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Kakimoda Reviews [2020] – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Kakimoda Website Reviews

Kakimoda Reviews [2020] – Is it a Scam or Legit? -> Read this article to go through all the details of the site and then decide whether you would like to give this site a try or not.

Are you tired of flipping through all the sites for good quality shoes on the internet? Well then, you can stop your search right here. Read this article to know more about Kakimoda Website reviews.

In cities and metro cities in the world, people do not have a lot of time to go shoe shopping. Not only does it take a lot of money, but you also end up spending some precious hours there. We do not want it to just flow by in the blink of an eye. People spend a lot of their time in offices and meetings. Therefore they need that extra hour to unwind at home and be with their families.

Therefore, in countries like the United States and Australia, this site is becoming increasingly popular. The Kakimoda shoe reviews are here to tell us if Kakimoda is legit, which it is without a doubt.

What is Kakimoda?

Kakimoda is a shoe website that sells all kinds of shoes for women. The site has various collections of sweaters and bags too. The different types of shoes it sells are Sandals, Sneakers, and Shoes. Moreover, this site has new deals and shoes updated on its page every week.

Who needs Kakimoda?

Kakimoda is an online store selling shoes, sweaters, and bags for the young generation. As we went through the website, we couldn’t find any shoes or accessories for the old. Therefore one can say that this site is designed and targeted towards the youth of the world. If you go through the website, you will find a ton of vibrant looking shoes with high-quality material.

Moreover, this online site can be used by anyone who has a little experience in online shopping. Anyone who wants to save time and energy for better things will surely love this site. If you are someone who hates shopping and mostly shoes shopping, then this is your place. Young people who love to share or take opinions from their friends and loved ones will also enjoy the sharing feature of this site.

Advantages of Kakimoda

  • Kakimoda can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection from around the world. 
  • The site has a simple to understand format that needs no coding for the user. 
  • It keeps giving occasional and seasonal discounts. 
  • You will also get updates from the site if you sign up for their regular update pages. 
  • You will save a lot of time and energy by shopping on this site. 
  • The font is written in bold, and thereby most of them are understandable. 
  • It has a great color combination that does not strain the eyes. 
  • The images are clear to see and choose. 

Features of Kakimoda

  • The Kakimoda website has divided its page into different sections and subsections, making it easier for an average customer to find what he/she is looking for. 
  • There is a 2020 sale section that is where this year’s collection has been stocked and sold at a lesser price. 
  • Next up is a weekly best-seller section where one will find the latest trends that go up every week. 
  • The best-seller section discloses the most bought shoes by customers, and it helps new customers to sort out their confusion. 
  • The tab next to it is what’s new, which again has all the latest trends and fashionable shoes from across the world. 
  • The next is a sandal section that features all kinds of sandals like the toe ring cutout slingback sandal, cutout slip-on sandals, open-toe cutout rivet chunky heeled sandals, peep-toe blocking hook-loop wedges shoes, espadrille open toe ankle strap platform sandals, low heel wedge sandals, cutout peep toe thin heeled sandals and color block lace up chunky heels sandals etc.
  • The sneaker section consists of occasional fashion rhinestone slip-on loafers, low heel all season sneakers, multi-colored snakeskin sneakers, wedding lace diamante trim lace-up sneakers.

How does Kakimoda work?

Kakimoda works on all platforms like the tablet, mobile, and computer screen with a fast internet connection. It registers your order and charges a standard fee to send your request to your doorstep freely. It allows you to connect with customer care if you need any assistance.

How to use the Kakimoda website?

The Kakimoda website is easy to use if you have an internet connection. All you have to do is register with your email id and navigate through the thousands of options to choose from. Once you have found something you like from the various sections, you can either add it to the cart to buy it later on or buy it just then. 

How is Kakimoda different from other shopping websites?

Kakimoda is the only website that sells shoes as well as sweaters and bags. It has details like the company website, email address, and other contact details in case you need to know more about the company. This kind of information increases trust in the customer, and they want to try the site. However, on the other hand, some websites keep their contact details discreet and sometimes even do not respond to the email id given. This puts the site down in the eyes of the customer, and the sales will go down as well.

This site has all kinds of footwear for the 21st-century women that are sure to give them a lot more than their expectations. They have sneakers, flats, sweaters, and bags of high-quality material for the women.

Final Verdict

To sum up the entire Kakimoda reviews, we can only say that you must give this site a try. It has the latest fashion choices for your closet and is sure to leave your guests stunned.

However, we also feel that the pop us for subscription, discounts, and offers are too much to handle, it makes the customer confused about what they are looking for and do not always give a satisfactory experience. 

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  1. Placed an order with kakimoda on 2/22 and still haven’t received any info in my order. They say the shoes are coming from the US but I can’t imagine it taking so long.. seeming More like a scam by the day..

      1. I ordered on January 19th and still don’t have it. They tell the same thing every time i email about my order. They said the shoes are coming from China and apparently they keep telling me they’re at the airport. It has been 4 months and still no shoes.

      2. Placed an order in February, provided a fake tracking number, still nothing and I bought more than 1 pair of shoes. SCAM DO NOT BUY

  2. They are a scam. If you paid with Paypal dispute the charge. If you paid with a debit or credit card call the company and tell them it was a scam site and you didn’t know it.

  3. I ordered on 2/15 and have received nothing. I keep emailing and they keep telling me to wait. They finally sent me a tracking number but it doesn’t work.

  4. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes January 2020 . I only received 1 pair March 17th and I’ve not been able to get any information about the additional 2 pairs.

