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Kelleruss com Reviews [May 2020] Is It Scam or Not?

Kelleruss com Reviews 2020

Kelleruss com Reviews [May 2020] Is It a Scam or Not? -> This article will take you through the complete information of an online store selling Anti-Epidemic products like Face masks.

You must be wondering what this exactly is? Let us take you through the reviews, content, and other specifications of this website, to make it clear if Kelleruss com legit or fake?

There are no such reviews of this website online, so we thought of researching about it and letting the customers know what all it’s all about and other details.

As we all know, the current situation globally, the urgent need for safety items and emerged gradually. 

So, to meet the requirements of this sudden demand for different types of safety masks in this situation, many online stores have started selling these items.

Also, there is a sudden increase in the websites dedicatedly selling these items only to gain market value as well as to meet the demand.

Kelleruss com Review  is one such website, selling these products. It is based in The United State and is receiving a good response internationally.

The website is offering the items at reasonable prices with regular discounts and delivery offers.

Let me tell you more about the website.

What is Kelleruss com?

Kelleruss com is a website that is offering Anti-Epidemic Items.

The masks they are selling are said to have excellent breathability and extra comfort, also ensuring effective seal form the outdoor air.

The masks are easy to use and are durable with effortless styles and, the prices are also reasonable. But is your money safe while buying from this website? Is Kelleruss com Legit? 

Specifications of Kelleruss 

  • Website Type – Anti-Epidemic Items
  • Processing Time – 1-4 business days
  • Shipping Time – 7-10 Business days 
  • All packets have specific tracking information 
  • Offers – Buy 4, delivery free!
  • Order can be cancelled before shipping
  • 30 days return policy 
  • Return only if the product received is damaged, defective, or order received is wrong.
  • Mode of Payment – Debit/ Credit Cards, PayPal
  • Email address-

Is Kelleruss Legit?

The website is offering a limited range of products, with no fancy things.

We cannot say that it is a total scam as we do not have any reviews or any evidence to judge on this.

Also, the company has mentioned complete information about the Laws, policies, order placement i.e., every necessary information is specified on the website proving it to be user friendly and self-explanatory.

Also, it has mentioned that in case of any query, you can mail them and will get revert back in 12-hours. Again making it evidential that it is an entirely user based website.

Concluding it, we did not find any evidence to call this website a scam, so from our side, Kelleruss com is legit.

Pros of buying from Kelleruss 

  • They are offering necessity items (for current situations, these are the necessary items).
  • The products are pretty reasonable.
  • A dedicated website designed for a particular type of product.
  • You get free delivery if you buy four items.
  • You can pay using PayPal.
  • You can also use Debit/Credit Cards.
  • You can cancel, exchange, and return the item.
  • You get a refund.
  • Standard delivery time.
  • All products designed with complete safety and sanitization.

Cons of buying from Kelleruss 

  • You can pay online, no COD available.
  • You cannot cancel once the product is shipped.
  • Not have a wide range to choose from.
  • Limited products
  • Not a one-stop-shop

What are the customers saying about Kelleruss?

Kelleruss is a new website, so we could not find any reviews for the products purchased.

Hence, we went ahead with our research and collected some information about the website on our own. The information about the company which is mentioned on the website is appealing and appears to be user friendly. 

The information we collected does not suggest any negative responses to the customer end.

Hence, we would recommend the customers go ahead and try the website.

Final Verdict

Through our research, we found out that the website is not so old and can be said to be new in the market.

The website is wholly secured and uses a secure server. Also, after any transaction, the private information of the customer, including the credit cards, phone numbers, and other private information is not stored anywhere on their servers.

All terms and conditions relating to purchase and exchange are mentioned on the website.

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  1. Hey my name is gwendolyn hardwell I place an order but it given me all the same colors but I want the 4 but one of each color

  2. I think that it is a scam. I purchased 3 masks on 4/24/2020. I did not get a tracking number. I sent an email to their support email and have not received a return email.

    1. I place an order 4/28/20 as of today 5/13/20 have received anything how did take for you to get your order

  3. We ordered on 4/27 have not received anything. Have emailed their customer support twice with no response.

  4. I ordered one mask and before I could complete it it had to mask on there and I only want one I’m not sure if Atlanta get the other one or not could you please help me? says:

    My order is DLZ200428-1304590. I ordered one mask and before I could complete it it had to mask on there and I only want one I’m not sure if it let me get the other one or not could you please help me

  5. I ordered on 4/24, emailed support response…no mask. Shipping number listed on order states (label created…not shipped). Be wary…

  6. purchased on April 24 still nothing have an order # can’t get anyone in customer service NOW WHAT?????

    1. I ordered on April 28th to receive no package yet I think they company is is a fraud.kelleruss is not a good company

      1. James,

        I ordered masks from Kelleruss and thought I had been had by this company also. However, I did receive the product I ordered. I believe they are receiving more orders than they are able to handle in a timely manner. So, stay positive.

  7. I put in a order no tracking number emailed them heard back once but no information was sent to me, waiting on order

    1. Lavaneil I also ordered 2 mask on April 26th and haven’t received anything but a tracking number but it’s useless because the system doesn’t recognize it but ironically my friend ordered 4 two minutes later and recieved hers in less than two weeks. I don’t believe they’re organized in their distribution process.

  8. Hi I ordered on 4/27, the tracking label was created on the same day. However, no other info on the tracking number. Today is 5/8/20. I have emailed the company and the email is returned. Yes, I replied to the email they sent me. Bogus email. Yes, I believe this is a scam.

