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Motaquin Com Face Mask Reviews {April} Read Before Order

Motaquin Com Face Mask Reviews {April} Read Before Order -> This article is for individualswho want to know every information about Covid-19 masks in particular.

The world’s pollution is developing to be a problem, producing a wide variety of sicknesses and not only infection, but the outstretched of the pandemic has also taken place because of the coronavirus. In light of this, many people are planning to buy pollution face covers.

Its unknown unanticipated assumed how obtainable the most excellent products are, and the motaquin face mask is one of the most well-thought-of brands. For a proper response for what several people are starting to call a global emergency, Motaquin Com Face Mask Reviews states that the product can surely protect you.

Here’s presenting, which fundamentally deals in selling face masks and air filters. The online website has expanded its admiration in the United States. Gradually it is becoming famous even in other countries of the world.lets check the advantages, designations is motaquin store legit and so on in the below article.

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What is Motaquin Com Face Mask?

Motaquin Com Face Mask is a company that sells face mask made up of high-quality fabric protecting you from getting Covid-19. It will also assist you to stop spreading the virus if you step out of your house. These masks come in various trends and patterns. is quite a simple website without any confusion or disorder. The content is up to a point for readers to read. The company aims to sell masks to various individuals who are in need and who are unable to find it in offline stores. According to the Motaquin Com Face Mask Reviews, these masks can be easily washed in warm water and reused.

Product Specification

  • The most contamination breathing masks available in bulk.
  • Fundamentally it is 100% feasible in contradiction of PM0.3 and PM2.5 impurity particles.
  • Uses a three-layered filtration outline to assure you can breathe pure air
  • The material used for these masks comprises of Polyester, Cotton, and Spandex.
  • The mask should not be worn at any surgical setting, physically, liquid, or additional dangerous liquids.
  • It fits any size of any age.
  • It can be easily washed.

Benefits of Motaquin Com Face Mask.

There are much reason why the motaquin com face mask is an essential item. Let’s check the benefits below

  • Amazingly Operative: One of the main problems with pollution face masks is that they are not valid. motaquin com face mask is 100% effective when it comes to contamination particles like PM0.3 and PM2.5 compared to other brands.
  • Keeps you out from Pollution: Perhaps the most significant benefit of wearing motaquin masks is it functions amazingly by stopping you from inhaling contamination particles, harmful gases, and different microorganisms that can affect your wellbeing.
  • Quality fabric: Motaquin Com Face Mask only used quality carbon material. It puts your brain in a calm state.
  • Reliable: you can comfortably depend on this item. It is trustworthy and reliable.

What are the customers saying about Motaquin Com Face Mask?

We have researched the overall data on their website site of Motaquin, and we could not see any customer review section. It also seems that the website is new. However, on the internet, the Motaquin Com Face Mask Reviews indicates that several consumers are happy with the product, and they are 100 percent satisfied. They love purchasing from this website. Some customers found it a little expensive, while some said they would repurchase it. So now the question arrives, is motaquin store legit? Undoubtedly it is genuine and not a scam. Firstly, they have mentioned contact details and email address on their website to gain the trust of the customers, terms of Service, Shipping policy, and refund policy complete details were given. So overall, it is not a fake website.

In conclusion, more than 90% of consumers are having a fantastic experience of shopping online at the Motaquin store.

Final Verdict

People must be wearing face masks to cover face and mouth and to stop the spread of the virus. It is advisable that before putting on a mask, you must wash your hands with soap rub it and wash it with water. We accept that you have learned noteworthy clues about online shopping. By and by, we wish to find out about your comprehension. Motaquin Com Face Mask, is, however, not entirely accountable for providing complete prevention with the masks sold on the website. It ultimately depends on you. Therefore, before hitting on the yes button, you must go through the reviews and details of the site properly.

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      1. I ordered my items April 15 2020,I have yet to receive my items,its been a month and a half, they won’t respond to my emails,I’ve written several notes but it’s all been to no avail, because they wont respond, if I don’t receive my mask in a few days I will take the next step.i do not believe this is a real company.

