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Are you looking for highly discounted products online? Your search ends here! Matastore club is the appropriate online store. Surely, before ordering the products online, it is most important to check the online reviews and also have a look at the experts. Mainly this is because there are so many fraudulent stores online which are rising each day, thus it is best to check the reviews of a particular online store first before beginning to buy.

Should I comfortably buy products from this store? Is Matastore Club a legit store? There are numerous questions which can come in your mind and we hope to answer with our unbiased reviews of this online store. Reviews depicts lots of pros of the site.

As per the trends, this site is in high demand in the United States and is also receiving a huge positive response from the buyers there.

Surely, due to the high risk of fraudulent online sites, buyers are getting keener before choosing a product online. Unless the buyer is not convinced, there is no buying. With the advent of busy life, online shopping is more popular and handy. However from where to buy and where not is a question which raises various eyebrows. It is necessary to briefly go through the particular site, know its whereabouts and then proceed further. Thus we have got you an unbiased detail of this site and then surely you are free to make a decision to go for this or not. It has all the thick and thin details without hesitating to highlight its darker sides too. So here it goes!

What is is an online store which sells electric bicycles, car seats, portable generators, electronics etc at an extremely discounted rate.

The images on the homepages with extremely reasonable discounts sound incredible. But before diving into the website, don’t be in a hurry.

The online site is too good that you can be sceptical about it. There are various questions which may come in your mind, for instance, is genuine? Is this store trustworthy? How one can be assured about this site?

What makes unique? is offering discounts at every product, which is quite an eye catchy. The best part of this website is its free shipping facilities for products over $100. We shall now go through its positive and negative points as well. Also go through its specifications, before making up the mind to shop on this site.

Specifications of

  • Website:
  • Address-2965 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, DC 20005, United States
  • Email:
  • Shipping: Free shipping facilities available for the products over $100.
  • Delivery Time Period: The delivery of the product is done in 8-16 days.

How does Matastore Online Store function? offers all its products at huge discounts. The main platform for this online store is Facebook. The store provides free shipping facilities and also the delivery of the product is done in 8-16 days. Before you are totally sure about this website and wish to buy goods, also go through the review.

Pros of

  • It is a totally secured site. The first thing that comes in mind of the buyer is security. 
  • There are various questions which arise in mind. Is the online store secured? The website allows the use of the credit cards on its portal which is vulnerable to hacking. 
  • Also, it is SSL Certificate. Thus due to this, it simplifies that your credit card details are totally safe.

Cons of

  • Lack of Transparency: The biggest disadvantage of this site is that it’s quite new (one month old) and still it does not have its owners visible. This surely raises a lot of questions in a buyer’s mind. So should immediately highlight their owners.
  • Fake address: The address provided by its store is not as genuine as it’s been used by many other stores.
  • Lack of Review Column: This store has no review section; thereby buyers cannot even check the prior experience of the buyers.

Final Verdict

Looking at the lack of transparency in the product, there is little unsurely about this site. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been an increase in various fraudulent online stores. Buyers keep falling prey to various stores which comes out to be fraud later. However, since there have been no such complaints about this site, one after going through this site thoroughly can go ahead with the buying.

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    1. I went on google to find a massage table because I’m a lash technician and this website popped up. I looked through all of their inventory before purchasing because I was just a little skeptical due to such low prices . Long story short I purchased the table for $63.49 and the merchant sent me a paypal receipt and all. Only to find out 3 days later that it was all a scam. I’m so disappointed and now due to covid 19 I can’t even reach paypal. Smh

  1. Do NOT order from [which appears to be shut down now] or a seller with the email address: I ordered a freezer chest and tried contacting the seller but still haven’t gotten a response. All I have is the PayPal receipt. It looks like I’m going to have to dispute the charge with my card, as I am unable to login to my Paypal account even after contacting PayPal support because the phone number is incorrect.

  2. Total fraud. Order a Schwinn bike. Got a plastic whistle in the mail. Of course, this doesn’t matter because the site is now down.

  3. no compren nada es esta mierda pagina es una estafa. buscaba un bote de pedal y estaba barato, definitivo lo barato sale caro. Y ahora quiero entrar a la pagina y me sale error… NO COMPREN NADA AQUIIIII…..

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