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Minted Data Breach [June] visit, search and read

Minted Data Breach 2020

Minted Data Breach [June] visit, search and read -> This article will find information about the data breach and how you can protect yourself from it.

Are you familiar with the term Data Breach? Have you ever been the victim of a data breach? If you have no idea, this article will help you a lot in knowing everything about the data breach. It is a security incident that includes intentional or unintentional data leakage, which can harm to the person or organization whose data is disclosed. In this article, you will get to know about Minted Data Breach. 

Minted com is a postcard, announcement, and invitation designing website. This website offers personalized designs to customers for different announcements and suggestions. However, recently it was found out after a piece of news that some cyber security threat impacts minted com. 

The website has already gained a lot of popularity in the United State because the invitation and announcement made by the site is highly visible. However, many customers have complaint about the data breach, and they have shown their disappointment. 

Let’s find out more about Minted Data Breach.

What is Minted Data Breach? 

Minted com is and online postcard, announcement invitation designing website. You can get personalized designs for announcements and invitations from this website. However, according to a recent investigation on 6th May 2020, some hackers have stolen information from the company’s user account database. The data taken has affected the Identity of individuals. The hackers sold the 5 million users’ data for $2,500 on the dark web marketplace. 

The stolen information includes the name of customers and their login credentials to the Minted com account. It also consists of their email id and password. Moreover, it has been finding out that the hackers have even breached the information like telephone number, billing address, and shipping address of the customers. 

However, according to, payment, or credit card information has not been affected. Personalized information like customers’ photographs and address book information is also safe. 

How is minted com dealing with the breach? has made an investigation after the data breach, and they have found out that the affected password but not stored in plain text. However, they are suggesting the customers change their password and choose a strong password for their safety. 

They are asking the customers to choose a password, which is hard to guess. Also, given the suggestions that they should not keep the same password for all online accounts. Furthermore, they told the customers to be cautious of all unsolicited communications and never share personal information. Customers today also avoid clicking on any suspicious email, downloading suspicious attachments to prevent the problem of a data breach in the future. 


  •   Website name:
  •   Website issue: Data breach
  •   Loss of Data: 5 million users data
  •   Hackers revealed: Shiny Hunters
  •   Date of target: 6th May 2020

What are customers saying about Minted Data Breach? 

Many customers have shown their rage against the company by giving negative reviews. The customer complains that the company contacted him after five years to tell him that some hackers steal his data. Also, when the customer tries to change the password and delete his account, he did not find any option of deleting an account. 

Also, the customers have stated that they did not get much help from the company. Even, they are playing the company for minted data breach practice. Most of the customer has said that they will not buy anything from this website. 

However, some customers have understood that the company should not be blamed in this case. They are recognizing the problem and are supporting the company. Some regular customers have also praised the company for its work. It requested the company to come up with an algorithm to protect their password. 

Final Verdict

To recapitulate, the data breach is never good news, but luckily financial data of customers is safe. However, the company revealed the communication of data breach late. People were already aware of this breach before the companies notification. Also, there are several information with the company didn’t mention its announcement. the company is still unable to answer about its algorithm for protecting the password. 

However, the company has made efforts to inform customers about the data spill. Also, it has guided the customers on how to change their passwords and keep strong passwords. 

I hope you have to give a lot of information about the data breach and how to protect yourself from cybercrime. Stay safe and keep changing your password every six months. 

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