        1. It took mine a few months but I finally received it. You’ll get it…I live in, NJ if it makes you feel any better.

          1. What happening this this company really they don’t have responsibility, they don’t care the customers,only want the money,I have like 45 days,when put my order…$63.85…
            Hey is a lot money..I feel like they assaulted ,and I don’t receive my 2facemask

        2. Have you had any luck? I ordered on the same date. I received 1 of 6 items. I have been able to get some communication through (Their payment gateway

    1. I ordered my mask in March and am happy to say it did arrive. I got it yesterday. I’m not sure why it took so long, but it did come.

    2. It’s real if you want to lose some money! I ordered a mask 4/25/2020 never came. I have contacted or tried to contact them multiple times . Sometimes they respond other times no! When they do respond they say it shipped. I say i dont have it, they say its still coming that the post office is backed up….They give a a tracking number that is useless and the post office knows nothing about it. They are thieves, plain and simple. I don’t know anyone that received their order. They are out of country and there is no recourse……I have asked for a refund and that is when i get no response……When i ask where the mask is they say it’s coming…..they are liars and thieves! I wish there was a way to get them shut down. Please order elsewhere i hate to see them make money this way!!!!!!!

    3. Horrible customer service! I ordered in April and still don’t have the masks, They don’t reply to email at all, promise it’s in production. That was more than 6 weeks ago!

      1. I ordered mine on the 21st. Still have yet to receive any email stating that it’s been shipped. They can’t give me my money back because it’s already been processed. Yet it states i have 30 days to cancel and get my money back. So far i believe this site is a freakin scam. They emailed me twice back. No they just don’t even email. I want a phone number not an email

        1. Did you get a phone number for this company ? Still waiting as well 30 days now but I do have a tracking number and has been sitting in a usps in chino California since 4/24

    1. I ordered mine April 16 and I spent $80 and haven’t heard anything or received anything. This is ridiculous. I’m wonder if this is a scam

      1. I order 3 cute stylish type of make and I got 4 totally different type of PLAIN black mask then what I order a whole month later. 😠 This site is straight garbage BS!!!!

    2. I ordered over a month ago and still haven’t received and they keep emailing saying it’s processing and refuses to give me a refund

    1. I have ordered two of them almost a month ago. I have sent a couple emails in regard to my order and no actual response was given. I’m begining to think they are a fraud.. becareful before ordering from them.

    1. I ordered my items April 15 2020,I have yet to receive my items,its been a month and a half, they won’t respond to my emails,I’ve written several notes but it’s all been to no avail, because they wont respond, if I don’t receive my mask in a few days I will take the next step.i do not believe this is a real company.

    1. I haven’t got my mask too I order it on the 16 of April and haven’t got nothing yet not even a tracking number or if it’s been shipped out yet I’m starting to think this was a scam. I’ve try to see if they even have a number to be reached and don’t have one.

      1. I ordered my mask April 15,spent 102.00 and haven’t received or heard from anyone in this company, they won’t even respond to my email, I hope I’m wrong, but the looks like I’ve been scam,I pray I’m wrong,I bought my items thru PayPal so if they don’t come soon,I’m gonna be seeking my refund from paypal

    1. I ordered 3 masks on 4/16/30. Got an email from them 4/23/20 saying that the order shipped and even got a tracking number. Every time I checked it would say that the masks were in USPS facility in Chino, CA since 5/01/20. Emailed their support group this past Saturday asking to cancel the order. I finally got a response saying that I could not cancel the order because the masks were still being made and then they will ship.

      I did more research, turns out that this is what they do and there are multiple forums of people complaining that they never received their items even with expedited shipping. They are also not BBB accredited, and they main NY address is not valid. I already started dispute with my credit card company. DO NOT order from this company.

