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Octo Safety Device Reviews {August} Is It Scam Or Not?

Octo Safety Device Reviews 2020

Octo Safety Device Reviews {August} Is It Scam Or Not? >> This is about the anti-microbial and reusable respirator that is patent & sold on online store.

Are you looking for a good respirator and mask in fear of pandemic? This is a need of the time.

As all know, the world is going through tough times, and fear of getting infections and disease is not going away from most people’s minds. Many companies in the United States turned their business to provide the much-needed product that fulfils all the benchmarks.

If put correctly, a respirator can selectively reduce the susceptibility to any hazardous particle and harmful gases. Octo Safety Device Reviews know that respirators have been utilized for more than a decade, and having proper masks is crucial; more importantly, it should fit perfectly. 

No matter if the person is in Canada or the U.K. but having proper respirators gives ample support. But that doesn’t remove the consumer’s understanding of the masks imperfections and cautions that require to be examined. This review is informative to check if you should go for the Octo Safety Device! 

What is Octo Safety Device?

Octo Safety Devices is an online website running from Canada that is started with the sole goal of designing, producing, and leading with the innovative respirator mask that gives the twenty-eight primary improvements suggested in the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Report of 2009. Their respirator is anti-microbial and filters any harmful particles. It sets the new respirator type for the twenty-first century. The website is minimal with the option to buy its product. But let’s read more about it!

Specifications of Octo Safety Device:

  • Product type: Innovative respirator mask
  • The Octo Respirator mask is protected by the U.S. Patent number. 
  • They are created to withstand 30 boil or eight autoclave periods. 
  • Body of mask made up of Clear Silicone and Thermoplastic Polyurethane. 

What are the advantages of the Octo Safety Device?

  • It can be disinfected unlimited times.
  • The respiratory mask is patent.
  • The mask comes in a variety of adult sizes and shapes because of its ultra-soft medical-grade silicone. 
  • The mask protects against the particles and pathogens up to 0.1 microns in diameter. 
  • It can be disinfected, and sterilized can be used for many months.
  • They have a complete instruction manual with the product.
  • The product has all the specifications and information.

What are the disadvantages of the Octo Safety Device?

  • Octo Safety Device Reviews cannot be found. 
  • They only ship to the U.S.
  • As of now, the F.D.A. or NIOSH does not approve of the respirator. 
  • The size is not available for children.
  • It does not market and distributes masks in healthcare settings.
  • The product is in limited stock.

Is Octo Safety Device legit?

Octo Safety Device Reviews found the site running for the last eight months and now venturing out for other parameters. The owners who have started the company have one aim that is to protect the people from harmful particles and infections. 

At first glance, the site looks well designed and has given all the details regarding the product and scientific information. The anti-microbial filter is reusable and can be sterilized dozens of times, making the product’s price pretty reasonable. They claim to use the mask for a year. The site is working on the Shopify platform, and many times, these sites are a scam.

So, the parameters that make this website somewhat suspicious  could be no availability of the customer reviews, like if the company is operated from past eight months, how they cannot have any reviews This product could provide good results if more used by the buyers. 

How are the customer’s opinions about Octo Safety Device?   

Octo Safety Device Reviews has no buyers’ reviews, but this company sells most of its products to the healthcare industry and only ships only in the U.S.A. The company is yet waiting on F.D.A. or NIOSH approvals so that they could sell to other countries. 

The respirator mask is patent in the U.S. and also holds the warranty period of six months. The company has given the subscription facility and newsletter through which more information regarding the products can be found. 

Final Verdict:

As you can see, this respirator online website looks like a promising company with excellent results. Buying in an Octo Safety Device mask when it comes to the stock depends on the customer and whether they want to invest money in this product. 

We advise a research on Octo Safety Device Reviews and then give a green flag with your shopping. Kindly share your comment.

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