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Looplunex com Reviews [June] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

Looplunex com Reviews 

Looplunex com Reviews [June] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam -> The review is done for assessing the legitimacy of a recently developed custom goods website.

Give and take is the fact of life. For meeting the daily needs of a common man, various items are available in the market. This era of marketing, the product is fast being covered by E-shops selling products via internet method. For a few specific details, the recently available shop is Looplunex com Reviews is for assessing the authenticity of the shop as well as assessing the legitimacy of the website. 

Article Looplunex Reviews is for describing the facts for assessing the website. The reason for reviewing the website is to boost your knowledge of the points used to evaluate the website. One of the leading causes of evaluation is that many types of sites are being designed in the United States every moment.

What is

E-shop is selling a few of the items of a common man need. Each is of different types and variety. The purpose of the website is clear, and that is selling the products via e-shop style. However, we must also know other facts to prove its genuineness like coverage, currency, objectivity, accuracy, and authority. To widen your knowledge on these topics, do place your attention on each fact.

The website is not promoting advertisement; hence we are assured that its owner is clear about its objective. The domain is also a conventional and high standard domain; thus, we are assured of the owner’s presence. It is acting as an e-shop of goods of specific design as per the need of the customer. All the required information is available on the website; hence its coverage is also good.

Check out more details about the website below. 

Specifications of

  • Type: Online shop for specific items of regular use like desk lamps.LED bulbs etc.
  • Name of the Company: The name of the company is not available.
  • Address of the company: 218 E 10Th, Wewoka, Oklahoma, 74884
  • Product processing time; Not Included
  • Shipping information: In United States via courier services.
  • Return Policy: The approach for returning the product is available.
  • Refund; Detail policy is made for a refund with specific conditions.
  • Payment Modes: An account needs to be created with the company. No other approach is mentioned.
  • Website ID:
  • Telephone Number: +16233234351
  • Contact Email ID:

Pros of buying products from

  • The company is individually selling on line specific types of items of wide verities, including hardware.
  • Good policies exist for Return/Refund.
  • The design of the website is covering all the chapters needed to prove its genuineness.

Cons of buying products from

  • There is no provision for the testimony of the users
  • Social media feedback provision is not available on the website.
  • Website is recently launched; hence customer reviews are also not available on the internet.
  • Products are available in the United States only.   
  • As per Google map review, this address is of a house.

Is website Legit or Scam

Detail study reveals the legitimacy of the website. For the website, the designer has taken care of the majority of parameters for the legality of the site. But this era is of social media hence provision should have been made for linking it with social media also.

Keeping in view the fundamental limiting factors like the website is recently launched this year only, customer review is not available, and the site is outside the preview of social media. Hence risk may not be taken as declaring the site as legit.

What are customers saying about the legitimacy of the

The website is recently launched, and no provision is made of the testimony of the customer. The site is not projecting any feedback received so far.

No linking with social media is also a cause of no reviews of customers.

Based on one study of other websites, it is found that the company is in a house in the US, and many products are of China also. A few online users have also claimed that this website is a scam. 

Final Verdict

The website is recently registered, and there is no provision for updating the website, and the link of any type is also not given; it proves that the site is very recent.

The website is very well designed and taking care of all the areas needed for taking care of the customer. But because of recent launching and some negative reviews of the website, it cannot be claimed as legit so far.

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  1. This site is a scam. I ordered a treadmill and received disposable face masks instead. I tried calling the phone number posted on the website, my receipt and in my emailed confirmation, it’s not a working number-go figure. I have tried emailing my issue to customer service email provided, still no response. I filled out their contact us email within the site, no response. And I’ve filled out their return item form, no response. I will be discussing this issue with an attorney. But from the look of it, this is a scam site.

  2. Priscilla, you are not alone. The same thing happened to me today. I was expecting a treadmill and got facemasks! I filed a complaint with PayPal and plan to file with BBB

  3. Hi I’d just like to confirm this website is 100% a scam. I ordered a supposed treadmill for $69.99 and some small package was delivered to me. It was definitely not a treadmill, I dont know what it was I saw it and immediately wrote return to seller and put it in the mail. Now I’ve filed a dispute with ridiculous that they even have to review the case…I sent a lot of evidence providing factual informationPayPal since I paid through them, and it’s ridiculous they have to review ANYTHING. It was obviously a scam do not ever place an order with these fraudeulent humans.

  4. I also went through this same exact thing. This website/business is a complete scam and needs to be investigated and shut down. Please do not order off this website or else you will be scammed and will not receive you’re order.

  5. Has PayPal resolved your problem with Looplunex? I also purchased from them and received masks. If PayPal is aware of their scam why are they letting them continue to do business using PayPal? They should shut them down.

  6. I had the same issue with this company. I order a fan bike and get a face mask. Paypal didn’t resolve my issue. BBB complain submitted but haven’t heard from them. Police report filed but they said is a civil matter. Is so frustrating.

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