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Mobiclaim Reviews [June] Is This a Genuine Site?

Mobiclaim Reviews

Mobiclaim Reviews [June] Is This a Genuine Site? >> In this article, we take a look at Mobiclaim, a website that claims money from telecom operators.

Did you have an old subscription to a telephone company that you do not use any longer? What if we told you that there’s a way that you stand to gain upto €750 for your old subscription? If you’re thinking how it is possible, then keep reading this article.

Mobiclaim, an online website based in the Netherlands, helps you claim and get upto €750 on your expired subscription to a telephone company. They claim that these companies use several methods that do not obey specific laws due to which the customer has to suffer. They find these loopholes and claim an amount from the company.

If you believe this is too good to be true, then we suggest you gather some information on your own. There are a considerable number of Mobiclaim Reviews which say that they’ve successfully managed to claim some money for their old subscriptions with their help. According to Mobiclaim, they’ve filed over 27,500 claims as of today, and the number keeps on increasing.

Keep reading this article to know more about how you can claim this money with the help of Mobiclaim, what are the eligibility criteria and all other details.

How do I make this claim on Mobiclaim?

Making this claim is very simple and straightforward. But before making this claim, you should be aware if you’re eligible for filing a complaint or not, whether you fit the criterion or not. The eligibility criteria and the following procedure has been given below for your convenience.

  • Users in the Netherlands can only claim services of Mobiclaim. For other countries, feel free to contact their customer service.
  • Any user who’s taken a new or closed an old subscription between 2012 to 2017 is eligible to make a claim.
  • If you’re eligible for the claim, then find your telecom operator subscription mail in your inbox and take a screenshot of it.
  • After finding the mail, submit the claim via their website after entering all the details.
  • After clicking on submit the claim, you’ve successfully sent your application.
  • Upon the submission of application, Mobiclaim will start the process on its part, and you’ll be notified of all the progress.

Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll most likely get your claim, Mobiclaim will work hard on it.

Specifications of Mobiclaim

  • Company Name – Mobiclaim
  • Website-
  • Function- Claim money (appliance costs) from telecom operators.
  • Associated Law Firm- Wijn & Stael.
  • Charges- none.
  • Email-
  • Contact No- unknown.
  • Address- unknown.

Features of Mobiclaim

  • Pieter Brouwer and Jochem van Dalfsen, two entrepreneurs founded Mobiclaim.
  • There are no charges for submission of your claim on Mobiclaim.
  • Mobiclaim doesn’t charge anything initially but takes a percentage of your claim.
  • You’re not obliged to pay anything if Mobiclaim is unable to obtain any amount.
  • Mobiclaim works closely with Wijn & Stael from Utrecht to ensure a higher success rate.
  • Mobiclaim mainly operates in the Netherlands.

Mobiclaim: Customer Reviews and Opinions

Mobiclaim started operating some time ago. There is no clear information present about how many claims have been successful, but there are reports of some applications getting the amount. Their success rate is considerable.

We read several Mobiclaim Reviews and found that there were both positive and negative responses. Mobiclaim received a lot of praise for its no-cure-no-pay policy where you don’t have to pay anything unless your claim is successful. However, customers weren’t pleased with their high charges for successful applications, which go up to 30%.

Overall, users claimed that there’s no harm in submitting a claim as there are no charges for doing it. If the application is successful, you stand to get a considerable amount of money.

Final Verdict

Mobiclaim might prove very helpful to you if your claim is successful. Mobiclaim came into existence following a ruling by the Supreme Court of Netherlands. We assure you that what Mobiclaim does is entirely legal in the Netherlands. Their success rate is also significant. They also do not charge for submitting a claim.

There’s no harm in submitting a claim on Mobiclaim, thanks to their customer-friendly policies. Thousands of applications have been already filed on Mobiclaim, a significant amount of which have been successful.

Therefore, we suggest our readers in the Netherlands to make your claim if you fit the eligibility criteria. For any queries, feel free to contact their customer care. Also, please tell us more about Mobiclaim and your experiences with them so that we can gather more information about this site.

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