removed and no way to contact them. My credit card company said it’s not fraud because I authorized the purchase said I have to wait 20 days then if I don’t get the item they will refund me. Not right these international scam artists stole our money and I know I’m not getting any package grrrr.

    1. Yes, I too. I was desperate to find a way to purchase Hand Sanitizer. They scammed me for $57.98 on my visa card. My bank alerts said a company in China named Fabfashion Ltd made the charge. Now their original IP address no longer even exists! It is an especially rotten thing to scam people who are already in a tough situation.

  4. Credit card statement showed a charge from Fashionfab internationally. Scammed me for $50, email and website shut down. Unbelievable people. Get a job instead of robbing people.

  5. I too placecd an order on 4/16 then tried to contact them. by email to make a change but of course could not reach them…..outraged!! I will contact my bank

  6. I too I was scammed at a time of need during COVID. When my family actually really needed some disinfecting wipes to stay healthy within out household. I bought two of them and they have not arrived. Better yet, this company has completely disappeared off the map. NO website to contact them at whatsoever. $8 shipping and $24 worth of product during a pandemic when money is very tight right now and we’re all out of jobs and can’t even get out to get food. I so upset. How do you even go about trying to get your money back? Anyone know!?! Please help!!

  7. I ordered two large bottles of hand sanitizer from “OKHOMEONLINE”, because the stores in our area of Florida have not had any in stock since about March 23rd. I was getting desperate and by April 10th, I authorized a charge of $57.98 on my Visa card. In order to attempt to vet the company a little, I did visit their website and read their so called mission statement and other policies. But my bank moments later alerted me to an international charge of 57.98 dollars.
    Now, I have heard nothing from them, and even their IP address no longer exists. Clearly this was a scam on a fairly large scale. I noticed that other ads have popped up using the identical graphics and having identical typos in their captions. Most likely each of these temporary shell companies trace back to the same fraudulent “boiler room” scam operation in China.

  8. Same here!! The email I got was from a Xilin the email address is

    Feel free to email him/her but get ready for nasty, unprofessional responses. He or she refuses to answer any questions.

    The jerk on the other asked ME “what’s wrong with you”? When I requested a refund of $113.99!!!!!

  9. Scam, do not order anything or even visit this shitty site. They will get what is coming to them – what goes around comes around.

  10. Diane D
    Ordered on April 5/6 2020. Thermometer and sanitizers. Still NOTHING! Although the charged my CC!!

  11. I ordered on Aoril 1q and been trying to get info since. Finalky got someone to respond and gave me different order number. Scamners! Claim to be in Chino, California.

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