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Kid of the Year 2020. com [May] – Is your kid’s talent worthy?

Kid of the Year 2020. com

Kid of the Year 2020. com [May] – Is your kid’s talent worthy? -> This article tells you about an award for exemplary children.

Nickelodeon has partnered with TIME and come up with an honor to award exemplary kids in various fields. This initiative will run on multiple platforms all through the year and launched this year. 

This honor aims to provide a platform to celebrate amazing young people. One winner will be announced by the end of the year and recognized for their impact on various communities in the United State.  

Kid of the Year 2020. com will be celebrating influential kids leaving a significant impact on the people around them, their communities, their school, or the world. Why do you ask? They say kids in many ways drive the culture. 

This event is the first of its kind and will be hosted by Trevor Noah, the famous political commentator, and television host. 

What happens on the site?

As the name suggests, the awards are specifically for kids regardless of their fields. If they have made a substantial effort into making a difference, they can submit names. 

To submit your incredible child’s good deeds to be nominated for the award, you will need to open up- and fill out the necessary information. Following the simple instructions will help you fill out the form. 

The age limit mentioned on the site specifies that the child is between the ages of 8-16. You can fill out the details like the name, gender, etc. Then continue to fill out the names of the legal guardians as well. 

You will have to answer, “why should this child be the kid of the year,” along with a video as well as a picture. Don’t forget to attach the social media handle that features the nominee, and it is optional. Ensure you are reading their rules, privacy policy as well as terms and conditions. 

Points to note about Kid of the Year 2020

  • The award for the Kid of the Year 2020is the first of its kind. 
  • Introduces TIME for kids, a new program that will encourage young thinkers. 
  • It provides a platform for young kids to get noticed. 
  • They will get awarded for good deeds they performed in various fields. 
  • The award is a collaboration between kid’s channel Nickelodeon and TIME. 
  • One kid will receive an award for their exceptional services
  • Each honourees kid gets to work as a reporter for “Time for kids.” 
  • Honourees will also get the change to exclusive access to Nickelodeon events 
  • The end of the year will announce winners. 

Why does the site matter? 

 In a short article by, writer talks about the showcase being a fun and unique way to honor kids. There have been several initiatives at awarding kids by Nick in the past. It includes the kid’s choice awards, but those were meant only for specific categories.

The Kid of the Year 2020 aims to shine its light on 5 kids, not from the tv background. One out of the five will be chosen based on set criteria. 

The one good thing about this award is that it is not genre-specific, and you can submit your application regardless of your field. 

How will the kid benefit from this? Well, the award will provide a platform for the child to prosper. the child will get to report news for TIME and also gain an exclusive pass for nickelodeon events. 

The owners involved 

As mentioned above, the Kid of the Year 2020 is a joint effort of Nickelodeon, TIME, and TIME for kids.

In an article by- mentions that this is a first-ever kid of the year award, quiet like TIME’s person of the year award. 

As we all know, TIME has always reported the best and real stories, and Nickelodeon is a name synonymous with kid’s entertainment. The two companies are clubbing hands to honor and also teach young leaders to lead a better future.  

Public views regarding this award

Online publication- and many others like it talk about how resourceful our young generation is. They creatively use resources to help in the community, thereby showing compassion and inching towards a better tomorrow.  

These two companies aim at engaging kids with the world around them and inspire others in the process.


After reading multiple online portals talking about it, we can say that it is something to look forward to. The companies came out with press releases about the award on 18th May, and everything is in full swing.

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