Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds {Sep} Listen Podcast On Laura!

Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds

Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds {Sep} Listen Podcast On Laura! >> If you are willing to listen to podcast episode, full of friction, thrill, & violence, read this.

In the United States, many writers give stories for web series. Casefile is also a show that has many episodes in it. In this review, you will know about an outbreak of casefile that is the most important one.

Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds’ is one of the most crucial episodes of the casefile podcast until now. To know the details of the attack, read the entire review about this podcast.  The writer of this podcast is Erin Munro, and the director is Mili Raso. The duration of the podcast is an hour and eighteen minutes.

In the podcast, Donna Fletcher asks Laura to go with her in the manager cabin, and she locks him there and tells her that the policemen is accusing her of robbing one of the Mcdonalds customers. Donna said that Laura can’t do any such thing and that she is very responsible. Read the further details below. 

What is the podcast?

Laura recently was involved in her 18th birthday celebration, and she is a very well-behaved student of the final year at her university. Laura wants to help her mother financially, and thus she is working part-time in a fast-food cafe that is Mcdonalds in the United States.

Laura is a photographer and keeps on taking courses to improve her skills, but her ultimate aim is to study. On 4th April, late in the evening, she was all set to leave for her home, and her manager asked her to stay late at work and thought she would be able to earn some extra money, so she stayed at the cafe till late.

The theme of the podcast:

The podcast Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds’ is on the crime scenes and is by Erin Munro, but the narrator is an anonymous person. It is a real story, and the crime scene is entire that also includes sexual violence. It revolves around Laura and her accusation about robbing one of the customers at the food cafe.

Sponsors of the podcast:

The list of sponsors of ‘Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds’ is as follows:

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Apps compatible to listen to podcast:

You can listen to the podcast ‘Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds’ on the following applications: Amazon Music, Spotify, RSS, Google podcasts, Deezer, CastBox, iHeart, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, and Radio Public. 


Casefile is very famous for all its podcasts and has won many awards until now. The podcasts are very renowned and include friction, crime, violence, intimacy, and thrill. The podcasts are usually of an hour, and the writer is the same.  

We recommend that children shall not listen to ‘Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds’ podcasts as it might affect their mental health as it is scary and also the content is not for children.

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