Matchedk Reviews [July] Spent Money On Legit Site

Matchedk Reviews

Matchedk Reviews [July] Spent Money On Legit Site -> This article will provide you with detailed information about the recently registered and built website.

 Are you planning to visit an e-shop and place an order? It would be best if you read this article before buying something from an e-shop. In this post, we will review a website that recognizes itself as an e-shop and displays varieties of products like Throw Pillows, Kid’s Wall Décor, Novelty Lighting, and Shower Curtains & Accessories.  The online research about Matchedk Reviews would be valuable to online shoppers. 

This is an e-shop website and established in the United States. The products are useful and fulfil people’s daily requirements fashionably. This e-shop offers an excellent variety of everyday use items at a reasonable price. It is also affiliated to the online buyer for a 5% commission on the product’s recommendation to other customers. 

This website is displaying Wall Arts and provides vital ranges of the designed wall. The site promises to facilitate various services to fulfil the needs and demands of the customers. 

Let’s find out more about the website and its authenticity in detail. 

What is Matchedk?

This is a very new website and displayed stylish products for home decoration and other domestic uses. The illustrations of all items are represented significantly to attract the online buyer, but additional points should be verified before buying anything from this website. 

We have identified positive reviews of this website in the concern of SSL and secure payment methods. Still, no other reports are available to show the web of trust scores positively. It may be possible due to a very recently built up website. The existence of a social media platform and other site are also not detected. It is a negative sign to put this website under the category of not secure.  

Specifications of Matchedk:

  • The nature of Website: E-shop – trading items of home decoration & other accessories. 
  • Shipping Facility: Applicable 
  • Delivery time: 3-7 Days
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Return: Applicable 
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Company Address: 12878 Pimpernel Way, San Diego, California, 92129
  • Contact Number: 16196146125
  • Email address: 
  • Payment Methods- Online Transfer

Pros of buying from Matchedk:

  • The products are very stylish and useful.
  • The images are attractive and defined well.
  • The excellent services are promised to the customers
  • The terms and conditions are not very tricky

Cons of buying from Matchedk:

  • The feedback and reviews of the customers are not found.
  • The web of trust score is below the average.
  • The refund of money does not favour to the customers.
  • The age of this website is only 15 Day.

Is Matchedk legit?

The website gives an impression prima facie as a legit and safe website, and no any sign has been detected to put this website in the category of a scam website. But we have found through online research work that this website is suspicious. This website is beautifully designed, but it lacks a lot of valuable information which is must for an eCommerce store to display. 

So, it would be better to wait a few months to place an order from this website because the age of this website is only half a month. It is a negative sign for any eCommerce store, and customers are not recommended to buy from such sites which are recently built. The various ambiguities are considered about this website and not endorse this website Legit. 

What are customers saying about Matchedk?  

This is a newly built-up website and does not exist on the social media platform to know about the customer’s point of view. In this case, you are not recommended to make purchasing from this website because your money can be at risk. 

Final Verdict:

Despite the well-designed website and high-quality products and services, we cannot recommend this website to buy any product atleast for now. the primary reason is the domain registration of the website, which is just done 15 days ago. It would be a risk, and your money is not safe as per the reviews of the trusted site because, commonly, we could not found any positive figure to recognize the legitimacy of this website. 

The WebPages of this website is maintained appropriately but ignored to mention social media platforms. The people are facing difficulties to judge this website positively despite other valid points. So, temporarily, this website cannot be considered a legit site and neither you should buy anything from it not suggest anyone else do the same. 

You can share your experience with the post in the comment section. 

0 thoughts on “Matchedk Reviews [July] Spent Money On Legit Site

  1. I paid $69 via PayPal for 2 large fans in the website. I received an order confirmation email the next day. And shipping information with tracking number the following day. Package made progress and said it was delivered by US Post Office today. Package was in mailbox and consisted of 5 cheap face masks. I am afraid I have been ripped off by this scam website.

  2. Yep big time scam. Ordered two air conditioners and received a package of masks. I guess it buys them time? Kind of unnerving that you can build and register a website to draw in and steal from people. How and why is this possible? Did I hear someone say “because of idiots like you.” First thing I noticed was no sales tax. I’ve been buying stuff for decades and have never seen the lack of sales tax. Ever. Super cheap prices and it states free shipping for every single item on their site. How many red flags do you need? We are out $150. I hope whatever they buy with it, explodes.

  3. Scam!! Unless you like face masks because thats all they send. No money back and never get the product you ordered!!

  4. Stay away! They are scammers and crooks! Same experience ordered an air conditioner received face mask! Then wanted to refund 1/3 of my money for their troubles!!!

  5. I pd for a 15,000 BTU LG air conditioner that never came. I’m disabled because I have Pancreatic Cancer and live on a fixed income. Does anybody know of a way I can get my money back? If you do please email me at Thank you.

  6. Yes, I purchased, through PayPal, a 14,000 BTU air conditioner from Matchedk. I received 10 face masks. I wrote to them telling them they were a scam and was told it was an error in the warehouse that they would ship my order again right away. I received an invalid tracking number which I called them out on and was told this package had been lost in shipping. This is all a scam.

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