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Krintee com Reviews [June] Is it an online scam or not?

Krintee com Reviews 2020

Krintee com Reviews [June] Is it an online scam or not? -> In this article, you will know about the authentication of the website.

What if you get everything you need on just one website? is the right place for your shopping then.

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer the e-commerce portal for their day to day needs. There are a lot of companies offering a wide range of products to the customers.

One such website is, which offers an extensive and vital range of products to its customers, and that gives the customers a relaxed shopping experience.

Read Krintee com Reviews in this article, to know more about the website. is based out of the United States and delivers all over the world.

What is Krintee com? 

 They are an e-commerce portal that provides a broad range of products from baby toys, coffee maker machines, microwaves, multi cooker, balance bikes, hair straighteners, and security cameras, etc. 

The company delivers all over the world. The website has 30 days return policy on the products purchased. But the shipping amount and the delivery amount has to be paid by the customer only.

The company only refunds or returns the products only if the customer has a packing slip. For the exchange, customers have to fill in the details of the products in the packing slip that they want in exchange in return for the product they do have ordered. The exchanged product should be of the same value.

The website claims to send your refund within 3 working days after receiving your returned product.

Specifications of Krintee com

  • Product: Baby toys, coffee maker, Bikes, microwaves, security cameras, and a wide variety of other products.
  • Company:
  • Parent Company: Not Mentioned
  • Address: 526W, 46th street New York, United States
  • Contact Number: 2522891460
  • Email Id:,,
  • Refund: Packing slip is mandatory for refund.
  • Return: Within 30days of purchase
  • Payment: Online payment
  • Ownership: Not mentioned
  • Shipping Fees: As per the location
  • Delivery time: 5-10days for domestic and 7-15days for International orders

Pros of Krintee com

  • The website is offering a wide variety of merchandise range.
  • They provide worldwide shipping.
  • The site has a valid SSL connection.
  • They offer a full refund on the products within 30 days.
  • The portal provides free delivery of over 59$.
  • The online store has also given FAQ for the convenience of the customers.

Cons of Krintee com

  • No Form is given at the website mentioned in customer support.
  • Email id provided in the refund section is used by other fake sites also,,
  • The return address given on the website is of Virginia, and it is fake.
  • There is no about us section 
  • In case the customers are returning a product of over $70, the customer has to purchase shipping insurance or trackable shipping service.

Customer’s feedback of Krintee com

There is no customer feedback on Krintee com. There is no social media presence on the website. The website is also new. 

The other websites report this site as a scam using their analysis and algorithms. The absence of customer care service has left a few disappointed customers. They are also unhappy with the fake email address on the official site.

Though they provide a variety of products, all the information, including email address, company address, etc. seems fake. 

Final Verdict

The site lacked proper contact information. The information given is fake. 

Also, the poster on the home page of the website shows that it sells men and female fashion clothing and accessories. But after clicking on the link, nothing opens up.

Even most of the links given on the website do not work. They have a wide range of product line though they offer a full refund on the return of the products.

The site does not have an about us section nor any information about the ownership of the website. The shipping address and the email Id provided is fake.

This site is comparatively new and does not have any customer reviews. It does not have a live chat option though it is mentioned on the website that customers can do live chat if they have not received their refund.

The address of the e-commerce portal is given in New York, but the return address is given in Virginia, which is also fake.

The website seems to be a scam, but being a new website and the absence of any customer reviews, the quality of the products, and the services provided by the website cannot be judged.

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  1. Scam for sure never recieved my daughter’s bike for her birthday! They wont answer my emails… 😣

    1. is a scam website, showing products with low prices but don’t deliver, so you have to waste your time afterwards trying to recover your money.

  2. I tried to order from that website. Something that should also rise some red flags is the same products listed under different price. At checkout I chose PayPal payment the email Address for the payment is also different. after more than 48 after I passed the order I haven’t received any email of the company with an order number. I tried to contact them at and of course no one answers my email. So I opened a dispute with PayPal. I don’t think this website is legit at all.

    1. Hi Laurie,

      I’d ordered a kiddie pool for my grandniece and obviously got scammed.
      I also paid with PayPal and opened a dispute but PayPal denied my dispute and closed the case due to sender provided a tracking number.
      How did your dispute go with PayPal?

      1. I opened a dispute with PayPal also and still waiting for my refund. They denied the first claim because they said they mailed it to me. What they did was mailed to someone else with my name and the owner of that house name. SCAMMERS so post at Kristen and Paypal

    1. Scam website. Attempted to order a pool on June 18. Received a shipping notification on June 23, but when checking the tracking number it says it’s been delivered. Tracking number is not real. Upon trying to contact the company, the phone number listed is answered by a man who tells you the website is a scam.

