Lifepigment Reviews {Feb 2021} Is This A Scam Or Not?


Lifepigment Reviews {Feb 2021} Is This A Scam Or Not? >> You wish to shop gadgets and accessories read about the reviews here for Lifepigment website.

Do you wish to know regarding the website that supplies almost all range of products? Do you want to get the products quickly delivered at your place? Well, this can be done quickly through the website.

Lifepigment Reviews helps in knowing about the available products through the site and even the technologies they use.

We know that online shopping has become very common nowadays due to accessibility, but customers need fast delivery and reasonable prices. The users can find a wide range of innovative products, and the customers do not even need to spend hours searching for the product they want.

The customers of the United States and Canada can easily shop for these products and even enjoy several benefits and offers that are available on the site.

But before the customers decide to shop products from the site, they need to be aware of the Lifepigment Scam and is it safe to purchase products from the site.

What is Lifepigment?

The Lifepigment is a website that offers the coolest gadgets and accessories to its customers all in one place. The website uses innovative chemistry and modern designs that help improve the website’s standards. 

The different products available on the website are batteries, phone accessories, glass, electronics, next-generation toys, and much more.

The customers can trust the teams of experts who help stay the company a step ahead of the other competitors. The developers of the website help to provide the company with cutting edge technology and also bring awesomeness worldwide.

The customers of the United States and Canada can quickly get access to cool and innovative products.

What is so unique about Lifepigment?

Lifepigment Reviews tells that the website is developed using high-level technologies and showcases products that are very important for customers. The web store’s goal is to reach more and more people and provide the best quality products at minimum prices.

The company also does not engage with any agents, and the products are directly dispatched from the in house departments.

The website also offers the highest level of security for online transactions, and it also uses SSL technology for it.

According to the Lifepigment Reviews, we see that there is a well-trained team for customer care support that provides timely delivery and quick responses to the customers.


  • Product: Gadgets, accessories, batteries, and much more. 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address: 19H Maxgrand Plaza, No.3 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, KowloonHongKong
  • Contact: Not given
  • Domain age: 1 year 4  months and few days
  • Delivery: Not mentioned
  • Shipping: 6.95$
  • Returns: Within ten days
  • Refunds: 3-5 days
  • Payments: Amex, Pay, Visa

Pros of shopping from Lifepigment:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Reasonable prices
  • High-quality gadgets
  • High-level technologies used

Cons of shopping from Lifepigment:

  • No reviews on the internet
  • Contact details not mentioned
  • No social presence as per Lifepigment Reviews

Is Lifepigment legit?

We see that the site is active since 2019, which means it is one year old. But we also know that the users must do a bit of their research as well.

Also, it is for the users to go through the reviews before shopping for products online. The site that sells gadgets needs to have good customer feedback so that the customers can trust it.

Customer feedback on Lifepigment:

We have researched regarding the site to help out the customers. We get to know that the site claims to sell a vast collection of products, but there are no Lifepigment Reviews as such on the internet.

Along with this, we do not find the presence of the site on the internet as well. So it is essential for the customers that they choose sites which have good ratings.

It claims to sell high-quality products, but since we do not have any trustworthy reviews, we cannot trust the site, and might be the product never gets delivered.

Also, to trust the site, the customers need good reviews and trustworthy content. As we do not find any of this, we are not so sure about the website.

Final verdict:

We find that the site does not have a very high trust index but manages to score 60%. So we cannot regard it directly to be a Lifepigment Scam.

But we would suggest the user’s research on their own before they shop products from it, as they can end up losing money, as we don’t trust the site.Also, do mention your comments regarding the content we provide. We hope our information is helpful to you.

9 thoughts on “Lifepigment Reviews {Feb 2021} Is This A Scam Or Not?

  1. I believe it is a scam. I ordered Christmas gift bags on 11/18, they charged me on 11/19. I cannot not reach them by message, email and cannot get a phone number. My bill was $41.94…..something is amiss. I send what I believe to be a good email. It does not go through or they will request other things I do not have .

  2. I have also ordered from them and spent over $85! I have yet to receive it and they do not respond to any of my emails! There is no phone number, and using their tracking number, the items I purchased are not found. So frustrating that Facebook allows this fake company on their site!!!

  3. I ordered an item on November 8 2020 and have not received it yet now it’s December 25 I have tracking number but nothing as yet!!

  4. I ordered from this company. Never received my order. Have emailed them twice and still have no answer. Do not order from them!

  5. I also orders two different products and have never gotten them. The updates state they were picked up by canada post but canada post doesnt have them. It says they are at my home town postal depo but they are not scanned here. Im out over 150$ shitty place and nothing i can do about it

  6. I ordered November 29th and have received no other confirmation for my order. I payed through PayPal but there is no legitimate way to see tracking or who they use to deliver. Pretty frustrated.

  7. I ordered November 26th. My credit card was charged & I received a confirmation email with a tracking number. The tracking number does not exist and I’ve had no reply to my 3 emails. I will now be warning people on social media that this is a scam and to not waste their money.

  8. This company is a complete scam. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM LIFEPIGMENT. I have discovered that the never arrived items I ordered from their website are all available half-priced on Amazon! and I can receive most of them the next day since most of them are eligible for Premium! I was dumb to follow their Facebook ads without even checking if they’re legit or not before ordering from their website. Urgh, I feel tired of all this now!

  9. This company make fool of customer, i paid money with box to contain the product as shown on their website, bit at the end, i got only necklase without box in small plastic bag. Very bad service as charge extra to customer and paid something wrong at address. No need to give suggestion to use this service.
    Never go for this website and company. 🤯🤯

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