Online Websites Reviews Reviews [Sep] Is It A Scam Or Legit? Reviews Reviews [Sep] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> This post will make us learn about a website that has multiple genres of products and will be of help in finding out its authenticity.

Are you wondering whether to shop from or not? Let us look into some Reviews and see if this website is safe for buyers or just a fake website. 

The website has raised many questions among the mind of customers, primarily from the United States. Countless websites come to the online market daily to start their journey in the online world.

The majority of the newly launched websites with the multipurpose product ranges don’t significantly impact the customer conscious. At the initial stage, the founders do not have enough funds to establish a thoroughly professional website. 

Therefore, we have developed this report for you, consisting of the site features and the facts you need to keep in your knowledge before shopping from this website. 

Also, we have gathered details about some of the best products available in the market like- 

Neck Gaiter Face Mask,  Jellycat Puppy, Rendian Pink Handbag, Andis Professional Ceramic Press Comb, and many more items. 

Continue reading to know more about the site and the products available on Amazon.

What is is an ecommerce website that consists of multiple genres of products in their stock. The website launched its domain on 30th October 2019 and is in the market for a considerable time in the United States.

Few products were available on the site printed masks, women handbags, wallets, footwear, jewelry, watches, home décor, kids’ clothing, temporary hair extensions, stuffed animal, drawing boards, car praying wax, pulse oximeter, Digital thermometer, etc. 

The website has some innovative products, and all the products shipped from Honk Kong, China. The website offers you an order tracking link. You can subscribe to their newsletter services to get updates about their new offers and sales. 

Why is unique? 

The website has adopted a few innovative product ideas for their customers. The buttoned band available on the site can save you from hurting your ears while wearing masks. 

The design imprinted masks available on the site are quite impressive. There are several designs for the shows available on the site. The website’s product specification is relatively straightforward, and multiple pictures of the product are available on the website. 

Specifications of 

  • Product Type: Clothing, toys, masks, home décor, and many more
  • Website Link:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: 1-877-2534927
  • Address: Not Mentioned 
  • Delivery Time: Up to 8-14 active days 
  • Shipping Charges: Free Shipping on orders above $30
  • Return / Exchange: 30 Days return policy 
  • Refund: 30 Days refund policy
  • Payment Mode: Visa, Master Card, Amex, PayPal 

Pros of buying from
  • Creative designer masks and other products available
  • Return, Exchange, and Refund option available
  • Free shipping available
  • Exciting gift cards and combo offers available
  • Order tracking system
  • Newsletter services
  • The product description is available
  • The size chart is available.
  • It is not listed as a suspicious site.
  • It has an HTTPS secure connection.
Cons of buying from
  • No physical address of the store available
  • No online Reviews
  • No information on worldwide delivery
  • Products list not managed properly
  • The links of social media are not functional.
  • The domain has a short life expectancy.
  • More than 50% of the content in many sections is copied from other sources.
  • This site seems to be not much popular online.
  • The domain seems too linked to many other bogus sites.
  • Its trust score is terrible i.e., only 1%.

Are you worried now as the purchasing from this site has many cons? Well, we suggest you read our legit products and chose from them as they are cheaper than the products available on, and you can read many positive reviews given by the customers.

Let’s start with Vermont Stuffed Kitten Teddy Bear, Flywind Halloween Mask, and Travelambo Women Wallet. 

  1. Vermont Stuffed Kitten Teddy BearIt is one of the best-stuffed kitty cats available in the market. 


  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 18 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Vermont Teddy Bear
  • Recommended age:  0 – 8 years
  • This toy is made with smooth and silky fur that is so much squeezable and soft.
  • It is just perfect for cuddling.
  • It is made up of high-quality, recyclable materials.
  • The company offers a lifetime guarantee.
  • It has an adorable expression.
  • It is fluffy and soft.
  • It is best for gifting purposes.

Pros of buying Vermont Stuffed Kitten Teddy Bear
  • The ranking in Amazon’s shelf is #19,736 in Toys & Games
  • The order in Amazon’s shelf is #507 in Stuffed Animals & Teddy Bears
  • Many videos related to this toy are available.
  • The company also offers other stuffed animal toys.
  • Many US customers have positively reviewed it on Amazon.
  • The ratings given by Amazon to this product is 4.7-star.
  • It has 100% recycled stuffing.
  • It is safe for all ages.
Cons of buying Vermont Stuffed Kitten Teddy Bear
  • The toy lacks worldwide delivery.
  • This kitten toy is available only in a single color.

