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Lelafall Reviews {April} – Is This Another Scam Store?

Lelafall Reviews

Lelafall Reviews {April} – Is This Another Scam Store? >> Well, your doubt is obvious in today’s scenario. If you love to be alert about scams then you must practice a habit of reading reviews before placing any online order!

Several websites are fake, copied, and not legit, nowadays scammers are impersonating the original site. People are getting confused about which site is legit like people are confused, wheather is Lelafall com scam? There is a website name Lelafall comwhere people are not sure about the website because it resembles one legit site. So, it makes a threat among online users and causes them to think whether the website is legit or not?

We came across many articles related to Lelafall Reviews, and all are confusing despite in this article, you will get the exact information and clarity about the post. Scammers are now trying and putting their effort into fooling people and doing fraud with them. So it is advised that not to encourage any website which you found suspicious and must immediately report about this. 

You can also find out about the legitimacy of the website by checking its domain server name, its customer reviews, the site looks, and addresses detail. Most of the time, a fake website will hide either their address or keep the price of the products unrealistic. 

The most common way to recognize any fake website is by its product image and models. The phoney website used images from other websites or impersonate the full website details. They copy the return policies, shipping policies, and exchange policies. By knowing all these points, you can become aware of yourself and others about any suspicious websites.

What is

It is a Chinese website that sells products for women. They have tops, jeans, jumpsuits, and jewellery. One-piece, long dress, and sleeveless tops are the few of the highlights of the website. They also have jewellery products like pendant, earrings, bracelets, and chains; all are at affordable prices.

The website is giving up to 70% discount on women’s fashion; they have a wide range of tops and jeans, which is available in a different size, colour, and design. But one of the main things is that this site is a Chinese site, and it is copied from one legit website, which is an online fashion store for women. That website is quite famous in the United States.

In, the price of the product and the price kept on the original website is having vast differences. It shows that the site is suspicious and not legit. Trust index of the website is low; the website is giving seven days to return the product if you don’t find it useful, which should be in its original condition. 

The company is not giving cash on the delivery option; you can only purchase a product on a credit basis. 

One of the significant point to be noted is that this website is having some information like name, address of the site despite the contact number as in the original website. 

Feature and Benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • Having a wide range of fashion products for women
  • Having jewellery like earrings, nose rings, rings, pendants, chain, and bracelets at a low price.
  • They have seven days return policy where you can return the product if it does not suit you.
  • You can get up to 70% discount on variable products
  • Designer tops and jeans are available to eat low price
  • Lelafall is secured with SSL encryption

Cons of

  • The website is a copy of one legit website; it seems that they copy the full website
  • The price range of the product is unrealistic 
  • The address is not accurate and complete
  • Few customers have a complaint that they lost their money from this website; company never deliver their products
  • They don’t have a social media account, making social media page is not difficult but is at least gives a chance to comment on their reviews on the website.
  • External links of the website are low

Exchange and Return Policy

  • Company will not accept the product if the customer returns it after seven days
  • The company will accept the return of the product, but it should be sent within seven days and in its original condition.
  • Used, stain or odour clothes will not be accepted
  • Shipment of the delivery will take at least 3 to 4 days
  • The refund amount will be transferred via PayPal so that customer can keep track of that with their bank.


We found the low on trust index, according to the Lelafall Reviewsthe customers have reported it a scam and not trustworthy. The facts provided to you in this article to aware of online buyers. But the final call is yours.

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