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Neqi Reusable Face Masks (September) Reliable Or Not?

Neqi Reusable Face Masks 2020

Neqi Reusable Face Masks (September) Reliable Or Not? >> This article talks about the Neqi brand’s masks, which claims to have the best products at reasonable prices.

These days the masks have become the need of the hour, and people struggle to find better masks for themselves. That’s why it has become imperative for us to give you all through this Neqi Reusable Face Masks the insights about masks’ products. 

During this pandemic situation, we have to take care of ourselves, which is crucial in the current situation. From the United Kingdom and IrelandNeqi Reusable Face Masks have been brought forth for the customers to decide and buy.

What are Neqi Reusable Face Masks?

Masks have been entirely on the trend these days, that’s why different companies are bringing different kinds of masks. According to their features and according to the customers’ requirements as the description of the products mentions that the masks, which are Neqi Reusable Face Masks, come with breathable material, and they are also super soft. 

There are two different sizes of masks, and they are small and medium. The description also mentions that the masks are in three layers, and they are reusable. The size of the small is 15cm, and the size of the medium is 15.5cm. The masks’ ingredients are also there, and the masks consist of 2% spandex, 53% polyester, 45% cotton. 

What are its prices, and whom are they suitable for?

The masks’ price has been set at £15 for three-pack, and this price seems a bit high because usually, the cost of the masks is not high, and they are sold economically. Different delivery options have been given as it is mentioned that if there is a purchase of 30 pounds, then there will be a discount of 3.50 pounds. 

For next day delivery, customers will have to spend 4.95 pounds. If the customers need to have named day delivery, then they need to pay 3.95 pounds. For the delivery on Saturday, the buyers will have to spend 5.50 pounds. 

The products are suitable for the adults, as mentioned in the description of the products. There has also been a description of how to use the masks. The first thing that it says is that there is a need to wash hands before a person can fit the mask. 

The second thing that it asks us to do is not touch the mask while using it. The instruction also invites us all to cover the nose and mouthparts in a reasonable manner.

Specifications of Neqi Reusable Face Masks:

  • Product: Neqi Reusable Face Masks
  • Sizes: Small and medium
  • Hours of sale: It is not there.
  • Return: It can be done within 35 days.
  • Refund: Within 20 Days of Order Placement.

Pros of Neqi Reusable Face Masks

  • These masks come in small and medium sizes. 
  • The material of the masks is breathable.
  • The masks have been made very soft.

Cons of Neqi Reusable Face Masks

  • The reviews of the customers about these masks are missing.
  • The price is a bit high.
  • The masks do not go well according to the current scenario of Covid 19

Are Neqi Reusable Face Masks Safe?

The masks don’t seem to look real as there are missing things that are there with the masks. As far as the customers are concerned, their reviews cannot be found anywhere. The question of the masks being real doesn’t either seem to go well with the authenticity.

For any products to be real, the people must opine about the products. Their views are significant for the company of the products to instill confidence in other customers’ minds.

Customers’ reviews

Reviews always give the best thing to the company and its products. In the case of Neqi Reusable Face Masks, no reviews have been provided. 

Hence, it gives the products a negative side; that’s why it is essential that a particular product has reviews because reviews are those things that provide the customers to learn more about the given products.

Final Verdict

Looking at all the things about the masks that we have been talking about, it can be said the products are not real. The products seem very problematic, and they ate not worth buying. 

We decide the legitimacy of any product through the features that the given product has.

You all are requested to give your opinions about Neqi Reusable Face Masks

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  1. There’s no wire to make this facemask fit around your nose, so it is unsafe because air escapes upwards without being filtered, and if you wear glasses they instantly steam up. Avoid.

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