  5. I ordered two pairs of shoes March 15th and its April 12th and still have not received my order. I emailed them to find out what was going on, only to get an email from the assistant manager named “Piggy” stating they needed more information such as order number!! And the email was very sketchy because it didn’t have the company’s name in the email. Damn…I think I got scammed!

  6. I placed an order early February. Still haven’t recurved my package. I’ve been going back in forth with someone via email for about two weeks who keeps telling me to be patient it’s coming. It’s been two months how much more patient to do you want me be. In every message i ask for a refund and she tells me that she can’t process a refund at the time and they’ll keep pushing my order and even me a bogus tracking number.. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  7. I placed an order in February and still have not received my shoes. they keep telling me that it will take up to 21 days due to the state of current events 🙁 but it has now been 65 days since I ordered. I believe that this is a scam. I am tired of the repetitive emails and DMs that say the same thing but they don’t give me an actual update on the status of my order.

  8. This site is a scam, the email which is their paypal email is also running a shoe scam under the websites,,, DO NOT give them your money, they will never send you anything!

  9. I would NEVER order from this company again! I placed my order two months ago and I still haven’t received my shoes! I emailed them several times and they keep on saying it’s on it’s way. I asked them for a tracking number and they provided me with a FedEx tracking number which is bogus. Luckily, I have received a refund through my credit card company. SCAM!

  10. Same thing with me. I ordered from them on 4/4 & still haven’t received the order. They do respond back on Instagram but they keep saying the same thing. They also sent a bogus fed ex tracking that says its coming from California but they claim its coming international. I spoke with fed ex and they said to dispute the item because it’s a scam said they have seen this tracking # more than once. They’re scamming people.

  11. NEVER order from this company! I placed my order over two months ago and still have not received my order. I have emailed them multiple times and each time its the same response…my order has shipped and they called the post office blah blah. FedEx tracking number is a scam! I have been asking for a refund and they will not provide one! TOTAL SCAM!!!

  12. I ordered shoes March 1st, I haven’t received them, they give me tracking that doesn’t work. They happily took my money and are trying to wait out the time they have to keep it and never send me my order. SCAM

  13. Hi guys, unfortunately this is a scam. They take money and they do not mail you the product. Dozens of people have reported the same thing. Everyone, including myself, has contacted this “business” to inquire about the status of our purchases, and we all receive the exact responses:

    1.). That the orders are coming from China and they are stuck at customs.
    2.) they provide a tracking number (after tons of emails requesting it) and the status never changes from “shipping label created”. I ordered back in January, so I’m not sure why only the shipping label is created.
    3.) they sometimes say that the product is being shipped in the USA. (Contradicting what they say about being shipped from China).
    4.) When requesting a refund, they stop replying to your emails.

    I keep searching and googling this company and nearly every single post is warning everyone about the scam.

    I just called my bank to dispute the charge and they gave me my money back. Please go do the same so that you are refunded after disputing this charge! I refused to just let this go and let these pieces of shit sit back while stealing our money.

    Stay away!

    Thanks !

  14. I ordered shoes on 2/24/20, it is 5/13/20 and I still haven’t received the order. I have been emailing with them since 3/25/20 and they provided me with a tracking number that does not work and keeps saying pending. I have asked for a refund in three emails, and they have stopped responding.

  15. I ordered shoes: Kakimoda Faux Suede Flats, on March 10, invoice ID c12334659272757.1, and still have not received them.

  16. Pretty terrible company. Never received the product. Has been waiting for almost 3 months. When emailing customer services and asking about it, they would respond,please be patient. Then I would get a notification that the product was delivered to a different state thousands of miles away. When emailed customer service again and asked for a refund or to speak to the management, I was again reminded to be patient that the package is coming and send a tracking number that states the package was delivered some other state. I cannot get a refund from them or an answer to any of my questions or requests. I am not sure if they do not read their emails from the customers, and answers are automated based on key words, or they do not comprehend the language and write the same thing over again to all the customers. It is unfortunate there are such bad companies online, the it makes you want to not ever buy anything online

  17. Scam. I ordered two pair in March and still no shoes !! I reached out to PayPal and opened a complaint. Now I am awaiting a resolution. Don’t do it!!

  18. I was in the process of placing an order and decided to look up reviews. So glad I did! Thanks for sharing your experience because it helped me avoid this scam. I just wish I knew the legit site because the shoes are still cute.

  19. Ordered sandals on April 11th and Still nothing!
    They emailed with a tracking # that doesn’t work.

  20. Deux paires de sandales commandées et reçues. TOUTEFOIS… pas la bonne pointure. Une dénommée Beth du service à la clientèle me propose 20% de rabais.
    Je veux tout simplement retourner le produit. Tel qu’indiqué dans leur politique de retour, ce dernier doit être approuvé avant de retourner les articles. Évidemment cette approbation est impossible à obtenir. Ils ont ensuite proposé un 40% de rabais. Mais le problème c’est que ce n’est pas la bonne pointure du tout ! Je n’ai rien à foutre de sandale qui ne me font pas. Aucun échange ni remboursement. Compagnie ne donne plus suite à mes courriels … NE COMMANDEZ JAMAIS À CET ENDROIT !!!!!

  21. This is a fraudulent site. They are scammers!! Take your money, 200 emails later expressing that they are sorry its out of their hands blah blah blah! Do not refund!!! I’ve been waiting 6 months. No tracking number. Emails are poorly written and dont make any sense. They also advertise under the name “Susiecloths” Buyer beware!!!!

  22. I ordered my shoes August 20th it is now September 25th no shoes. No tracking number has been sent and .. ABSOLUTELY FRAUDULENT!!!

  23. BIG TIME SCAM!!!Its going 5 montys now, never received and they have never provided a refund that i asked over and over. They just keep saying it is in the mail.

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