    2. Order on 4/16/39 have receive any thing tracking number or thing the tracking was to be given 48 hr hater the order place PayPal will hearing from me tomorrow morning.

    3. I ordered my mask in March and just received it yesterday. If you were given a tracking number try using it with the usps tracking site, sometimes it gives a little more info then the 17TRACK.


      I did just like everyone else on here, I ordered a mask back in April and never received it. I sent them email back and forth and they keep telling me they will send out another one. I received the filters but never received my mask. On my recent email I told them that the next email they will hear from my attorney. They responded that they will update my mask and ship it out. I also reported them the the BBB. This company is a scam.

  1. Have been Waiting for my order since April 15th. Need someone to get back to me regarding this or a full refund.

  2. I’ve been waiting on my mask to come every time I look and track my items it always say shipped but the masks haven’t left the facility that’s not right when you buy stuff online it should never take this long

  3. Ordered mine 4/11/2020 still no tracking information no masks no response to my email to the company thinking it’s a scam

  4. i ordered a month ago an haven’t received any response back yet. I need my oder or money back.

    1. Report to the FBI I did already we all need too do the same so it doesn’t happen to others. Please do the same. Give them the information about this website so they can look closely into them please do the same you will get refunded ones they get them.

    2. I am in the same situation… I ordered 4/12/2020 and I haven’t received any response back yet. I need my money Back.

    3. I also ordered around that day and got a package today. It wasn’t my entire order. I ordered 2 black masks and a San Francisco 49ers one for my husband. I only got the black ones so far. I didn’t realize it said it could take up to 6-8 weeks. I would give it a little more time first. Now i have to figure out where my husband’s masks is.. Good luck. I think this is a small newer company that has been overwhelmed with orders. Mine took about 8 weeks to arrive..

  5. Wow wish I read reviews first they just taking everybody money this is definitely a scam having received anything and it’s been 3 weeks they stop answering emails I need a way to get a refund or repot they ass

  6. The purpose of this email is to find out when will I receive my order. I placed it on April 19,2020 Motaquin Order #MOTA 16731 and paid $40.41 including for Express Shipping. The money has, already been deducted from my account and I have yet to receive anything. Please let me know and exact date that I will receive it is kinda unfair when they said 3 or 5 days. If not returnmy money to my account. Thank You!!!!

  7. I put an order in 6 weeks ago and nada…pretty sure I got scammed because they’re ghosting me when I attempt to make contact with them

  8. This company is full of shit! I ordered a mask, paid for express shipping. Immediately they took the money out of my account. And I have been getting the run around since! There is no number! Only an email. You write your issues and receive the same few standard messages followed by a please be patient! No shipping details, nothing explains the express shipping I paid for. And it’s over a month of fucking excuses! I finally said the hell with it and filed a claim with my bank for a refund and a block against any future deductions from this scam ass company!

  9. Placed an order 6 weeks ago paid for expedited shipping. Nothing yet. Shipping website shows it is sitting in the same wearhouse for 2 weeks now. What a joke!

  10. Looking for order that I never received. Email was never sent as well the items. It has been over a month. Is this real. I would like to know more information on my products. Thank you

  11. I wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing the mask…I think this is a scam.
    I ordered my mask the end of March and I paid for express shipping, and I still haven’t received it.
    I have emailed them and same response it’s still being processed, and I need to calm down, and not to worry about it… seriously??? With covid-19 and having to go back to work they tell me not to worry??? I’m sure if it was their money they would worry….they are very unprofessional….they need to refund me my express shipping fees.

  12. ⚠️🛑 DONT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!!🖕 🔥Montaquin🔥🖕So wrong of this company to take advantage of people especially in these times! Karma will pay a visit to these greedy corrupt people. I ordered on April11
    They have responded to my emails with order processing still please be patient!
    No I won’t comply I will be calling my bank to get my money back and reporting to BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! $$$$🖕

  13. My mask will be here 5/16/20 just over a month ago I ordered my mask I’m happy it’s almost here

    1. Gerald McCullers— can you please comment on here if you do in fact receive your mask…. I ordered about a months ago and still waiting..

