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Lroka Reviews [June] Read Truth About This Site

Lroka Reviews 2020

Lroka Reviews [June] Read Truth About This Site -> It is an online website from where you can buy superior clothes at the lowest price.

Are you a workout freak? Then, you must be in a search for super comfortable and breathable sportswear. With an increasing demand for the workout routine of people, the need for trendy outfits also increased. Now people love to explore different clothes in United State. And buy them as per their occasion. is such a website where you can easily buy the best quality sports gear at an affordable range. Gone are the days when your outfit was restricted to few options. Here, we are providing you with some Lroka Reviews for your convenience. 

Nowadays, women have an ample variety of clothes that they can wear according to their occasion. Now women are using particular types of clothes for playing games and many other sports. The website does not only have a premium range of dresses for women but also men. 

What does sell? is an online company where you can buy sports gear and other equipment easily.

Products like shorts, tights, t-shirts, water bottles, and many other things can be purchased from here. 

List down the specifications of

  • Website Name:
  • Contact Number: (518) 878-3425
  • Office Address: 4170 Admiralty Way #339, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 United States
  • Return Policy: You will get 60 days to return the product
  • Exchange Policy: You will get 15 days to return the product
  • Shipping Policy: It will take 2-3 days to return the product

Mention the pros of

Here, we are mentioning a few of the pros of the company:

  • The company targets only in the category of sports equipment. 
  • The fabric quality is excellent and everlasting.
  • There are a lot of customers who have posted positive reviews on the website.
  • The website has a very friendly user platform, where even a first-time buyer will not face any issue while buying the product. 

Mention the cons of

Here, we are providing you a few of the cons of the company:

  • The company has recently taken the domain name. 
  • Even some of the users recommend staying away from the website. 
  • The company does not accept cash on delivery payment. 

How to place an order on

It is effortless and quick to place the order on Iroka. Just visit the homepage of the website, look for the article you want to buy. You will also get the option to add more products to the cart. If you’re going to purchase and proceed for its payment, read all the terms and conditions properly before buying it. And see these clothes are machine washable or not. As it somewhere reduces your work. 

What customer has to say about

As per the review, the customers are not at all satisfied with the product quality. They said that they did not like the product at all. The condition which the customer received was not according to the price they paid for it. So, they are recommending all users to search for other platforms with almost a decade of experience in the product category. 

Is a legit website?

We are not sure whether is a legit website or not. The company has not promoted itself on the social media platform. The site only accepts Paypal’s payment, and it does not accept payment from a credit card or debit card. The website does not have an SSL certification, and it lacks proper documentation, which gives the website the authentic look. You will not be able to see the company owner’s name on the site, which is again a major drawback for all the users. You can consult this website from your family and friends, and it will help you to make our final decision. 


The company has included both men and women’s clothes into one category. The company has fake shipping and return addresses. Also, the cost of the products are much lower than the market price. That again creates doubt in our mind if the company is genuine or not. We suggest you know every aspect of the company, before investing your money into it as we do not want them to fall in the pitfall. So check every panel of the website before putting your money into it. 

You can also share your experience with us if you have ordered the product from this website as it will help people to know more about the company. 

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  1. I just bought a womens cruiser bike for a hundred dollars, thought it was the greatest deal . As soon as the order went thru I checked my email for order details. I got some details with a confirmation number but important details and their address was all in Chinese. I dont speak or write Chinese so I dont understand any of it. So now I’m trying to find my order or if I just threw a hundred dollars away. Money doesnt come easy for me, I have to work hard for my money. I really hope they’re legit.

  2. I have made a mistake in typing my email when I place my order with you please correct that. My email is moongazer56@hotmail .com I ordered a tailgater combo grill I want to know when I will receive it.

  3. Terrible, I try to call the number about my purchase and the phone number provided doesnt work. So I have no clue when or if I’m gunna get the items I purchased

  4. I also oedered 2 bicycles from these fucking crooks (like Lucy G) and NEVER recieved a confirmation nor my bikes!! Like others have written, the phone number is fake and I’ve had to file a dispute with PayPal. These online scammers need to be drawn and quartered!! I’m sick of the Chinese/Nigerian and all the other countries that facilitate scams. DEATH TO THE ALL!!

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