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Myarnt Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Myarnt Reviews

Myarnt Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine? >> The post will tell you if a new online retailer is scamming you and what products it is selling.

If you are reading this post, then you, too, are wondering what Myarnt Reviews is.

Every website is today dipping its toes in the Face mask category. This could be blamed on the current upsurge in demand for face masks. Brands can be seen casing in what has been called a global pandemic. 

This brand that is currently selling in the United States is branching out to other countries as well. As you progress further into this review, you will find out the good and the bad about this site. So, read this review until the very end. 

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What is Myarnt com? What does it sell? 

It is an e-commerce store that sells online. By the looks of it, the site was recently set up. It is dated/enlisted on – 2019-11-30. 

It is essential to notice that the site lacks an about us page. Hence there is no information regarding the makers of what they wish to sell. Could this be because the site is still under work, or is it just another scam site? Is Legit

You will only spot one product that is the face mask; this can be spotted by opening the “Daily Necessities” section. 

A little bit about this mask- 

  • It is available in 4 color variants, namely- black, blue, grey, and red. 
  • the mask is made up of a nylon mesh; this makes the cover breathable as well as comfortable. 
  • It has one valve that filters the air, so you don’t have to breathe in the harmful pollutants. 
  • the area around the nose has an adjustable clip; this will help the mask stay in place. This face mask on Myarnt com gives a 360 seal, perfect for those who wear glasses as it ensures your drinks don’t fog! 
  • Gives you protection from the harmful PM 2.5 particles that are not visible to the naked eye
  • It is available for $9.98. 

Even though the brand has provided ample information regarding this product, you notice some odd markers that the website sounds like a scam. 

Is Legit

A lot of people have been asking if it is safe to purchase from Myarnt com and Is Legit? The pointers below will give you clarity regarding it.


  • You will spot a lock icon right next to the website URL, clicking on it will tell you that the site cannot access your information without your consent. 
  • It has an SSL certificate. 
  • Contact information is complete with a phone number- 055165556004, along with an email id-
  • They have also provided an address that tells you that they are based out of Hong Kong. 
  • Shopify powers it. Shopify is responsible for helping brands such as Kylie set up their online stores. 


  • However, it is essential to notice that Myarnt com lacks a proper layout. No product categories have been created. They do not mention if they will be coming out with products. 
  • The site lacks transparency. Which may make possible customers turn away. 
  • There is only one product available on the site, the face masks.  
  • It was recently set up, shows a 2019 set up address! Which is why it is not well known.  
  • Clicking on the Facebook icon will tell you that the page doesn’t exist anymore. 
  • The website does not generate any traffic; this can be checked on Alexa data. 
  • The shipping and return details lack the necessary information that a customer may require. 
  • No reviews available 

Myarnt com, as mentioned above, lacks transparency and reviews. This makes it difficult to understand if the site is worth purchasing from. 

How to purchase Myarnt com?

They deliver worldwide and accept visa cards, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, etc. to make a payment! 

An average wait of 10 days can be excepted for deliveries within the United States. They take 10-15 days to deliver to any other country. There is no mention of delivery charges but do write that on a purchase of 4 masks; they provide free shipping. 

Final Verdict- 

In today’s day and age, it is crucial to be a smart shopper, especially when shopping onlineMyarnt com lacks all the necessary information that a user may require before making a purchase. 

However, the price of the mask may entice you. Given that they are the need of the hour, it doesn’t hurt to purchase a couple for yourself as well as friends and family. 

Do share your experience with us if you have made a purchase from this site. 

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  1. I have purchased from this site. And have yet to get an email about my purchase. Thwy have deducted the money out of my bank account.
    Secured t

    1. The same thing happened to me and never receive a email either, and there’s no real contact information for this company,

      1. Could you write to paypal saying that they are a scam? What did you do? They never gave me my order.

        1. Just like most commons, I myself purchased and never received an email. I paid with PayPal and when I noticed I didn’t receive an email, I reached out to them two times via PayPal site. I then waited 4 business days with no reply back and then reached out to PayPal administrator. They have since opened an investigation. I need to wait over a month but I should get my money back in due time.

  2. Like a dummy I decided to irrationally purchase a couple masks from them. Long story short, paid with PayPal (thank God) and when it routed me back to provide shipping it timed out and the site disappeared. It took me an hour to find it and when I did a page displayed “shop longer available”..thankfully I’d screenshot the page that showed the contact email, so I emailed that address…and you guessed it: and auto reply that told me it was NOT A VALID ADDRESS. 🙄 Then I went into PayPal and the company had gladly taken my money! But didn’t even process a shipping address! So I emailed the address it showed on my PayPal statement, now three times, with no response. Needless to say, having to dispute with PayPal, so don’t buy from this scam.

    1. I ordered from this site on March 17, 2020. I ordered a Mothers Day necklace for my sister in law that had to be engraved. They took all my information and my payment and sent me a confirmation email. I was given an order number and a receipt. I figured it would take a little bit because it was a necklace that had to be engraved. So about a week ago i got a little concerned that i hadn’t received a shipping email yet because in the email it said it would only take 5 to 7 business days to engrave. We had been going on three weeks. So i contacted my sister who lives in Florida(i live in NJ) to see if she had received it because it was a surprise. So of course she says no she hasnt received anything. Last night I go on to check, and the entire website had been taken down. It is still active. It has an about me page, a contact us page, a return page, a shipping page and.a few others. But now there are no products on the page. You cant browse through anything and there is a other to search through. Before when I went on, i could put my order number in and get an update to my order which always said in the process of engraving. We will send you an email once your item has shipped. So I sent them 2 emails expressing my concerns and that I wanted a full refund of my money. Have not heard anything back yet.

