Office Depot Store 00045 [Oct] Store For Office Supplies

Office Depot Store 00045 2020
Office Depot Store 00045 [Oct] Store For Office Supplies >> This article tells you about a store that also offers online shopping to customers for office supplies and other products.

If you’re looking to purchase electronics, furniture, office or school supplies or other products, you can take a look at the products offered by Office Depot Store 00045. Office Depot offers online shopping so you can purchase its products without physically visiting the store.

The store is significantly successful in the United States. Its online store and mobile application have also been receiving a lot of popularity. If you want to know more about its services and features, please keep on reading this article.

What is the Office Depot Store?

The Office Depot is a brand of the ODP Corporation. It offers several products like electronics, furniture, among others. The ODP Corporation has nearly 1200 stores in locations including the United States. Their social media and internet presence are also considerable. It offers products from some of the most prominent brands at affordable prices.  

Specifications of Office Depot Store 

As many sources tell us, Office Depot Store 00045 and others offer various products at reasonable prices. 

  • Products: Electronics, Furniture, Office Supplies, School Supplies, etc.
  • App Availability: Apple Store, Google Play Store.
  • Texting No: 4159933768
  • Contact: 18004633768
  • Email: through the website or app.
  • Location: many stores all across the country.
  • Support Availability: 8:00am – 10.30pm.

Features of Office Depot Store 

  • The mobile application gives faster and easier access to its online store.
  • Items like office chairs can be purchased at cheap prices.
  • Upto 30% of the money will be refunded on the purchase of selected printers.
  • Marketing materials and school supplies are also available at discounted prices.
  • They offer next day shipping on orders above $60.
  • You can also pick up your order in a nearby Office Depot store.
  • Same day delivery is also available on selected items and locations.
  • Personal safety items like face masks and hand sanitizers are also available for purchase.

Customer Reviews

We looked at many customer Office Depot Store 00045 reviews to determine how satisfied the customers were with the quality and services. After extensive research, we found that the customer response is mixed with both positive and negative remarks.

Users were impressed with the products’ quality as they sold electronics, furniture, and items from prominent brands. Some users were impressed with their customer service. 

Some users weren’t pleased as they complained that it didn’t allow a return for items bought online, and the delivery period was also very long. Overall, there were both positive and adverse reactions.

Final Verdict

Online shopping is generally considered to be cheaper than buying in stores or shops. The products are available for purchase at discounted prices in online stores. Office Depot, a well-known line of stores in the United States, also offer their products for online purchase. 

Users can have the products delivered at their doorstep or pick it up from their nearby store. It provides fast delivery and sells high-quality items. The customer Office Depot Store 00045 reviews, however, aren’t entirely positive. 

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