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Luluwe Reviews (Oct 2020) Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Luluwe Reviews 2020

Luluwe Reviews (Oct 2020) Is This Authentic Or A Scam? >> This article will help in exploring a website that deals with women’s clothing. Please go through the details now.

Luluwe Reviews: These days, fashion is promoted by fashion magazines and the internet. Furthermore, the internet is the most convenient promotion method due to the youngsters’ wide use of social media. For girls and women, fashion is not only used to symbolized culture or spirituality; it is also used as a sign of liberty. Also, fashion is an expression of their personality, faith, and identity.

Here we come up with an online store that deals with fashionable casual items of clothing for girls and women.

Nowadays, the wide use of the internet in pandemic makes online shopping websites as the best way to shop inside the United States. Every customer’s favorite option is to do shopping online because of the doorstep delivery and refund policies of the websites.

On the contrary, these online stores have many reliable options and discount options for customers, but they are not available every time. That’s why customers need to examine the website well through this review.

A Few Lines for

It is an online store that deals with girls’ and women’s fashion for clothing and accessories. Further, it includes the products like Jackets, Casual Coat, Printed Hoods, Cardigans, Jeans, Shoes, Earrings, Bags, Sweater, Dresses, and Fashionable Printed Masks.

All products are at reasonable prices, and extra discount is available of dollars 12, 15, 20, 30, and 45 on the shopping above 75, 90, 110, 150, and 200 dollars respectively.

Do you want to know about it? Let us get through these Luluwe Reviews for more information.

Details about

  • URL: The official link to this website is
  • Products: An extensive range of girls’ clothing is available on the website, including ethnic wears. Also, fashionable matching masks for clothing is available on the website. The products are jumpsuits, printed fashion styles, dresses in various prints like Leopard and Mickey style, Sweaters, Tops, Bottoms, and Shoes.
  • Size and Fits Guide: Size and fits guide is available in the product description to purchase accurate fitted sizes.
  • Product description: Product description of every product is available. It contains the information for fabric quality, printed pattern style, and other details.
  • Customer service: This website contact with customers through the Email and Contact Number. The contact number and Email address is 530-428-6108 and respectively.
  • Physical Address: The website mentions their physical address as 14255 Don Julian Rd, City of Industry, CA, 917446.
  • Return Policy: This website mentions the return policy of seven days from the date of receiving. Return available on receiving of faulty and damaged products.
  • Shipping: All products delivered to the doorstep, and generally, it takes up to 8 to 15 business days’ time inside the United States.
  • Social media: The website has its social media accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to promote the product.
  • Newsletter: Customers can subscribe to the newsletter subscription for new season sales, arrivals, and discount codes.
  • Payment Methods: The website accepts payment through a PayPal account.

Positive Aspects of shopping from

  • There is no need to visit shops for shopping for the desired product.
  • The products are available at affordable prices.
  • Discount is available upto 45 dollars on shopping above 200 dollars.
  • The return and refund policy is mentioned on the website. There is no worry about receiving faulty products.
  • The site is secured with HTTPS and Integrated with SSL. It secures your payment information.

Negative Aspects of shopping from

  • Misguided physical address mentioned on the website. A few other scam websites use this address.
  • Few other dubious websites also use the same contact number as this website.
  • Luluwe Reviews in the product description is not available.
  • The reviews for products and services available on the internet are negative.

What do customers think?

After examining the website through Luluwe Reviews, we get to know that website is new and do not gain so much popularity among the users.

A few reviews are found on the internet, and they all are negative. Few customers have complaints that they do not receive any product after waiting for 40 days and have not got their money refunded.

What do we conclude?

After analyzing the website through Luluwe Reviews, we get to know that website is three months old. It also has significant drawbacks like misguided information of address and contact number. It creates the dubious effect among customers.

Further, negative reviews of customers for no deliveries and no refunds are available on the internet. Therefore, we do not recommend this website for online shopping as it may be a scam.

If there is any further query related to this website, please do contact us through the comments section.

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  1. Buyer beware! This is a Chinese Company not Canadian. I ordered a large order and one month later was send shipping notification from China. I paid for 5-7 business day shipping. I tried to cancel and was told I could not

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