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Mjkwebsite Com Reviews [June] Another Scam or Legit site?

Mjkwebsite Com Review

Mjkwebsite Com Reviews [June] Another Scam or Legit site? -> mjkwebsite-com-reviews [June] Another Scam or Legit site?

Are you interested in shopping for every essential online? Do you want to try purchasing sewing machines online? If so, this article will provide you great help. With the assistance of MjkwebsiteComReviews you will come to know about the trustworthiness of this.

MjkwebsiteCom claims to sell a sewing machine, which is an advantageous household product. You will find a variety of sophisticated sewing machines on this website. As we all are always searching for equipment that helps raise our living standard, adding essentials with a modern touch is still beneficial. 

However, the essential thing that you need to keep in mind while buying anything online is checking the website’s trustworthiness. At this pandemic covid-19 situation, when everyone is trying to stay more at home, many scam websites have been developed with the purpose to steal money. 

Make sure you go through the website thoroughly before placing your order. The site is targeting most of the United State audience. But, you can know more about the website only if you go through Mjkwebsite Com Reviews properly. Customer reviews and Google reviews help the visitors, and online users know which site is legit and which one is a scam. is a new website, so to find out more about the site, let’s look at it in detail.

What is is an online shopping center where you can order modern sewing machines and accessories like machine needles, bobbins, and many more items within your budget. This online website offers all the compact yet stylish designs that can conveniently be transformed from one place to another.

Well, Mjkwebsite Com Reviews also reveal the ease these machines add to daily life, whether it is a housewife or a professional tailor. All the devices are made with modern technology and are highly durable.


  • Type of the website: sewing machines
  • Company’s contact number: 267-907-0213
  • Company’s mail id:
  • Payment method: PayPal, visa, master card, discover
  • Shipping time: the order gets shipped within one day
  • Delivery time: within 20 days of ordering
  • Return: request is acceptable
  • Cancellation of order: applicable
  • Refund: Full refund offered
  • Company’s location: not mentioned on the website

Pros of placing an order from

  • The website accepts the request for the cancellation of any order before the order gets shipped.
  • The site is highly responsive to customers.
  • The website offers a variety of sewing machines

Cons of placing an order from

  • This online store doesn’t have enough information available on the internet to convince the buyer to place an order.
  • The warranty for the products doesn’t cover any accidental damages to products.
  • The website demands pictorial proof in case of the return of the damaged product.
  • The website deducts shipping costs while making a transaction or refund.
  • The about us page doesn’t have much information about the owner. 

Is legit?

Many customers are doubtful regarding the legitimacy of after reading such a small Mjkwebsite Com Reviews section. Most importantly, the website was created a few months ago, which is the main reason buyers don’t have enough details to judge the site. 

Well, some of the online websites have declared this website as might be safe but have also mentioned it to be doubtful due to the lack of information.

What are the consumers saying about the website?

This online store has been recently welcomed by the market and does not many reviews online Mjkwebsite Com Reviews section. Moreover, there are some negative reviews in the where the customers have mentioned that their order has not been delivered yet. And the post office shows that the order got delivered in Buffalo, which is a big red flag to consider this website genuine.

Final verdict

Seeing deeply through the online Mjkwebsite Com Reviews and all the information regarding the services available online, the website can be a scam. 

It’s been just two months that the domain name is created, which is a short period. Also, the website doesn’t have many reviews of the old customers, making it doubtful to trust the website completely. Overall, you are not recommended to use this website. 

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  1. I keep calling your number and it is busy why? I purchased an item an d now I’m worried about you being fraud

    1. I ordered a sewing machine for $99 through PayPal never received my product so did a grievance and they (PayPal) gave me a refund

  2. I bought 17 days ago and never arrived and does not have a way to tracking, looks very fake. My advise is do not buy. I only tried because I used the pay-pal. I am hopping Pay-Pal will return my money.

  3. DON’T!!! I have been scammed by PayPal refuses to refund my money even though a manager Mr. White (yes, from India), told me the website was a fraud!
    My package arrived in Lawrenceville, GA, when in fact I live 397 miles away, in Valdosta, Ga. Better yet, PayPal, has my correct address. Is PayPal in on these scams, and benefiting from it? Could just be! I’ve filed a complaint and a report with the USPS, as the empty box that was delivered, to a wrong address, they were the ones who the package was shipped through! I have also filed a report through, a Internet fraud and scam website, so hopefully soon this idiot and his fake Singer Sewing Machines will be closed down.

  4. Well I to ordered through the website.
    The machine was delivered but not to me . This person has all my information correct on the shipping
    It was sent to another person and when i call the number . I get nothing .
    I contacted paypal . I provided all my emails and tracking . I hope paypal has a better luck contacting this so called company .
    I was so scammed. I do not recommend anyone ordering from them.

  5. THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM! I will leave a review daily, just so I can keep from someone else being scammed. I’m surprised, they even have the nerve to keep the website up!

  6. 7-3-20 Here’s my daily post! Please be aware this website, is a scam! Please beware. I will not stop writing post daily, until this website is no longer available for people to be scammed and have their money taken from them!

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