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Neobosen Reviews [July 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit One

Neobosen Reviews 2020

Neobosen Reviews [July 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit One >> In this article, you get information about the e-shop selling stylish Masks, Bandanas, and Tops with Bandana at your doorstep.

Are you searching for an online e-shop to buy a designer mask? You’re on the right page. Today, we are going to discuss one such spot –

Well, Neobosen Reviews says, it is a newbie from where you can buy a trendy mask and other fashionable items. It is recently launched in the United States

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, masks have got a unique space in our lives. Earlier we see only a few people wearing masks, but now it has become a basic need, whether it is a child or an adult or an older person, everybody has to wear a mask.

According to the survey, the mask industry has been expected to grow to $7.24 billion in 2020, from $2.86 billion in 2019. Is Neobosen Legit? Is it worth to spend money on this site? Let’s discuss this.

What is is an ecommerce site launched only a few days ago. You can get the product at your door without costing much. Their vision is to bring happiness to the faces of its audience.

The site sells the stylish items to cater to its broad audience, under four categories- Hot Sale, Bandanas, Masks, and Tops with Bandana.

But before you spend your single penny, know more about the site’s specifications, its pros, its cons, and what customers say about the site.


  • Product- Masks, Bandana, and Tops with Bandana
  • Established Year- 2020
  • Website link-
  • Email Id-
  • Contact No- Not Given
  • Address – Not Given
  • Contact Person- Not Given
  • Delivery Time- 8 to 30 days ( Processing Time + Shipping time)
  • Processing Time- 3 to 7 days
  • Standard Shipping-12 to 25 days
  • Express Shipping- 8 to 10 days
  • Refund – 24 hours with pay pal, 7 to 15 days with credit card (Business days)
  • Return- within 30 days(a person receives the item)
  • Mode of payment- Online (AMEX, Master Card, Visa, Maestro, Discover)


  • The trendy website has a professional outlook
  • Wholesalers are also welcome
  • 27X7 customer support through email
  • Free Shipping over $69
  • Various Offers are available
  • HTTP’s (SSL) connection
  • Subscription is also available
  • Through Blogger extra income can also be earned
  • Easy Refunds are available
  • The site is quite popular
  • Delivery across 50+ countrie


  • No COD (cash on delivery) option is available
  • Lacks primary information
  • Social Media pages are not accessible
  • No Neobosen Reviews by customers
  • The content has grammatical errors
  • The content is copied and pasted
  • An abysmal trust score of 2% only
  • The domain is recently created and will expire soon
  • The domain name is linked to several fraudulent sites
  • Similar domain names are also available

Is Neobosen Legit or a Scam?

Have you ever heard of Neobosen before? Do you know why they are selling the stylish items at such a reasonable price? Do you think it is a scam?

To get answers to all these questions, let’s read more about its legitimacy.

The genuineness of the site depends on what information the site is sharing with its customer and whether it is fulfilling its promise or not. At our first glimpse, we thought of the site as a legit –as the site is very trendy, offers seem genuine. Moreover, it has good popularity, and it has a valid HTTPS (SSL) connection.

But when we dug deep we find so many alarming signs- no primary information (Contact number or address), social media links are not working, the domain name is too new and has a short life expectancy, and it is linked to many other scrupulous sites linked with different countries.

All these flaws can’t be digested, and the site seems to be highly risky, hence not recommended and this also answers – Is Neobosen Legit?

What are the customers saying?

As per our research, we found it has a good popularity, but we didn’t find any single Neobosen Reviews by customers on the site or on the other platforms that can verify it as an official site.

Though, there some general reviews that also not recommend this site as it is too new to trust and has many limitations. It seems to be a bogus site.

Final Verdict

To conclude, we can say that the site seems to be a potential scam with misleading information and many drawbacks we have already discussed. Therefore, we suggest our readers look for other options.

If you still wish you buy anything, we suggest you research thoroughly and then take any final decision. Your feedback is most welcome. Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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  1. 30 day shipping time tells you it’s in China or elsewhere outside of the US but they can say they are established int he US … no one can contradict that . It sounds too good to be true and the lack of contact infos leads one to think personal infos are not secure and credit card infos will be used again … NK and China and other players are great at doing this … maybe they are really selling these products but I’m going to wait and see – They look like the kind of masks I would want to buy …

  2. Thank you so much for your review. I almost made a purchase on this site and something stopped and compelled me to do some research on this company.

    Thank you for being an advocate for consumers!

  3. I put in an order from the company on July 3. I will let you know if I get anything from them by August 15th, since they claim 30 days deliver. I did some image searches, and they have taken images directly from Amazon, and photoshopped others. I can’t help but feel that I fell for a scam. I will for sure bookmark this page, and come back when I’m certain.

