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Lasieng Reviews {April} Buying Here Is Good or Not?

Lasieng Reviews {March} Buying Here Is Good or Not

Lasieng Reviews {April} Buying Here Is Good or Not? -> The article shares reviews of female shopping website and helps you to make the best decision after reading it.

Do you believe in lifting your status high in the matter of fashion? Everyone will answer in yes. 

Fashion has become the need of every men and woman. The style and statement of fashion is linked with personality. Clothes decide a person’s sense of humour in other people’s eyes. In the world of fashion, you may hear the name of But the question arises here about its authenticity.

The search engines are full of fashion websites. Lasieng claims to provide best in women clothing like hoodies, leggings, sweaters and tank tops. With the unique sense of trendy fashion, it is quite popular in the United States and Canada

 Still, we can’t believe everything we find on the internet. Therefore, we have brought  research-based Lasieng Reviews to prevent you from any digital fraud. 

So, let’s discuss further to conclude.

What is Lasieng?

Lasieng is women based shopping website that provides stylish designs of ladies items such as hoodies, leggings, sweaters and tank tops. It claims to give free shipping within 120 major countries as mentioned on the website. The delivery may take five to seven working days as per region or location. The time can be increased from 15 to 20 days that depend entirely upon the customer location.

As Lasieng website says, they give a satisfaction guarantee. Even, they provide international oversea orders without taking a single penny. The condition imposed as the order should be placed above the price of $50. It has an SSL certificate which means your transaction and data is entirely secure.

Who is this for?

This website is mainly for female wear. It doesn’t provide dresses, tops like any other shopping websites. Bt, they have only limited items such as hoodies, leggings, sweaters and tank tops. The products are available in different sizes and colors. It doesn’t have anything for kids on their menu.

How to Order From Lasieng?

You need to perform the following steps to place the order from Lasieng website:

  • When you open the site, you need to click on the ‘SHOP’ from the menu section.
  • Select the item as per your own choice. There are only four items listed such as Hoodies, Leggings, Sweaters and tank tops.
  • Select the item and then click on add to cart. 
  • The item will add in the cart, and the cart status will change from zero to one.
  • Then you need to fill out shipping details and payment details.
  • Once done, then place the order.

Is there any Negative Remarks of Lasieng?

During the journey of writing Lasieng Reviews, we have come across with the following negative aspects:

  • We have not found any external promotional links.
  • There is no information about the company’s history and its founder.
  • The company do not provide any customer care number in the ‘Contact Us’ section.
  • In the case of defective items, the customer needs to return it to China.


You might be thinking that- Is scam? To give the best answer to this question, we would like to conclude it in below-mentioned points:

  • Positively, the company has limited product available at the affordable rates.
  • Its SSL certificate feature makes it unique because SSL makes the transaction secure by eliminating intermediaries or any other kind of interruption.
  • The site is not having any social media availability. In the world of technology, people like to access shop items through social media. Also, they want to check social media accounts first before placing the order to know the authenticity, the same as they do before accepting any request from an individual.
  • Every shopping site must have a customer care number so that people can raise their instant queries in case of an issue. But, we have not found it on
  • The website does not provide any owner profile detail. Customers want to know the person who is working behind the site. As it is much essential when it comes to reliability.
  • The website claims to return your product within 30 days. But it seems complicated. They ask their customers to send an item to China. You might be aware that sending the product to China cost too higher than the item’s actual price.

In the end, we want to suggest you to do some research and place the order. Neither we are criticizing, nor we are in the favour. It is your decision to buy it or not.

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