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Keyjams Top Reviews [May 2020] ⇒ Legit? or Scam?

Keyjams Top Reviews 2020

Keyjams Top Reviews [May 2020] ⇒ Legit? or Scam? -> This article is written for those who wish to learn more about this new online launch

Shopping no longer remains need based. People shop for different reasons. Some consider it a rejuvenator while others take it up as a hobby.

Whether it’s because of a requirement or an impulse, internet shopping is largely preferred over regular brick and mortar store visits. That’s because the former has a lot of advantage over the latter in terms of saving time, comfort of space and security too.

However, not all online shops are credible. There are scammers too, about which one should be extremely careful. It’s always better to evaluate every new web store under certain fair parameters and then proceed on dealings.

Anyway, here’s a new launch ‘’. This e-commerce business is registered in the United State and I am here to enlighten the readers about the same.

What is Keyjams Top? is a mixed basket store. It has a numerous variety of products, which will cater to different needs of customers. The items are easy to search and are available at cheap prices. 

In other words, this online store can also be termed as ‘the big sale’ store as there are several items lined up under this so called sale.

Think of anything, it’s there. That’s the kind of impression wants to create on the visitor’s mind. To some extent, the website is successful in this endeavour.

How does it work?

Well, has mentioned and their office hours are 9am till 5 pm EST. The company name is Scabfashion Technology Limited.

Mostly, all communication between the customer and the company will happen through e-mails as no other medium of communication has been made available.

Basically, the idea is to look at the pictures. Select the items and pay in advance through Paypal or credit cards. Whether the products reach you or not, that’s a different story. has a secure ‘https’ connection so all data exchanged will remain safe.

Who should buy from here?

Any casual visitor or people who are in ardent search of something can avail the services of this website. There are several products essential in our day-to-day living which can all be found here, under a single roof.

But, since there is no description or customer testimonials available for any of the items on the website, nothing can be said about the quality or make.

Why is it famous?

The company has strategically placed all it’s products under the big sale header, which will attract many because people wish to buy a lot in little money.

The ‘About Us’ section of the company is written elaborately, explaining the mission, character and strengths of the firm. However, no owner(s) information is revealed.

What are the negative remarks about it?

There are several flaws in the making of this website. Firstly, it doesn’t conform to what it says. If they are a passionate business, which wish to provide the best price and product to customers then why remain in the garb of ‘sale’?

Secondly, the company has clearly hidden all crucial information like it’s physical address, owner’s or founder’s details. They haven’t even revealed a phone number, which in these days is important.

There’s no customer help or support department, wherein customers can talk to a physical representative and can get immediate help regarding queries.

is Keyjams Top legit?

It’s difficult to state as completely legitimate. That’s because in many ways, the company is unable to establish trust in the viewers.

The products are not unique. They are available at other shopping sites too. What if has simply copied the images and showing huge rebate in prices because they just want to do away with the innocent customer’s money?

Many fraud companies exploit people’s sentiments regarding saving and lure them showing low prices. Once, money is paid, the products either never reach you or even if anything is delivered that doesn’t conform to the picture you saw.


As an online shopper, one should utterly careful about such spurious businesses. You shouldn’t divulge any vital data regarding your credit cards like passwords, CVVs and so on. This data is misused and people have gone bankrupt even.

Sometimes, these companies do not show their real address and phone numbers because they are shared from other scam websites. 

Content remains copied, if you observe carefully and incidentally, if you happen to compare the products and prices (available in other reputed online stores) then shocking revelations will shake you up.

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    1. Why does Face Book allow these scammers to continue? They just rip people off then change there name!!! I don’t get how this continues to happen on FB this day and age??????

  1. I make a purchase, confirmation email did not arrive, leave a message by contact us, they will not respond, enter the web again they changed the name. Conclusion: it is a SCAM

  2. I have to admit, I feel for this website as well, as everything looked legit on the outside. I did not get any email confirmation, and attempted to contact them via email which is the only way of communications but not response. I am out $ 100 for now maybe and the billings charge showed Japan. I canceled my credit cards that I used as soon as I could. Most certainly SCAM.

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