  3. This company is fraudulent. I ordered with a credit card. I have since reversed charges and have tried to email this company. The emails are returned with unknown email address and the phone number is also not good. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

    1. I got scammed by this fake company. I ordered a kiddie pool, which should’ve raised a red flag when the price is less than half of anyone else, I never got a confirmation email for my order, then a week later I got an email from PayPal with details and a tracking number for my order, the tracking number said it’s been delivered, I’m sure it’s a fake tracking number because every time I get a delivery from UPS, they will send me a confirmation of delivery email directly.
      Tried emailing them at the given email address, but no reply.

  4. Scam…..I also ordered a pool…I was given a fake tracking number and all contact info is fake then they pulled their website …

  5. Scam…..I also ordered a pool…I was given a tracking number. Tracking number was good on UPS site and gave updates. Tracking update shows item was delivered. Item never arrived. I have video surveillance proving no delivery was made. They must have someone on the inside at UPS to create these fake tracking numbers and updates, or they hacked UPS system. This is an elaborate scam and the FBI needs to get involved.

  6. Scam! I ordered an inflatable pool. A few days later, PayPal sent me the tracking number. Ups said it was delivered to my city at the front desk the day before I placed the order. I have no front desk. I can’t file a claim with Ups because the address listed for that tracking number is not mine. I don’t have a valid phone number for Krintee, the email, phone, and address they list is fake. I sent an email to the address of the recipient of my money that I found on PayPal. Got no response from that person. When I tried to contact their support, the postmaster from Microsoft Outlook told me that they tried numerous times to deliver my email to them, but that their email “server” would not accept my email. They basically have blocked my email. So now I have a case with PayPal to try and get my $36.02 back from Krintee. They are a fraudulent website. Do NOT do business with them. They are just there to steal your money.

  7. I also tried to buy a pool and they gave me a tracking number and it says it was delivered to my town but to a business and I have all the copies of receipts from PayPal and they told me I’d have to dispute it with my credit card so now I have to go through the drama of getting ahold of them to try to get the money back and keep them from getting anything else from me. I have my son’s birthday party and then my wedding I definitely didn’t need this drama now. . .DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, ITS A SCAM!!

  8. I also paid for a pool on June 20th said it would come in 5to 7 days ,it is now July 6th THERE are so many CRIMINALS out there , to bad someone does the same to them , better they should go to PRISON . AND I will never ever buy any thing that has PAYPAL on it SUE .

  9. I also ordered a pool. Said it was delivered to my house “mailroom” which I do not have. UPS said tracking number was correct but delivered to someone else in same zip code with a different name and address on it. UPS has been hacked and they are getting numerous about this, especially with the same pool. Do not buy from these assholes!

    1. They got me too said they mailed it to me and mailed it to a different address 2 miles away. Awaiting my refund. It was A rainbow ring pool

  10. Well after reading all the letters above, I also ordered a pool on June 17 and it states it was delivered on my porch on June 24. I emailed and have not received a reply. I emailed again today but I see from the other reviews that I won’t get a reply either. When I spoke to UPS today, regarding the tracking number, they told me that a package was delivered to another name and another address. I have also filed a claim with PayPal. I am so upset. My granddaughter has been waiting for her pool.

  11. Definitely a SCAM I order an Xbox one controller for my son paid using PayPal and my item was sent to another address,Charge me but send my controller to the person the scammer know Talked about how Creepy is that, this is someone frauding, and now I’m waiting on my dispute and I go back to the website they change to Vasona it’s just only getting creeper

  12. Ordered a pool on Jun 19. Said it was delivered by UPS on June 26 to a women who lives 7 blocks from me. Went there and she knew nothing about it. She even check her video and saw nothing delivered. Even her name and address along with my name was on the delivery slip from UPS. She was upset how someone got her name and address. TRULY A SCAM! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SIGHT!

  13. This is a scam! Do not order from them. Even using Paypal doesn’t protect your purchase. They provide a tracking number that goes to a completely different address, since the tracking number says delivered Paypal won’t reimburse your purchase even if you provide evidence from the post office. They’ve also changed their name from krintee to vansona in the past month. They don’t respond to emails and their phone number is disconnected.

  14. Definitely a scam site. Got scammed for Xbox controller.and no response from customer service. I see that they changed the name to VANSONA now. Hope that people read the bad reviews here before they get scammed too.

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