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Justinmontney com Reviews [May] – Is It A Genuine One?

Justinmontney com Reviews 2020

Justinmontney com Reviews [May] – Is It A Genuine One? -> In this post, you will learn the crazy story of Copper Stallion Media and find out more about Justin Montney.

Do you love weddings? Who doesn’t? It’s a beautiful day when the bride and the bridegroom decide to spend the rest of their lives supporting each other.

Now, these types of events are usually recorded and cherished for life. And the responsibility is never given to an unprofessional guy. Only a professional videographer who knows what he is doing can make this day look incredible on camera.

That’s why there are companies like Copper Stallion Media whose job is to record every special moment. So a company that records an event filled with emotions should have emotions too, shouldn’t it?

But that’s not the case in this story. Today you are going to learn about Justinmontney com Reviews. You will also learn how the website came into existence. The reason behind the creation of this website will definitely shock you.

The story of Justin Montney is the most sensational story in the United State and probably one of the saddest ones. So keep reading till the end.

Who is Justin Montney?

Justin Montney is a guy who was excited to marry the love of his life, Alexis Wyatt. He planned the wedding and arranged a videographer from Copper Stallion Media. He even made an advance deposit of $1800. Everything was perfect until Alexis Wyatt, unfortunately, died in a car accident on 24th February.

The wedding was on the 23rd of May. But since the bride died, Justin requested a refund from Copper Stallion Media. This is where the situation started getting worse.

Points to Note about the Situation:

  • Justin Montney hired a videographer from Copper Stallion Media
  • He paid a non-refundable deposit of $1800
  • Justin’s fiancé died in a car crash on 24th February
  • Justin requests a refund due to the unforeseen event
  • Copper Stallion Media denies his request and threatens to sue him

Why Does the Accident of Alexis Wyatt Matter to the USA?

The payment was non-refundable, but since Justin’s case was exceptional, he thought that he should get a refund. After all, the wedding never took place and got canceled 3 months before the actual date.

However, the company denied a refund, and instead of doing it politely, they mocked Justin’s dead fiancé and threatened a lawsuit. They posted on Facebook that they hope Justin sobs and cries all day for what would have been his wedding day.

Copper Stallion Media went this far just for $1800. And let’s not forget that the company didn’t do any real work for it. The company claims that they did all of this because Justin was trying to spoil its reputation in the media. However, in reality, Justin just stated the facts about what the company has done.

Personal Life of Justin Montney:

Justin Montney emailed the company again and again to request a refund. However, the company denied his request. When Justin took the issue to the media, the company said that the refund was not possible because of the lockdown. 

However, Justin says that he requested a refund long before the lockdown started. So he believes that he should get a refund under extreme circumstances. 

To this statement, the company replies in a vulgar way in its Facebook post. Furthermore, in order to complete the revenge and make fun of Justin, the company created a website called

Views of People:

We know that the money was nonrefundable. However, the case was exceptional, and the company never did the work it was hired for.

So many people are angry about the fact that Copper Stallion taunted Justin Montney and his dead fiancé just for $1800. It is clear that the company has no humanity and is ready to destroy its own business over $1800. However, that doesn’t look like a smart business plan.


Even though the company made a mistake, it had a chance to cover it up. However, the company went ahead and ruined everything by making terrible statements about the issue.

It could have done better by showing sympathy towards Justin Montney and by refunding his money. But no, it doesn’t. Instead, it destroys the one opportunity to look good in front of people and gain everyone’s trust.

Copper Stallion has given us a perfect example of how not to do business.

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