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Odunet Reviews {July} Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam?

Odunet Reviews 2020

Odunet Reviews {July} Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam? >> In this article, we review an online store that sells affordable aprons.

Are you thinking of purchasing an apron? Aprons are an essential part of the kitchen. If you’re an avid food lover and like to cook a lot of food, you need an apron. If you want to make new dishes a lot, you cannot do without an apron. Cooking can result in making your clothes dirtier. Aprons serve the simple purpose of saving your clothes from any harm while cooking, like excessive heat, accidentally spilling something, etc.

If you have visited any local store to buy an apron, you must have an idea of what a high-quality apron costs. It’s not very expensive, but it’s significant and can cost as much any clothing item. But by shopping for them online, you can save a lot of money. There’s an online store in the United States by the name of Odunet that offers several affordable and high-quality aprons. 

Some Odunet Reviews give us the information that their products are of high quality and quite durable. The website assures that you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged easily. If you’re thinking of purchasing an apron from the store of Odunet, you should read our review firstly. There are some details of the website that we’re going to reveal that you must have known. We’ll give information regarding its pricing, delivery and shipping details. 

What is Odunet?

Odunet is an online shopping store located in the United States that offers aprons. They have a variety of different types of aprons that are also affordable. Their apron collection also comes in all trendy designs and prints. Their quality is also supreme despite the lower price tag. 

They’re a relatively new website, and their popularity is slightly on the smaller side. They also deliver their products to several countries.

Odunet Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Aprons.
  • Processing Duration: unclear, free shipping.
  • Delivery: 7-10 days (in the US & Canada)

               5-10 days (in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand).

  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 8473722781 (Elizabeth Ruiz).
  • Address: 12327, State Route 124, Piketon, Ohio 4566, USA.
  • Returns: within 30 days of the receipt (damaged products to be reported within five days).
  • Exchange: unclear.
  • Refund Period: 1-7 days.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.

Odunet Pros:

  • Their products are cheap, affordable and of good quality.
  • They offer free international shipping across several countries.
  • Their products come with an extensive 30-day return policy.

Odunet Cons: 

  • Odunet is likely a scam.
  • Its popularity isn’t significant, and some crucial information is absent.
  • Their reviews and evaluations are mostly negative.

Is Odunet Legit?

Odunet sells several aprons of different varieties at affordable prices. But it’s essential that we find out if this website is legit or not before making any purchase. After doing some research, we found that they’re a scam, most likely. Let’s take a look at some facts that made us arrive at this conclusion.

The contact information of Odunet available on the website is unauthentic. All details like the United States address and phone number is fake, and they don’t exist. Links to their social media accounts are empty and don’t lead to their accounts. The pricing of their products is unrealistically low. 

The images of the products listed on their website were also found to be stock images taken from some other sources. They’re too new and were created about a month ago. So this site is most likely a scam, but we can’t confirm it due to the lack of information.

Odunet: Customer Feedback

Customer Odunet Reviews were unavailable on the website. They were present in a small number along with some evaluations of the site on some other platforms. All of them were primarily negative and called it a scam. Reports said that they are likely after bank details of users. 

A user also filed a claim on PayPal telling how this store scammed him. It’s not safe to purchase from them; we don’t recommend it.

Final Verdict

Odunet sells a variety of affordable aprons and also offers free international shipping on their products along with policies like return and refund. They operate in the United States. But they’re most likely a fraudulent store evident by the Odunet Reviews and the reasons mentioned above. 

Readers, in our opinion you shouldn’t purchase anything from the store of Odunet as they’re most likely not authentic. If you have some additional information or you’d like to share your experiences with this site, please write to us.

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