    1. I paid for the expedited shipping so I will let you know if anything comes up. For now, nothing its been a 1-week estimate and that is me being in constant communication via emailing them saying when am I getting my order. Response from them is there but no tracking # yet or any sign of progress. Their site doesn’t even work for me to make a ticket complaint I find another way to email them instead. Try to reach out to them and don’t wait.

    2. My order has arrived, complete, and on time. The children’s bandana masks are almost too small for my 5 year old which makes their usefulness somewhat limited, but they are exactly as advertised in style and appearance.

      Neobosen is a legitimate company, for all that it is newly formed.

    3. I also bought a couple masks from this company off the ad I saw. I was just not careful enough! It seemed just fine, like any other online store HOWEVER, at the end of my transaction I got a BLANK SCREEN with the only hint of an order number up in the URL spot. I used my snipping tool for the whole thing just in case. I alerted my credit card company that I am suspecting fraud. Writing to “” resulted in a BOUNCE BACK email, never landing where it was suggested it would on the website. Online chat help is fake, you are always 7th in line. Sad, as these are cute masks and the price was reasonable. SCAM LIKELY. 🙁

  4. I suppose I am lucky. I ordered and received my mask, refills, safety goggles and shield as ordered on a timely basis. I found the mask to be comfortable to wear and the replaceable filters add confidence in wearing. There is always a risk in ordering from a new site and certainly what has been presented here is valid and good advice . All I can offer is that so far I am satisfied.

  5. I purchased 10 masks. Got the shipping tracking number, but it took over 2 weeks for “my order to be filled”.

    LOOK ELSE WHERE for face masks!!

  6. I ordered and believe I was scammed as well. The shipping number is showing any tracking progress. Others beware!

  7. Quick and fast update…I just got a text message from USPS that my package arrived in California. I was about to attempt to cancel my credit card purchase. Hope the products are worth it.

  8. I just got my mask. I bought the ones with the shield that goes to your forehead. They don’t work. They don’t fit to the forehead as in the picture and the shield is so scratched that you can’t see well out of them. Don’t buy!!!!!! Go else where!!!

  9. I see more and more of these sights and end up finding they are from China. If an address is so hard to find then it’s a good bet they are trying to hide the fact it’s from China. Would I buy a face mask from China, the country that gave the world the virus and now has a breakout of bubonic plague? Uh, no, I’m not that trusting of deceivers.

  10. (SCAM!!!!!!!!!) I personally (before knowing about these scams) ordered 3 masks from Neobosen over a month ago. When i visit my account it never loads. I cant see any updates, also, the only email ive gotten from them was the Payment Confirmation. I still have not recieved my masks and it has been nearly two months. Don’t give them a penny, give them lead.

  11. I bought some masks on the 12 th of July it is now the 3rd of Aug I thinking maybe I should call my bank and cancel this. I wrote them which was hard to find a email address, but finally did, however no response. That seems strange. Now I’m worried they will use my card.

  12. I received an offer via email to complete my order with an extra 12% off. When I clicked through that email, the offer was not applied and the promo code could not be entered. I completed my order, expecting the discount to show up at checkout. It did not. I contacted the company to ask for a refund of that amount. After 3 rounds of email they said that they could not refund me because they had already processed the order. This is false and misleading practice.

  13. Thanks for the information. Why would anyone want to wait 30 days for an item. This is not custom made. Too many people have bad intentions and will take advantage if you don’t do the basic research. I will not purchase from this site

  14. MY Mask has not arrived and i dont know if i will get it ..
    no receipt or conform of the products …also they tell you to track the delivery that page is not working at all
    Looks like a doggy company unless i will get the products than i will write a new reveiw and apologise
    for the moment DONT TRUST

  15. Was really wary of this company when I went into the section of the website to verify my order, and it was broken (still is), and immediately checked with my bank on procedures just in case things went wrong.

    However, tracking the shipment within USPS was informative enough, and estimated about two weeks total transit. It arrived 4 days earlier than estimated! Exactly as advertised, totally happy with it.

    The company seriously needs to get someone on board to get the snags out of the site… but at least in this case, success!

  16. I am quite satisfied with my recent experience with Neobosen. I ordered 9 items (for my wife) on 21 August 2020) and they arrived on 17 September (one item earlier).
    I was pleasantly surprised that all items closely matched the on-line pictures and were of quite satisfactory quality. My wife was pleased, also. I made one inquiry during the order processing period and it was promptly answered. All-in-all a perfectly normal and quite acceptable experience.

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