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Moink Reviews [June] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Moink Reviews 2020

Moink Reviews [June] Is It a Legit Online Store? >> In this review, you get to know about the site that sells ethical meat subscription of the highest quality.

Are you a crazy non-veg lover searching for the ethically sourced meat, beef, pork, chicken, or lamb? Head away to and fall in love with the fresh products available on their shelf.

As per the Moink Reviews, the site is currently trending in the United States market and has already won the hearts of millions of customers with delicious and tasty food items

What is the Moink Box?

In a nutshell, Moink Box is an ethical meat box service available to your doorstep with a few clicks. It was established about three years ago.

You can select fresh customized “meat box” as per your choice from salmon, beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. The items available at their shop are fresh, humanly- raised, and of high-quality.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on any of the products, read our review until the end and know more about its specification, advantages, disadvantages, and what its customers have to say.

Specifications of Moink Box:

    • Products: Non-veg food items
    • Website link:
    • Email ID:
    • Contact Number: 217-717-9448
    • Contact Address: 13352 Ash Street, La Belle, MO 63447
    • Contact Person: Not given

  • Delivery Days – Generally on Tuesdays and Wednesday

(Occasionally on Mondays and Thursdays when required)

  • Refund – Between 2 and 10 days
  • Mode of payment: Online method

Pros of buying products from Moink Box:

  • HTTPS (SSL) Valid connection
  • The domain name is quite old
  • An attractive outlook of the site
  • The website is quite popular
  • Availability of Primary information
  • The facility of Promotional bonus items
  • Refund is possible
  • Discount coupon available
  • You can skip or cancel your order
  • Many Moink Reviewsare available on the site and the internet
  • The product is free from GMO grains
  • Presence on national television- Shark Tank
  • A good repo on social media platforms
  • The domain name of the site has a commonly used TLD.
  • Flexibility to cut out any product you don’t want
  • Mobile App can be downloaded from Google app store or Apple i-store
  • 20$ referral bonus for everyone who refers them
  • The site has an excellent trust score of 96%

Cons of buying products from Moink Box:

  • Cost is quite high as compared to others
  • You call will not be answered many times as they don’t have anyone to manage
  • Due to Covid-19 you don’t get what you desire to have
  • You can’t make substitutions once your order is packed
  • You can’t pick your day as they mostly deliver on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • You can’t control the delivery time
  • They sell only limited boxes

Is Moink Box Legit?

Owing to the primary information like address and contact details, Moink Reviews available on-site and social media platforms, we can say that the site is a legit site that delivers its promises and has a good reputation amongst its customers.

The site claims that Moink Box also made a presence on the award-winning television reality show Shark Tank.

The domain is also quite old to trust, and it has an excellent trust score of 96% as well. Furthermore, the site offers various discounts, promotional codes, and referral bonuses to attract and retain its customers.

Thus, we can say it is a 100% trustworthy site.

What are people saying about Moink Box?

You can find a lot of Moink Reviews on the site as well as on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The positive reviews show that customers are very happy and satisfied. As per them, the site delivers its promise by providing fresh, quality, ethical meat that can’t be easily found.

According to one of the customers, he is in love with the products and the company. They’re transparent in their approach and giving the farmers a way for living by keeping the ethics.

Final Verdict

To conclude, we would say this is an exceptional company from multiple viewpoints with an important social mission of delivering ethical meat without compromising its quality and allowing customized order as per your taste. The reviews given on the site and other social media platforms are also positive.

The biggest cons are the price of food items and delivery time, which can’t be ignored. However, you can trust that the price is worth paying as you will get high-quality meat.

Thus, we suggest you give a try by ordering the meat you like the most.

Please feel free to write back to us about your experience with this site in the comment section given below. Your feedback is valuable to us!

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  1. We ordered several ribeye’s, a couple NY strips, hamburger and a sausage. Meat arrived frozen.
    Ribeye appearance – first of all they didn’t even look like ribeye cuts. I showed pictures to several family members and they said “You got ripped off.” None of them looked alike, they just looked like random cuts of meat.
    Taste – Tough and tough. No matter how cooked them they were as tough as nails.
    NY Strips – same thing. Not sure what we got but it wasn’t NY Strips. Ended up chopping them up and using them in bean chili.
    Hamburger – rancid. Thawed them out in the fridge and the next day when we opened the package it was apparent these weren’t processed and packaged properly.
    Breakfast Sausage – was ok but nothing impressive. If I was served this at a cafe for breakfast I would be ok with it. Not much seasoning.

    For the price we paid I wasn’t happy with our order. Didn’t bother trying to get a refund or contacting them, just coughed it up as a lesson learned.

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