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Oia Skin Reviews [Dec 2020] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Oia Skin Reviews 2020

Oia Skin Reviews [Dec 2020] Is This Authentic Or A Scam? >> This review will establish the legitimacy of a website that sells skincare products.

Are wrinkles making your skin look old and dull? Are you looking for skincare products to get back the glow? Oia Skin has launched a range of products that work wonders. Our in-depth review will tell you all about their skincare range. We will also be considering Oia Skin Reviews and their policies so that you can be sure of where you are buying from.

Oia Skin was launched recently and claims to provide easy skincare solutions. Considering the massive following on its social media handle, Oia seems to have gained popularity in the United States. 

Let’s dive into the review to establish the legitimacy of the website. 

What is Oia Skin?

A recently established online store, Oia Skin, sells Skincare products across the United States. The product range includes Anti-wrinkle patches for face, neck and chest, rejuvenating and restoring hydrogel eye patch, face lifting mask etc. 

The website is well-designed, but the variety of products offered is less. Most of the crucial details seem to be present. There is no contact number, but we found an official address. This address, however, is of a residential area. Even though Oia Skin was set up quite recently, they have thousands of followers. 

Oia Skin Reviews on the website shows that customers are pretty happy with the product. We could not find any feedback elsewhere on the web. Some bloggers have made videos of their products, and they seem quite satisfied. There were no clear reviews of the results, but people seemed quite keen on trying the products. 

Oia Skin Specifications

  • Website:
  • Products: Skincare and anti-wrinkle products. 
  • Processing duration: 1-5 working days
  • Delivery: Within US – 6-14 days

       International Shipping – 7-21+ days

  • Email:
  • Phone Number: Not mentioned
  • Address: 2867 Sunset PI, Los Angeles, CA 90005
  • Returns: Within 30 days
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Refund Period: Not mentioned
  • Payment Method: Amex/ Google pay/ Visa/ Mastercard etc. 

Oia Skin Pros

  • They have a well-built social media presence with thousands of followers. 
  • Many bloggers have reviewed the product, and people seem quite keen on trying it. 
  • They are offering massive discounts on their products.
  • They are offering free shipping on orders above $60. 

Oia Skin Cons

  • The website was established not very long ago. 
  • There is no contact number mentioned, and the address is of a residential property. 
  • We could not find any user Oia Skin Reviews of the product.

Is Oia Skin Legit? 

Oia Skin website has been present on the web for very less time, and there is not much information to be found. We cannot conclude on the legitimacy. However, we would like you to consider the following points if you want to purchase anything from here. 

The shipping time is quite long, especially if you are looking for International Shipping. There is no contact number mentioned, so the only way to contact them is to write to them on the support email id. 

They have a good number of followers on Instagram, who keep inquiring about the product details. So you can also check with them there if you have any queries. 

Oia Skin Customer and User Reviews

Oia Skin Reviews from customers on their website all speak of happy, ecstatic customers. There are no customer reviews elsewhere on the web. We did find a lot of bloggers who have reviewed the products and seem quite happy with it. 

Inspite, of there not being any customer feedback, we see that they have a significant following on social media and people seem quite keen on trying the products. 

You can have a look at other sources, check the reviews from bloggers and then if you are comfortable and keen, you can try their products. 

Final Verdict

Oia Skin sells skincare products that mostly take care of wrinkles and face lifting. The website, inspite of being launched recently, seems to have built itself quite an audience. 

We could find Oia Skin Reviews only on their website, and it speaks quite highly of the products. There is not much information on the Internet, and we cannot be sure of the legitimacy of this brand.

If you want to purchase their products, make sure you do thorough research yourself as well. Your suggestions are valuable to us. Please share your experience in the comment section below. 


  1. Hello, I have tried to get onto the company by email as there presents no other way of contact. The product seems to be ok for the forehead area where the skin is able to endure the pull of the forehead patch, but the facial area , eyes, cheeks and mouth area leaves fine wrinkles that have never existed, which is from the pulling of the patch even so gently, but from remaining on the face all night as suggested. The face started to feel dry and no glowing as suggested. The other concern is the patches are supposed to be washed and returned on a plastic sheet and secured in the bag it comes in, but even with washing if you place it directly onto the plastic sheet, the water stays on the sheet, so you have to wash the plastic sheet, then the patches, and air dry before secured into the bag. Only after four days the patches appear not clean so this means the 15 wears is not possible unless you want patches that could be collecting air particles.
    I purchased two bags, and now cannot get onto anyone as no one is answering.
    I also was enthused by the video reviews but then saw that if they did this, they would also get further discount, so I also have not see any reviews without the incentives.
    My experience is that what has been advertised has not really been supported.

  2. Thank you for your feedback I wish I would have read it before!
    I placed and order on December 3, 2020 and I have not received the product. I sent a few emails but have not been successful obtaining a reply.
    Therefore, I will contact my financial institution to place a dispute on their charges. Next time I will be very careful not to order from
    a website without a phone number.

  3. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. First of all, the product is not made in the USA. The product is made in China and distributed through a shell company in the USA. Second, I had a bad reaction to the product and their “30 day return/refund policy” is only for unopened, unused products. AND, if you do return the product, you have to pay for the shipping back to CHINA. And finally, if that’s not enough reason not to buy the product, take a look at the list of ingredients, which includes KEROSENE!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Where were you able to find where the patches are being made? I looked everywhere for this information! Same thing for the list of ingredients. They only list silicone on their website, but that does not mean anything. Are all silicone patches about the same; not quite safe?

    2. ty so much Christine!.. your words opened my eyes.. I was just about to order the full product line, and have now cancelled my own thoughts on ordering.. especially since made in China.. and made w/Kerosene!!

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