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Maumerch com Review [June] Is this Site Trustworthy?

Maumerch com Review 2020

Maumerch com Review [June] Is this Site Trustworthy? -> Read this article if you want to find out about the official merch site of a YouTuber.

If you are an avid follower of the YouTuber Mau, you may have wanted to get his official merch hoodies. Then you must check out Maumerch com.

Youtubers, bloggers, vloggers set up their official merchandise as soon as they taste moderate success. It is the only logical way to go as they have already established as a brand. This also allows for people to build a more personal connection with the Youtuber.

Maumerch com Reviewwill tell you all you need to know about the merch site that is presently selling in the United Kingdom, United States.

Will we be delving into topics such as is it worth your money? So, you know you are making a wise choice before finally putting your money on it.

What isMaumerch com?

Maumerch is the official clothing merchandise line by YouTuber who is known for his gaming videos. He recently celebrated 1 Million subscribers on YouTube and came out with the 1 million collections. There isn’t much information regarding the YouTuber available as he is new.

There is also no enough information regarding the online store. They lack an About Us section, which is always mandatory regardless of who sets up the website. The products are all black, with the name of YouTuber written in red and white.

You will find that the two clothing items are only available for two weeks, after which it will not be restocked. So, if you are a fan and looking to purchase the merchandise, you must do it quickly. There are social media pages connected to the website, which is always a good sign.

What makes Maumerch com unique?

The website has a clean and minimalistic towards its layout, as well as the design. The background color is black, and the writings are either grey or red to ensure contract and readability.

A little bit about the design- the t-shirt and the hoodie on the website is solid black with red writings. This contrast tells you that some effort was put into designing the clothing. You will also notice that the site is evident with its shipping details. They provide you with the exact number of days taken to be delivered to your country.

There is also a size chart provided to help you purchase the clothingthat will fit you perfectly. This fool-proof information makes the website unique.

Specifications of Maumerch com

  • Products- Clothing
  • Website-
  • Email- not mentioned
  • Phone number- not mentioned
  • Shipping/processing time- orders processed from Monday to Friday
  • Delivery time- 3-5 days in Australia, 7-14 days for international deliveries
  • Shipping fee- will be stated when you check out and fill address
  • Return- not mentioned
  • Refunds- not mentioned
  • Online payment- can be made via Master cards, PayPal, Visa cards, American Express, Apple pay, etc.

Pros of purchasing fromMaumerch com

  • The website will allow you to get closer your favorite YouTuber
  • They ship internationally
  • There are social media pages connected that you can contact the YouTuber on
  • The layout is soothing to look at
  • You can make swift purchases
  • Secure online payment can be made
  • The website has an SSL certificate
  • You and your details will protect from attacks by any middleman

Cons of purchasing fromMaumerch com

  • There is no phone number provided
  • There is also no email id mentioned so no way of contacting the company in case of queries
  • There is no information regarding its maker available
  • You will only see two clothing items up on the website
  • The clothing offered is costly

Customer reviews ofMaumerch com

Looking at social media, you will see that the clothing line came out about two days ago. This means that the website is new and surely lacks any customer reviews.

They also are very expensive for a basic t-shirt and sweatshirt with contrast writings. You may wonder if the website is even legit or if the YouTuber is trying to make a quick buck out of his followers.

Final Verdict-

Merchandise sites are what every YouTuber seems to be coming up with. Regardless of the trust they have built via their channels, they must ensure full details on the merch sites. The Maumerch com lacks phone numbers, email id, and even an About us section.

This incomplete information may make it difficult to get refunds or get queries answered. However, you may make purchases if you wish to but wait for reviews!

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