  14. I’ve also tried reaching out to them , I ordered on the 16th of April and we’re now on 13 the of May and still no tracking number or even a email about it being shipped out , this site is fraud I wouldn’t recommend it at all and I think it’s sad that people are dieing and in need of mask and this site is taking advantage of people.

  15. I ordered my face mask on April 16th, and have not received it yet. I paid $39.90. I am not happy.

    1. I ordered my mask back in early April & still haven’t received it. I was sent a tracking number that didn’t work.

  16. i ordered my facemask on April 16 all I receive is about the pandemic I am not satisfied with you will be sent a shipping number I understand but money is not growing on trees so I would like to know honestly How long is it taking to receive orders I I have not even recieved a shipping number. please be honest people.

  17. I ordered mine on April 19 and have not received anything. When I check the status it just says order placed. They are slow to respond and refuse to give me my money back. I want my masks or my money back.

  18. I ordered mine on April 19 and have not received anything. When I check the status it just says order placed. They are slow to respond and refuse to give me my money back. I want my masks or my money back.

  19. I ordered almost a month ago. Still have not received. Don’t even have a tracking number. I understand that we are in a crisis but it didn’t keep the company from taking my money. I paid just like hospitals and nursing homes and anyone else you feel are more important. The said part is that I’m an essential worker also. So I need my order just as much as anyone else. Then they just send you the same generic message everytime you try and contact them.

  20. This website is a scam and they don’t respond to emails! Reported them to the BBB. AVOID!

  21. I ordered my mask send mouth I pay 58.86 I haven’t received it I would like to know when I going to get

  22. I ordered 2 mask and extra filters on April 16,2020 and still have not received them and am getting the run around and now being ignored. They took my money from PayPal so I am trying to figure out how to get my money refunded…

  23. I ordered a Washington Redskins mask April 18 no word no tracking nothing If no response in 1 more week I’m disputing with paypal

  24. I can’t believe i waited over a month and all i received i 59 filters in which i order 2 masks AND 60 filters this place is a JOKE!!!!!

  25. I bought a mask in Wish the same day and I already received it and your still do not receive it after two months of paying you

  26. I did order my mask and it took about 2 months to get it. It looks exactly like the pic and it works wonderfully. I knew it would take a while because of the pandemic. It was worth the wait.

  27. I ordered 3 Avalance masks & extra filters on 12 April. It is now 7 June & no masks. I have now asked for a refund.

  28. After many months waiting for my mask it arrived defective!! I was offered a 20% discount and never received it….after a while they gave me an address in China to return the mask without any refund… is a scam….stay away!!!

  29. I ordered Aprill 11 2020 and have been writing them. I have yet to receive my merchandise.

    6 June 2020

    I would like a refund of my money.  I havent received this merchandise yet.  Please refund my money.

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    ——– Original message ——–


    Date: 5/15/20 12:05 (GMT-05:00)


    Subject: Saints Mask

    I placed an order April 11. The money was deducted from my account April13,2020. I haven’t received my items yet. I am requesting a refund. 

    Respectfully Sent 

    ORDER #MOTA1790


    Thank you for your purchase!

    Hi we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.


    View your order Or Visit our store    

    Order summary


    Limited Edition NOLS Filter Activated Carbon Pm 2.5 Fm HHH040464TH x 3

    PM2.5 FM



    Discount (Offer Discount)

















    Customer information

    Shipping address
    United States


    Billing address

    United States


    Shipping method



    Payment method

    PayPal – $71.88




    If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at


    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  30. Wish I could post a photo of the garbage that they sent me. It was stitched all messed up, and the Yankees logo doesn’t even look like a logo anymore. The font for the personalization is NOTHING like what they show in the pictures. Got it a week ago, and have emailed them THREE TIMES since. If I don’t get a response by Monday, I’m disputing the charge with PayPal

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