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Magetas com Reviews – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Magetas com Reviews 2020

Magetas com Reviews – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store selling custom products.

Do you love to express yourself through custom products? Check out Magetas

A new website,, has recently stepped into the online arena. But since it’s newly launched, we couldn’t find Magetas com Reviews online. Hence, we decided to discover more about it.

During the last five years or so, online platforms selling custom-made and trendy products have gained a vast market. They cater to the specific interests of the customers in affordable and innovative ways.

The personalized touch of these products sets them apart from average products. They also make the buyers feel that they are exclusively served. Therefore, we see a gradual rise in the number of such stores. is one such site offering custom products that have been launched in the United State.

But before you think of trying out something from their site, read further to know is magentas com legit or not.

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Is Magetas legit? 

This website has just entered the online market. Thus, it becomes essential for you to be careful while buying anything from here. The site does not have an ‘About us’ page that enables us to know about the service that they offer.

Many categories on the homepage like toys, home, and garden, accessories, fashion, etc. do not show any products. Likewise, another set of product categories on the same page like glasses, jewelry, décor, etc. also do not display any products.

Their social media links are not functional. Although the site has several blog posts, they are more related to general topics rather than their products. The site does offer a newsletter subscription about their products.

The site has detailed information on how they use your data and the steps they take to protect it. It also claims that it complies with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). Hence, it does not violate any copyright guidelines.

What is Magetas?

Magetas is an online shopping website that offers stylish, customizable products. They range from modern outdoor equipment, multifunctional indoor tools, ultra-modern electronic and fitness gadgets, etc. 

The items provided by magetas are suited to everyday use and can also be utilized for occasions. Most of the products use quality and weather-resistant materials. They also are travel friendly and lightweight. Read the specifications below to get a better idea about


  • Website type: Online store offering custom products. 
  • Email: support@magetas.comShipping time: 7-14 business days
  • Delivery time: 5-10 business days
  • Exchange: Applicable by sending an email to
  • Return: Applicable within one day of placing the order.
  • Shipping charge: Base cost shipping rate $14.99
  • Refund: Applicable if the returned item is approved.
  • Cancellation of order: Applicable within one day of placing the order.
  • Contact number: 410-252-2230
  • Mode of payment: Visa Card, MasterCard, Amex Card, Discover Card, PayPal

Pros of buying from Magetas

  • It offers a wide range of custom made products.
  • Products are made from high quality and weather-resistant material.
  • The site offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 24-hour customer service available.
  • Variety of payment options available.
  • Tracking is available on all products.
  • There is free shipping on orders above $ 70 in the US.

Cons of buying from Magetas

  • COD not available.
  • Order cannot be canceled after 24-hours of placing it.
  • Shipping costs are not refundable in case the product returns.
  • Many categories of products don’t show any items.
  • Site’s social media links don’t open.

What people are saying about Magetas?

Magetas is a very new site. Consequently, there are no customer reviews available. However, this should not discourage you from thinking about trying out their items. Their blog posts, though not directly related to their products, do have a couple of positive comments regarding their products. If you do purchase anything from, make sure to tell us.

Final verdict

In conclusion, we can say that although new, magetas offers a wide range of new daily use products. But in the absence of any customer reviews, you should remain cautious while navigating this site. The site has SSL protection; thus, your data is safe. 

Detailed information regarding delivery, shipping, refunds, etc. of the products is on their site. Further queries about the same concerns are available on their FAQ page. We suggest you remain cautious while exploring this website.

But if you have ever bought anything from this site or have had any experiences then do comment below and share your feedback. We would appreciate it. 

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  1. I ordered a product using PayPal, got confirmation from PayPal the transaction went thru, but did not get any from Magetas.
    I emailed them and the email address was wrong.
    the phone number listed does not exist.

  2. This is a scam website. When you go to check out things are in the cart and then you get a bill from somewhere name Hefei Yilai Trade Co., Ltd which was never there. Uo cannot contact them etc. Do not use this website

  3. My son found a tv on here asked me for it I had just got off work and I’m a single working mom I work from paycheck to paycheck trying to get our own house since my sister was nice enough to take us in since I was in an abusive marriage. And I let him get a cheap tv well I guess I learned another lesson. No wonder I don’t have trust in anyone or anything

  4. TOTAL CHINESE SCAM WEBSITE using PAYPAL to get paid; never confirms your order by email; never sends tracking; when you click on “my account” which you have to create to make an order, it recites “NO ORDERS MADE, NO ORDERS PENDING< even though PAYPAL sent them MONEY for your order; sent 4 emails to NO RESPONSE! telephone number disconnected; filed a dispute with PAYPAL which is PENDING.

  5. I ordered Jonathan Green Ultra grass seed, 25 lb bag on Magetas, so called online store and the merchant name was Hefei Yilai Trade Co., Ltd. Per USPS tracking number provided it was delivered to Sebyville, Delaware 4 days ago, but I live in Maryland. I contacted PayPal, so far no one responded and disputed the charge on my credit card because the item was never delivered to me and the merchant did not respond to my requests. It’s a total scam, so please don’t buy any products from this merchant and

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