Online Websites Reviews Reviews (Jan 2021) Legit Or Not? Reviews (Jan 2021) Legit Or Not? >> Are you seeking out for various types of clothing online? Then, check out here how legit the store is.

In this article, you will learn about Reviews. The pandemic has increased online presence, and now people rely more on the online world to fulfill their needs. Though everything is now available at the click of our fingers has increased our convenience, and it has also made us more prone to online threats such as scamming and loss of money and personal information.

Today, we are going to discuss one online website that sells a lot of winter stuff online. This website is operational in the United States. So, let’s know more about this website. Also, you will be able to answer the question, Is Legit?After reading this article, you will be able to decide whether you should or you should not make a purchase from the website.

What is Store? store is one online clothing store for both men and women; you will even find kids collection here. There are many products available on the website, such as winter tracksuits, waterproof jackets, family sleepwear, windproof jackets, etc. You will admire the fantastic collection that you will get at this store. We liked the soft fleece jackets that we could find at this store. Is legit?

The best part was that the website offers the products at a discount of fifty percent. There are various codes that the user can apply on the website, such as SAVE05 and SAVE010. The website has multiple sections that make it easy to shop for the products.

The site also offers various modes of payment, which makes it easy to shop from the website. The website allows a thirty-day refund and return. Also, the website offers users to get deliveries across the globe.

We think that the website is lucrative in terms of the options that it provides. But is it a reason enough to shop from the website? Let’s know further ahead in the article about Reviews.

Specifications of

Here are a few details about the website below:

  • URL:
  • Email Address of the website:
  • Products it offers: The website provides various kinds of products for multiple people, such as raincoats, jackets, sleepwear, etc.
  • Shipping: The website ships to people across the globe.
  • Return/Refund: The website offers a 30 days return policy.
  • Exchange: The website issues exchange on the mail through
  • Payments: There are various payment modes on the website, such as Mastercard, JCB, Visa, Paypal, American Express, Discover Card, etc.

Pros of

  • The website offers to return, refund, and exchange.
  • The website allows users to track their orders.
  • The website offers free shipping.
  • There are lucrative discounts available on the website.

Cons of

  • The website has inadequate contact details.
  • The website has negative reviews.

Is legit?

The website doesn’t have adequate contact details mentioned on the website. The website is also newly formed as the domain name Id registered only six months ago.

The website has also garnered a lot of negative reviews on social media platforms. People have even claimed it to be a scam site in their studies, making it difficult to trust this website. The scam sites also use the email ID of the website. So, Is legit? We doubt that. Let’s understand more about this website and decide whether this website is worth shopping from or not.

Customer Reviews

For Reviews, when we tried to search for the website’s customer reviews on various platforms of the internet, we were disappointed to find mostly negative reviews available on the website. We found reviews where the users didn’t even receive the products that they ordered for. They have claimed the site to be a scam site.

Final Verdict

Thus, based on the article, as mentioned earlier about Reviews, we think the website is a potential scam. Since there are not many factors that will help establish the website’s legitimacy, we believe that the website is not worth shopping from, and we will not advise our readers to shop from this website.

Shopping from this website can not only cause disappointments but can also cause loss of money as well as personal information of the user.What are your thoughts on the website, as mentioned earlier? You can write to us in the comments section below. If you have ever shopped from the website before, please feel free to write down your experience in the comments section below.

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