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Missinstyle Website Reviews – Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Missinstyle Website Reviews 2020

Missinstyle Website Reviews – Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> In this article, you will get the information to place the order for female clothes.

Are you searching for the newest fashion clothes? If the answer is yes, then Missingtyle Website is the best destination. 

The fashion clothes can be easily ordered from this Website. You will find all the fashionable clothes for women. You will discover two-piece outfits, rompers, jumpsuits, tops, outerwear, bottoms, tops, and swimwear. 

Hence, if you were waiting for the site that sells the latest fashion wear for women, then this is the one-stop solution. Missinstyle Website Reviews are positive about the Website with high-quality products. 

Therefore, if you are searching for a website that has the latest fashion wear, then this is the perfect Website. You can order your required cloth category from this Website.

As per the recent report, the Website has been successful in the United Sate. It has received many positive feedbacks and reviews from the new and old customers.

If you are wondering if Is Missinstyle Website legit or not, then keep on reading. 

Before placing the order, we are discussing more the Website. We are telling why a website is unique and why you can set the order from the Website.

Is Missinstyle Website legit?

Yes, this Website is legitimate. You can trust this Website. The customer has reported that they have got their money back when they have returned the product. Also, they have the policy of free delivery of products. 

The Website has mentioned a transparent policy of return. This Website is safe as it does not share your personal information with a third party. So, you can shop for your favourite category of products from this Website.

What is Missingtyle Website?

It is an online fashion store that sells women’s clothes. The clothes are designed as per the latest trends. You can search the product as per the requirement and then order the same product. You will get free delivery at the shared address.

In case of any query, you can go through FAQs. If you still have any doubt, then you can talk with the customer care department. They will get back to you as soon as they receive your query.   

Why is Missingtyle Website unique?

Missingtyle Website is unique as it is easy to navigate. You can go through a wide range of products under each category and order accordingly. The Website has also mentioned FAQs if you have any doubts. 

They provide free delivery, and you will get the prompt delivery. The payment is through online mode only. They also offer the best customer service. 

Specifications of Missingtyle Website

  • Products- Latest women’s fashion wear 
  • Website link- 
  • Shipping time- They can ship as quickly as possible in 1-3 business days. They also use airmail that takes approximately 4-9 days. Moreover, the standard shipping takes place in 9 and 14 days that are free. 
  • Delivery time- The delivery time depends if you take the package. But the standard shipping is free.
  • Shipping fee-The The shipping fee depends on how soon you want the delivery. 
  • Exchange-there is no exchange policy on the Website.
  • Return-The product can be returned in 30 days.
  • Refund-The received product made is checked, and refund is processed soon.
  • Mode of payment- The payment is via credit or debit card.

Pros of Buying from Missingtyle Website

  • The process of buying is quite easy.
  • There is the provision of searching the item and can order quickly.
  • There are a return and refund policy mentioned on the Website. 
  • Also, the FAQ page is mentioned.
  • You can also check the privacy policy.
  • There is no shipping fee on standard shipping
  • High-quality products are available on the Website.

Cons of buying from Missingtyle Website

  • There are different packages of shipping.
  • The payment facility is online.
  • In return for products, original packing has to be kept.

Customer Reviews on Missingtyle Website

The Website has reported many positive reviews. Customer says that they got their money back after returning the product. They have also noted that the Website has female clothing as per the latest trend in the market. Also, the prices are quite reasonable.

On the first order, the customer receives around 10 percent discount. So, the order can be placed easily and the order will reach free at the shared address. The customers are happy with the service. Moreover, they have added the FAQs page. 

Final Verdict

The Website is legitimate and can be trusted. All the latest female fashion wear are in one place. The Website has mentioned refund, return, and shipping policy.

So, you can place the order and filter the products as per the requirement.

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  1. I’ve been trying to stop my shipment before it ships to get my refund and they keep telling me to go through PayPal I didn’t pay through PayPal I paid with another credit card it’s very frustrating 😡 I’ve tried to be nice as can be,,,,I’ve just changed my mind because of the coronavirus I know it’s my fault I shouldn’t have ordered but I really thought you would understand 💔

  2. Is this a scam are not because no one’s responding to my emails about were my orders and the tracking number is not adding up so some body respond to me are give me my money back

    1. I believe so I place an order In my and still haven’t received my order. I sent so many emails first they blame it on the COVID-19 and then say the postal services lost my package but still haven’t made it right about my order.

  3. I don’t think you are liget because you do even send me any thing to my email. Or take credit card or debit cards, you only want pay pal. When you said you take other cards as well. You need to get this fix

    1. It’s a scam I’m getting my lawyer into this investigation they taking people money no package false advertise don’t order from this site scam scam scam

  4. This site is a scam they send me a tracking number that doesn’t exist I order april 9 still nothing they said it was on it’s way I check it says no tracking information

  5. I’ve contacted them twice about where my order is nobody ever responds back total scam

  6. I didn’t receive my orders it been a month if your not going to send my order give me back my money or I will call my bank

  7. I ordered from here on April 28th they told me that my order was on the way it says tracking label created not in our system they r a complete scam they keep erasing my messages off Facebook as well, they answer my emails with just be patient its on the way its because of the coronavirus that its taking so long, can’t be because I’m hitting my mail from all over the place even overseas. SCAM DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!!

  8. They don’t even deserve 1star! Ughhhhh if they were a better customer based company they probably would get more business! Total scam! Yes I got my product (clothing) I contacted customer service and when they finally responded back to me I was told I needed to close my claim case. So I did and provided customer support with screenshots and have emailed several times but haven’t heard from them since. I believe they tricked me into closing my case through PayPal so they could avoid refunding my money back to me. The clothing sizes are way off from the measurements provided. The material isn’t the same as listed on the website. I’ll continue to write reviews and post on social media until I receive my refund.

  9. Where’s my order send me my order soon or replace my money back on my card i have a lawyer on it this is why sites like this doesn’t get the business?

  10. I ordered on May 17 still no order here it is August 12th finally got my label created, just for them to tell me that I will get my order August 7 so I looked at the app that I have it’s showing that it’s still in transit! So I checked my tracking & says it’s running late!!!! This is a SCAM company! REFUND my MONEY!!!!!!

  11. Another Chinese scam! They probably wrote this.
    I placed an order June 9th and still a month later nothing. Only generic responses when I email them! August 22, 2020 and still never got anything! Do not order from this horrible scamming company! If you wanna try it anyway make sure you use a credit card! Not a debit card or PayPal! Because you won’t get a refund! On PayPal they say they’re a catering co. so you can’t get a refund.

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