Laura Fletcher Donna Summers {Sep} Check Fact of Podcast

Laura Fletcher Donna Summers

Laura Fletcher Donna Summers {Sep} Check Fact of Podcast >> Read what happened how a teenager was sexually exploited at her part-time job & false blames.

Many people like to read about crime, whether via novels or newspapers, but today’s fast-paced life, people don’t have that time. Therefore, podcasts have emerged as a new way to listen to crime case files; while working or during a break. One such podcast about crime series, which many people liked in the United Statesis the Casefile True Crime podcast.

They recently posted a new case involving two people, namely Laura Fletcher Donna Summersand it blew people; people from everywhere are interested in listening to it. Let’s took a look at this crime file.

What is Casefile True Crime?

Casefile True Crime Podcast, also called Casefile, is an Australian crime podcast that comes out weekly. It was first aired in January 2016, hosted by a man who remains anonymous. This series focuses on criminal cases that have been solved and are often related to murders or severe crimes. But unlike other similar podcasts, this series is very narrative. 

And recently, notable crimes from Australia and the UK, and the United States have been featured on the podcasts. One such case which received much attention was the Laura

Fletcher Donna Summers case. Let’s find out what happened!

Who is Laura Fletcher?

Laura Fletcher was a teenager from Kentucky who had recently celebrated her 18th birthday. But due to her mother’s illness, Laura had to look for a part-time job to support her family.

In January 2004, Laura got part-time at a local McDonalds change in Washington. On April 9, when Laura was leaving, her manager asked her to stay a little longer to cover for another employee. Assistant manager Donna Summers was another employee who had recently started working there. What happened next between Laura Fletcher Donna Summers will blow your mind!

What happened?

Around 5 am, the phone rang, and Summers answered it, and on the line was officer Scott. Officer Scott explained that he had received a complaint stating that a child’s purse had to been stolen by one of her employees. Laura matched the officer’s description, and therefore she was asked to come to the manager’s office. 

Laura refused the accusations, but the officer asked Donna to examine Laura for the theft. Soon, Laura was standing naked in the manager’s office after going through a physical check by her manager. Since all the employees were busy, Summers called her fiancée to keep an eye on Laura, who sexually abused her on Officer Scott’s instructions. Donna was unaware of this but started feeling a little sketchy, so-called the store manager, and realized that this was a prank. Real police officers arrived at the scene and caught the suspect behind the Laura Fletcher Donna Summers case in a few days.

Comment on the podcast

Prank calls were meant to be done as a joke, but people using it to sexually abuse teenagers is wrong. Police officers later found that similar cases have been reported all over the United

States recently, and therefore police took swift action after the Laura Fletcher Donna Summers case.


One should always be aware of their rights as citizens and should cross verify the situation with everyone before taking any actions. Casefile True Crime Podcast has done a great job in explaining this case with correct details.

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