Office of the Former President Website (Jan) Learn Here

Office of the Former President Website 2021

Office of the Former President Website (Jan) Learn Here -> Learn about the former president’s post-presidency plans that he announced recently.

Are you keeping a tab on the news related to the former president? If so, then you should know about the Office of the Former President Website. The former president of the United States recently announced his plans to open an office. 

The announcement has made Trump supporters curious and excited. Continue going through today’s post to get to know more about it. 

About the former president

Donald Trump is the former president of the United States. He was the 45th president who was in office from 2017 to 2021. The Trump administration will be remembered for many policies. He was from the Republican party. 

What is the Office of the Former President Website

The announcement by Donald Trump, the 45th president, comes a few days after the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden, the present president of the country. He shared that he’ll be working from an office based in Florida to continue the work of the Trump administration. 

The post-presidency plans of the former president have become the talk of the town. People on social media forums are trending the hashtag and discussing the Office of the Former President Website to learn more about what this office will do. 

Things to know about it:

  • The office is set up in Palm Beach County, Florida. 
  • The announcement was shared via a press release. 
  • The office will carry out the work that made Donald Trump popular among the masses. 
  • The office will take care of official engagements and press statements. 
  • The Florida-based office will be involved with the activities of the former president.
  • The news has received a strong public reaction.
  • Social media users are sharing memes, while others are posting supporting tweets and posts. 
  • The news about the Office of the Former President Website was shared recently.  

Public reaction

The news has met with a strong and loud reaction from the public and press. People share their opinion about the news of the former president opening an office to carry out his activities. 

News channels started reporting about it and detailing the press release in which the announcement was made. Very soon, the users on various social media networking sites like Twitter and Facebook started discussing it. 

The fervent Trump supporters on these platforms appear to be excited with the news and are hailing the former president’s decision to open an office. Meanwhile, the people on the other side are sharing memes. 


The press release detailing the info about the Office of the Former President Website comes a few days after the new president takes office. As per the statement, the former president, Donald Trump will continue serving the people through activities, engagements, and appearances. 

The location of the office and its responsibilities are shared through the press statement. Let us know what you think of today’s post about the trending topic that has got everyone in the country talking. 

7 thoughts on “Office of the Former President Website (Jan) Learn Here

  1. So glad to find this site! My husband, J. B., and I fully support you! We are praying for
    you, your family, for your safety, wisdom from above, and God will use you in whatever
    way He sees fit – In Jesus Name – Amen! We have supported you by prayer and donations
    in the past!

  2. Firstly, thank you for writing a non-biased article. That’s so refreshing to see! Secondly, what is the current website for President Trump’s office? Thank you in advance!

  3. Dear Mr. President, Thank you for your valued comments for Rush. He has been my friend and mentor for 30 years, I miss him dearly. That being said; I wrote to his show to propose that they keep his show alive for those of us missing him , using the remarkable guest hosts that have served over the years. It would be remarkable to have you fill in one day a week as host or in some form and at the same time would give a platform to allow you to sideline twitter. Please consider. Also I would love for you to take a position on Parler.

  4. Please provide an email address where we can write to you. The dirty tricks aimed at your supporters need to be addressed ASAP.
    Out of control!!!
    Respectfully, L

  5. I am a retired lady of 72. I love President Trump. The best we ever had and I figure we will have no more. The dems are out of their minds with socialism and communism. I can’t understand why they can’t be stopped. People don’t want this crap. We have laws but I figure we have crooked judges. I feel in my heart President Trump won they rigged it. Nobody cared. And I can’t understand why us supporters are called domestic terrorists? I also don’t understand why the left and news people don’t recognize antifia and black lives matter. They destroyed peoples businesses and looting and burning. And why is Biden getting the white glove treatment? He should be in jail. Him and his son. In China’s pocket. I feel better. I love Trump he is my president.

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