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Mparivahan .Com (August) Explore More About This Site >> In this article, you will read about an application that contains all the details of an owned car.

Do you get frustrated when it comes to verifying your vehicle’s documents? Now it won’t be an issue. Mparivahan .Com will resolve this matter in minutes.

A new mobile application was launched in India that provides a transport service to the citizens. Many commuters are stopped by the traffic police now and then. Sometimes, such people are left with no other choice than paying the fines. In contrast, others are seen looking for documents here and there. 

Therefore, the Mparivahan app usage lets you store the documents related to transport like DL, RC, etc.

What is Mparivahan? is a new mobile application, which has been launched in India in early September that provides a transport service to the citizens. The citizens can get access to several services, utilities, and information related to the Transport Sector so that there is transparency in the system, and it becomes more convenient for the citizens.

The application also provides a facility to verify the Driving License details and create a virtual RC and DL. The app has options for Information Services, Encrypted QR Code, Transport Notification to the citizen, DL/RC search, and RTO/Traffic Office Locations.

Specifications of Mparivahan

  • Type: Mobile Application
  • Use: To access the details of a vehicle and vehicle’s virtual documents
  • Available for: Android, iOS

Who is Mparivahan for?

Mparivahan/ is an official government app available for all India Regional Transport Authority vehicle registration number search. It displays all the necessary information in detail about any vehicle that is registered in India. It includes the following:

  • Owner Name
  • Registration Authority
  • Registration Date
  • Fuel Type
  • Make Model
  • Vehicle Class
  • Vehicle Age
  • Fitness Validity
  • Insurance Validity

Benefits of Mparivahan

This app is beneficial in several ways:

  1. Once the registration number is entered into the app, one can find the details of any accidental, theft, or parked vehicle.
  2. A person can verify their car registration details or even the details of a second-hand car.
  3. In case someone needs to buy a second-hand car, this app provides registration details and the vehicle’s age.


There are many reviews available about the application on the play store. One such comment states that the user found it safe and best. He said that this was a better form to carry the documents than taking them in the car’s dashboard. He added that he liked the interface, which is nicely designed and intuitive.

On the other hand, many believe that all the information must remain confidential between the owner and the administration department or Traffic Police.  


This application seems useful and time-saving as it contains all the details of the vehicles. The registration number reveals all the information about the car, even in case of a second-hand car. The citizens seem utterly satisfied with the application. 

We hope  proved useful for you. Kindly share your reviews with us in the comments section below.

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