  9. I could not find a US address or any type phone number for Kelleruss
    Account is front for a Chinese company – Quanzhou Shiying Clothes Co., Ltd
    EA-9 Honglida Street Fengze Quanzhou Fujian P.R.China
    Tel :86-595-22912880 Fax : 86-595-22916628.

    Shipping:standard International Express (Buyer Paid)
    Port of Loading: Quanzhou Port of Destination:United States
    Supplier: Quanzhou Shiying Clothes Co., Ltd

    Purchased on 4/25/20 and email said shipped that date but have not received as of 05/08/2020

  10. Add me to the ordered, not received, and no response yet list. I ordered on 4/28. On 5/7 they sent me an email that my ordered has been shipped along with a 4PX tracking number but none of the websites that track for 4PX, including the 4PX website has any record of my package. I have emailed them to ask for a correct tracking number but no reply and no package. They did charge my PayPal account, though.

  11. I placed an order on April 23rd. It is May 10th and I have received nothing. I sent an inquiry a few days ago, and have not heard back. I believe these people are big time scammers. Everything I’ve read about them now on the Internet confirms it, so let the buyer beware. I will be contacting my credit card provider to charge back this order. Fortunately, I went through PayPal. I’m not leaving my actual email address because I think this site was written by the same people who are promoting and selling this mask. The site is poorly written and seems to be designed to hype up their product and nothing else. It does not have the characteristics of a legitimate product and operation.

    1. Time to open a disputed charge with PayPal. I am having the same experience. I also paid with PayPal and will be contacting PayPal. Whole operation seems very suspicious. Would appreciate hearing from you.

  12. I am waiting for mails ordered in April. I can see the order but no tracking number. Will see if they are shipped before registering a complaint.

  13. I still haven’t received my order. I have a tracking number that can’t be tracked. When wil I get my order. Are you legit? Do I need to report to my credit card.

  14. They sent a tracking number in response to email, but no such tracking number exists on any tracking site. Makes one wonder what is going on – is this a scam?

  15. I dealt with the same issues ad everyone else as far as no response to my inquiry about shipping. However, I finally got an email with tracking. It took another week to get an update through the tracking that they arrived in NY (from China!😩).
    I finally received them today. Order placed 4/23/2020, tracking number received 4/26/2020, masks received today, 5/11/2020.

    1. I was ready to request a refund through my credit card until I saw your post. I ordered in the same time frame you did so I’ll wait one more week to see if I get my order.

  16. I ordered masks and they took 13 days to arrive. I twice wrote to them asking why the “tracking number” in my order receipt didn’t work. I go no response. The masks showed up and are cheap, don’t fit snugly, don’t prevent fog on my glasses, are uncomfortable to wear, the wire for the nose piece isnt centered at all and they are pretty much the same ones you can get at most gas stations or convenience stores. I would not recommend this seller to others and would not buy again from them.

  17. I still haven’t received my order. I have a tracking number that can’t be tracked. When wil I get my order. Are you legit?

  18. I also purchased $70.00 worth of shoes and never received them. That was on 4/6/2020.
    I will be reporting them if I don’t get my money or shoes very soon. This is ridiculous.
    I payed in good faith.


  20. Have not received my order I will contact my card that I paid it on and make arrangemenypts to get my money back con artist plus my cost to have it shipped.

  21. Not US based as this site claims. They are a Chinese company and they do not respond to messages. Their site says it will take 7 to 10 business days but this is from when they ship it a month after ordering and you still might not receive your order. Order at your own risk.

  22. Ordered Tuesday April 28th… still waiting . Tracking # was written in Chinese Impossible to track. I’ll have to try and get a refund also. Bogus!!!

  23. I ordered on 4/28 and followed up 2 times with no reply even though the website said processing 1-2 days and shipping 10-12 days.
    The two masks finally showed up today, so 24 days after website said they were shipped.
    Each mask came in silver bag with what I think is a piece of cloth I think has charcoal in it. It fits inside the mask. So maybe it is meant to be replaced but have no idea where I could get a replacement.
    Masks fit loosely on sides and bendable nose piece is weak. When I breathe out the air goes up and out around the nose, not through the vent. No instructions or information can along, just the masks in the mailer.
    Masks do not look as good as the website pictures.
    Be safe and good luck.

  24. As every one who has dealt with this company has said THEY DON’T DELIVER ! Yet at the start of this website it say’s it’s not a scam. But it is. I ordered 4 masks the 4th of May, ithe 22nd and they haven’t even shipped them as far as i can tell from the tracking number they sent. I asked for my money back from the website that is provided with no response. No return of my money!!

  25. Finally, the order arrived today. Placed order on 4/20/20, today is 5/23/20. Product is flimsy, small, and the nose adjustment was off to one side. After I straightened everything out, it was still a poor fit, and the valve was barely operable. I guess I will wear them, as they are better then nothing. I also sent them messages about my order, but never heard anything back. By the way instructions are written in far eastern language, so be prepared to figure it out for yourself. Would I order again?
    No, NO, HELL NO!!!!!

  26. It’s a scam I ordered4 mask way back in April and just a couple of days ago the package arrived but guess what ….the package was empty and stamped by the postal service that contents missing because it was uninsured it must of been stolen. I notified Kelleruss about the package arriving empty request the refund they only wanted to give me 50% of my refund when I got 100% of nothing . So I complained about that little 50% of my money and told them that I will send the copy I’m all the insulting emails that they sent me and then have them red-flagged so I got a new message saying that I will be getting a refund within 5 days but I’m not even sure if it’s all of my money or just half of it so we’ll have to see but from my point of view Kelleruss is a scam.

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