    2. I have made a purchase since April. I received a order # but have not received my order. Have email them twice and no responses as of today. Can someone help us in this matter cause I believed it’s not fair that we don’t get what we order and paid for.

  3. Unfortunately I’m another person that didn’t see the comments until after I purchased.
    I’m waiting for them to say they’ve finished preparing my order..
    I guess I can stop waiting for that now..👎

  4. Todo hasta ahora indica que esto es un fraude; un robo. Hice un pedido hade dos semanas y no veo respuesta por ningun lado.

      1. Yep I got pulled into this too, everything everyone is saying is what’s happening to me as well.

    1. Yes, I’m another that ordered the 4 masks an have not recieved any info on them ordered a month ago…

  5. andy I have ordered and paid with paypal have not seen my masks ship yet and they have not answered my emails.. i will fight it through paypal if i dont get an answer in a few days..

    1. I to paid for 4 mask have sent several e mails and no response!!! I plan on getting with my bank and making sure they don’t try anytying …..I guess I was scammed!!!

    2. I am assuming when the coronavirus hit they started saying they were selling masks but when I ordered back on March 17th it was all jewelry

  6. I ordered from them also and have not received a response as to the status of my order. I didn’t know about these reviews before I ordered either. I am assuming that I will not be receiving it. They did take my money without any hesitation. I hope my credit card company will help me with this.

  7. I ordered from them also and have not received a response as to the status of my order. I didn’t know about these reviews before I ordered either. I am assuming that I will not be receiving it. They did take my money without any hesitation. I hope my credit card company will help me with this.

  8. Esto es un robo. Un fraude. Ordené unas máscaras hace tres semanas y no hay manera de darle seguimiento para ver qué ha pasado con mi pedido..¡ALERTA, SON UNOS LADRONES!!!

  9. I didn’t not receive my order yet my descriptions number is 4029357733 on this day 04/07 please contact me or send me my money back thanks you.

  10. I contacted my bank and they put in a dispute to get my money back if anybody else bank does that I suggest you contact them

  11. Geez I guess I’m not alone in this scam. I’ve purchased 2 masks on 4/7/20 and I emailed them and I received a response saying that I will get emailed with my shipment. But guess what? I’m still waiting for the email. Smh.

  12. I too made a purchase of 4 mask back on April 7th and have not received my order. I have sent 3 emails to 3 different addresses and have not received any response. I’m going to take this up with PayPal since they paid the funds out to whatever company. I have 3 receipts from 3 companies. It’s been 3 weeks and they said we have 180 days to file a complaint. Now waiting any longer.

  13. I’m scammed too! No shipping, no refund mo response! It seems there is no shopping through this site and it’s a fraud!

  14. If Myarnt com is not a legitimate company and scamming everyone and presently using FACEBOOK for advertisement , it’ time now we alert them and have them permanently barred.

  15. Same thing here… figured advertising on Facebook so should be ok. I ordered the necklace for my daughter for Mother’s day, with her 3 kids on it. I guess she won’t be getting it.

  16. I am going through the same thing. Waiting for paypal to end the case they have until the 1st to contact yet havent. Scam for sure. Do not buy.

  17. Same here. Emailed them and they stated the warehouse workers were working hard and it would shipped 3-5 business days from the email response. That was roughly 13 days ago. Total scam. I’m notifying IG (where I found them) and PayPal to dispute the purchase and to have them listed as fraudulent. Wish we could go further. Taking advantage of people during a pandemic should be a criminal offense. Mail and wire fraud at the very least.

  18. I ordered a face mask from a Facebook ad. Thank goodness I paid through PayPal. I tried to contact them twice with no reply. This is another scam from Hong Kong. I started a dispute with PayPal on 4/22. They say they have sent an inquiry and estimate resolution by 5/7. I’m certain this bogus co. will not reply to PP. If I’m not able to get a refund I’ll lose $16.97 ($9.98 plus $6.99 shipping.) It’s a shame there are lowlifes that take advantage of people during a crisis. Be forewarned don’t order anything from Myarnt it’s a total scam!!!

  19. Same situation with me. Ordered 4 masks on 4/6 off Facebook. They took my money quick. Haven’t seen any more ads on Facebook for them. I have sent 3 emails to 3 different addresses. Only got a response from one that I would be notified in 3-5 days for a shipping date and tracking number. That was 10 days ago. The email from them was not professional and you could tell English was not their language. I’ve been scammed and now I am pissed. At a time like this, why do people have to be ugly and take advantage of others.

  20. Paid with PayPal but this is a fucking scam, I got sucked in because of my pandemic panic and their flashy Instagram ad.

  21. I also ordered masks. On 4/7, I ordered 6. I have emailed myarnt 8 times with no response. Based on all of the reviews, I guess I should contact my bank to try to get the funds back.

  22. I, too, am one of their victims. I cancelled my purchase 7 hours later (they had a 12 window in place for cancellations). After many requests – and a run around, I contacted my credit card company and filed a case against them, My purchase was dated 4/4/20 – and the face masks arrived yesterday 5/13. Now for the hassle of returning them (which will be much of the same.

  23. I also bought these masks with no product shipped. I have emailed them several times I did get a email on the 22nd of april saying they had seen my dispute and were gonna get back to me in time. Which they have not. But I keep sending emails. But they seem to have a different email through

  24. I ordered masks April 7th. Have sent 2 emails asking about the status of my order. No response. No masks. Money was taken from my account immediately. Will call my bank but the money is gone. I doubt Ill ever see it again. Complete scam

  25. I cant access their site I don’t use pay pal so I did paid with My debit card, I order 2 different orders and its been 3 months, today I finally receive 1 but not the other which sucks They did take my money 🙁

  26. Yep. I’m one of many who ordered the face mask waaaaaay back when (March?) Never received it. Wrote to the customer service email, never heard back. Scam.

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