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Loveshes Reviews [April] Buying Here Is Good or Not?

Loveshes Reviews [March] Buying Here Is Good or Not

Loveshes Reviews [April] Buying Here Is Good or Not? -> The post talks about a new fashion website and if it’scam or selling clothing that is worth your money!

This post is all about Loveshes Reviews. The brand has seen popularity among women in the United States

If you are reading this post, then you are also an eager fashion enthusiast! Clothing has been an essential part of our lives, and today everything is online—even the purchase of fashionable apparel. 

Read the full review to understand is loveshes com scam or legit. It will Dwell deep to help you make a conscious purchase. 

What is 

It is an online shopping site that majorly has women-centric tribal and bohemian-inspired clothing. Apart from apparel, the brand also offers accessories such as earrings, eccentric silver neckpieces, printed shawls, and kaftans, as well as vintage belt bags that can be detached. You will also find boots and other shoes available on the site. is a little confusing to understand. Mapping your way around it may be difficult as it is a jumble of products. Although the variety offered isn’t vast, it is interesting enough to look at twice. 

A women’ s vintage tie and dye skirt with a laced hem is sure to catch your eye. It is available in 4 variants at a discounted price of $24, was previously $49.99. A 50% discount! Woah. 

What kind of clothing is available on Beyondking clothing? 

The items offered by Loveshes online clothing shopping site are as follows. 

  • Dresses- the dresses offered are mostly ill-fitted kaftan style dresses along with a couple of long-sleeved and a-symmetric dresses. The colors offered are earthy and stick close to the bohemian vibe they wish to portray. 
  • Tops- this section consists of mostly fitted hoodies or crop tops that are a mix of tie and dye and prints. The prints on the tops seem to be either space or geometric mandala inspired. For example- a black and green tie and dye hoodie have a beautiful mandala printed on it; you are sure to love this 100% cotton hoodie. 
  • Their pants section consists of again either tie and dye or patchwork pants. They are sticking true to their bohemian vibe.
  • They have a best-selling section. It will show you what people majorly buy from The women’s tribal-inspired ring style earrings in this section will surely catch you eye. 
  • The last section is their accessories section. They sell earrings, pendants, tattoos, bags, and even shoes. The earrings in their accessories part are worth looking at it. 

Is Loveshes com scam or legit? 

This is the most asked about a question regarding this website! So, let’s answer, “is loveshes com scam or legit?”

  1. The website offers you the security of communication encryption using SSL! This will ensure that all the data regarding credit card details etc. will be protected. 
  2. The products have clear descriptions, along with clear images! These images ensure you can thoroughly examine the product before making a purchase. 
  3. Albeit small, but they do maintain a social media presence on Facebook. A social media handle proves the validity of a brand in today’s day and age. 
  4. You can easily reach out to them via mail and ask them for a tracking number for the product you have purchased. 

Cons of purchasing from Loveshes com

Here are some of the drawbacks for purchasing from loveshes com

  • There is no contact number provided in the “Contact Us” section. 
  • The website also lacks a return address. 
  • The images on the home page look blurred. It seems like the makers of the site put in no effort when making it. 
  • There is no proper segregation of the product categories. You will find skirts in the same section as dresses! 

Customer reviews of loveshes online clothing store

There are currently no reviews available on this site online or on its website. However, on their Facebook page, a person must commend “It is a scam” with a meme.

You can breathe a sigh of relief as loveshes clothing offers its customers a money-back guarantee. It will help all who are unsatisfied with the purchase to make a hasty return.

If you have purchased from loveshes before, then don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below! 

Final Verdict- 

Purchasing online is a gamble! Just because the website has a new review, that does not mean that it is a scam! Your opinion of the site must be based on your personal experience. Hence, if something catches your eye on, then you must purchase.


    1. Thank you for posting Jennifer please update if you receive your items, I really want to purchase but cannot take a chance right now if it is not legit

      1. I ordered my stuff on the 15th April. Still awaiting my order. And you have taken payment for this

    2. I haven’t received my order either but they do have a disclaimer that processing orders can take any where from 3 days to 3 weeks to ship, due to amount of orders to fill. I am worried but I will give them 3 weeks and then I am taking my money back.

    3. Your article is an “opinion”
      “Final Verdict- Just because the website has a new review, that does not mean that it is a scam!”
      “Your opinion of the site must be based on your personal experience. Hence, if something catches your eye on, then you must purchase. ”

      An opinion is what you wrote. A truth is that this company is a fucking scam. That’s fact!

  1. I’m waiting for my items to ship. I keep getting a default message when I try to track the package. I’m worried I’m getting scammed. I’ll see if they email me back.

  2. I’ve just received three items from them. None of them are the items shown on their site, they are a cheap copy of items shown, don’t waste your money.

  3. The email address they have listed with PayPal is fake. They refused to refund my money even though I cancelled an hour after placing my purchase. I ordered on April 8th and have heard nothing from them.

  4. it looks like “the new chic” another online clothing site that keeps advertising. They post lovely items and they did arrive to me but they were just printed copies of the real ones!! For example , instead of a nice knitted scarf I received a piece of poliester fabric with the design of a knitted scarf printed very badly on it!!! Total crap and scam. Value of the scarf $1 and I payd like 20.$. Forget them.

  5. Scam. As someone else wrote above.
    Same situation, arrived after 3 weeks, but doesn’t look like the top I ordered. Different colour, style, design, cheap print and cheap fabric. Only the size was right. No label, no name, just a tiny “made in China” piece of paper attached somewhere inside . Looks like they are using someone else’s photos to get the orders coming. Avoid.

  6. I waited and waited, and still no update on shipment. The phone number was a fake, the outgoing message saying “….if this is an emergency, dial 911….” I got an auto reply when emailing, asking where the heck is my order. I disputed the charges with my cc company, and they, the cc company, returned the charges. Yup, scammaroo!! Scamalamadingdong! Beware!!!

  7. My credit card was charged. Two months later, I have not received the clothing I ordered. I have contacted them twice and they just blow me off. The link to my order doesn’t even work anymore! This company is a scam.

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