  1. Flywind Halloween Mask: It one of the best El wired light up masks for Halloween parties.


  • It is made up of premium EL cold light wire.
  • No inferior plastic or pungent smell 
  • You stand out of the crowd because of cold light.
  • It could be used for Masquerades, Halloween, Party, Carnival, Birthdays, Discos, Costume Parties Clubs, Rave Festivals, and Events.

Pros of buying Flywind Halloween Mask
  • The company offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • The company offers professional customer service support.
  • The ranking in Amazon’s shelf #5,511 in Toys & Games
  • The ranking in Amazon’s shelf #30 in Kids’ Costume Masks.
  • The ratings given by Amazon to this product is 5-star.
Cons of buying Flywind Halloween Mask
  • The battery is not included in the package.

  1. Travelambo Women Wallet: It is one of the genuine weather best-quality purse available in the market.


  • Item Weight: 6.4 Ounces
  • It has a leather lining
  • It is 100% Hand-made.
  • It has a large capacity.
  • It has Vintage and luxury leather.
  • It is available in more than 40 colors.

Pros of buying Travelambo Womens Wallet
  • The ranking in Amazon’s shelf #2,060 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • The order in Amazon’s shelf #1095 in Women’s Shops
  • The ranking in Amazon’s shelf #3 in Women’s Wallets
  • The ratings given by Amazon to this product is 4.7-star.
  • The company offers an extra 38% discount after applying coupon.
Cons of buying Travelambo Womens Wallet
  • It lacks worldwide delivery.

So, why wait now? Shop your favorite product right now.

Is Legit?

The website is in a market for a significant amount of time, but it has not managed to gain any Reviews from the customers to confirm that it offers legit services.

The website has not mentioned the company address on the site. The website’s user interface is user-friendly, but the product ordering is unfeasible as per their categories, given

The website has no social media presence on any social media platform or any product reviewing site. The website does not share any information about deliverable locations. Also, the website only offers you PayPal as its payment gateways. 

Therefore we found this website highly suspicious. 

What is Customer Feedback about

We could not find any Reviews online to comment on the quality of the website’s products.

Few technical reviewing sites stated that the website is potentially safe to browse through the products. The website has SSL Encrypted payment gateway to provide you secure transactions. 

Final Verdict:

We stated all the pros and cons of shopping from this website. Due to the lack of Reviews, we would not recommend you to shop on this website. The website’s product list seems distorted in terms of the product listing.

The absence of an address creates suspicion from where your order is coming and where all the buyers will return them. 

The website is in the market for a long time to gain a few customer reviews. Even though the website offers you amazing combo offers and gift cards still, it is not feasible to trust the website without useful customer reviews. 

We would advise you to stay away from these fraudulent websites and not enter your card details on the website. You can look for the same product from a more trusted website with better customer reviews. 

Please comment below and share your views or experience with this website.

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  1. Now I am scared. And out of money. I emailed the contact us’ and got nothing that confirmed or gave me the promised tracking number of my order, two toys, so I feel like I was scammed by them and Facebook, where I seen this.

  2. I ordered one of them dogs about 10 days ago. So do you mean to tell me it was a scam. What do I need to do to fix this situation???

  3. I ordered one of the realistic dogs it turns out that the tracking number that they gave me was invalid even though I got an email from some doofus named Phillip garrison 129 telling me that my order was confirmed but they sure diden,t hesitate to take my money anyway I tried to call laughbuyer but it wasn’t,t a workin numberI really want to file a formal complaint against these scum bags what ever you don,t ever order anything from this trash company they are scammers I feel totally stupid and pissed of lesson learned You can,t trust anyone


  5. I order three! Imagine my surprise upon reading these reviews. I am contacting my bank asap but I think I just got scammed!

  6. They deceived me. I payed 60$ and got a trash instead. Now they don’t want to give back my money. They offer 3 or 6$, but I insist on getting back the whole amount. I will send the package back, though the address on the package was not clear, but I hope Chinese postmen will understand it. I wonder if there exists a solution, or a Chinese office where I can report them. I will try, however.

  7. I ordered a realistic yorkie and it was suppose to run and climb and lick your finger and I got it today and it was a stuffed animal. yes this is a scam

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