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Mofylook Reviews And Complaints [April] – Read It Now!

Mofylook Reviews And Complaints 2020

Mofylook Reviews And Complaints [April] – Read It Now! >> You must read this post before making your order over this ecommerce website. Be aware, Be smart shopper!

Are you passionate about clothing? Want to get the best collection and trendy clothes over the online shopping store? Then, you land at the right destination where we are going to give proper guidance related to another shopping platform, which is quite easy and simple to buy outfits and other stuff in the United States.

Another clicking business over the internet is Mofylook, and we have got to know about Mofylook reviews and complaints, so we have decided to explore this platform. Here, we are going to dive into and try to get all the required information, which is essential from the customer’s point of view. 

Let us begin.

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What exactly is? 

People love to wear clothes as well as other accessories to enhance their looks and this site aims at fulfilling all such needs of people across the corners of the world. No matter, whether men or women, this site provides a wide array of products at a reasonable price and also meet their needs. 

According to the occasion and mood, any person can go for the apparel that suits them either they are rich or poor. Clothes speak a lot about our personality and it indicates our first impression, so the site offers all sorts of products to enhance looks. 

The site has its origin in the United States and trying its best to expand more in the e-commerce business globe.

How the site does work?

As the site is fully secure with the SSL certification that protects the data encryption, so you can make payment for the shopping through PayPal. When you make the payment, then it will take around ten to fifteen days to ship your order. 

If you have any issues with the product, then you can contact this online store through the email address at and also make a call at (978)301-6796. 

Then, in case of a return, you will get the receipt of the product within seven business days. 

Who can enjoy shopping over the site? 

As the site provides all types of apparel and other stuff for both women as well as men, then it is obvious that the site serves to both genders. 

Either men or women both can get the benefits from this online store, and the clothes fits best on an energetic and youthful mind.

What products are available over the site? 

This is an attention seeker website due to the eye-catching product range and the cost that fits every pocket easily. This website provides all categories of products that add value to anyone’s personality at a very reasonable price. 

Here, we have jotted down the list of products that are offered by Let us have a quick look at these products below. 

  • Women’s shoes: It includes boots, flats, heels, sandals, slippers and so on. 
  • Men’s Shoes: Men’s Boots, oxford, sandals, flats, and dress shoes. 
  • Women’s bag: It includes shoulder bags and wallets. 
  • Men’s bags.
  • Women’s clothing: It involves dresses, jumpsuits, blouse and tops, sweaters, jackets and coats, bra panty sets, and so on. 
  • Men’s clothing: It has shirts, hoodies, shirts, jackets and coats, and sweatshirts. 

Why it is beneficial to shop from 

If you want to enjoy a wide array of products with all designs and patterns, then the site is the best pick, which gives an ample number of benefits. When you do the shopping from this site, then you will get some plus points, as given below. 

  • Better comparison over prices. 
  • Varieties of outfits.
  • Convenient, and easily accessible.
  • Track the orders.
  • Available all day and night.
  • No need to get into the crowd. 
  • Available at very affordable prices. 
  • Get the best possible discounts. 
  • No need for bargaining as they already provide. 

What are the negative remarks of

Although all the apparel and clothing items are explored at an optimum level as well as in-depth information is provided in a detailed manner, but still, some strange signs indicate the site is not secure at all. After going through Moofylook reviews and complaints, you ought to look at the minus points as given below.

A similar design, as well as layout, is also used by some other unreal website along with the same contact details. 

The site does not meet the deadline of seven days return policy.  

What do we conclude? 

After doing the perfect analysis of Moofylook reviews and complaints, it is crystal clear that all products are available at a very reasonable price. Also, the customer reviews are very favorable. 

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  1. I never received my order from Mofylook. I tracked the pkg and it shows that it was delivered. It was Not. I emailed them and they replied with..We’re looking into Logistics ___. It’s been several days now. I emailed again and still haven’t heard ftom them.
    I will not recommend them to anyone.

    1. I never received my order. They even went as far as telling me your item was delivered to Richburg s.c. I told these idiots I don’t live in richburg s c. They still never resent it after claiming they would. I have all my correspondences with these crooks

  2. Where’s my Twitter I ordered 2 months ago order numbers 9321 I wanna know what’s going on did you charge it to my credit card if you did take it off my credit card cause I haven’t received it

    1. they are crooks. I never received mine. Call the BBB on them. Spread to your F.B friends and do damage to these thieves

  3. Im not sure who this clown is that wrote this article but ill bet they never ordered from this website. This website is a scam and no ones orders are filled. Also they cannot provide tracking numbers and there is no way to contact this company other than some email address that sends automatic replies like a bot. Do not waste your money. If Abigail Hazel is writing this crap then place an order and lets see how that works out for you.

  4. Ordered a dress, waited a month and nothing! Checked my order and it said canceled, I did not cancel my order! I have sent over 6 emails and get the same message over and over that they are looking into it! They took the money out of my checking account right away and won’t refund me!

  5. Avoid this website by anymeans. I have ordered (order #1228) a Shawl Collar Casual Sleeve Ourwear 22,99 usd (plus 7,99 shipement) since 20march 2020. On 15th of may I have received instead a small plastic scrapper for textile that I did not order. I thought it was some kind of cheap thank you present for having placed an order with them and waited stil. I told them I did not get the item I have ordered and they replied that the logistic company says the parcel has been delivered. Yes a the scrapper instead of an Outwear!!! After exchanging 15 emails with them after beeing asked twice if I want the product or a refund finally I told them I want my item and the status of the parcel. No more answer from them since 20th of june when they said the parcel will be shipped in 7 working days. It is a bad joke. A fonny website and a money scheme that should be reported to paypal and the police. Mariana Bucharest Romania

  6. Please do not order from these people!! I have waited 5 months and have not recieved my 2 dresses. They will only comment saying they will look into it. They should be banned from any sales. You will never get your product or your money back. I am looking into reporting them for theft!

  7. Thieves and bandits. Mine is the same story, boots never delivered, payment taken, no replies to emails. Bastards, crooks and I hope the Covid gets them!!!

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