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Jurasil Face Mask Review (Sep 2020) Is it Worth the Money?

Jurasil Face Mask Review

Jurasil Face Mask Review (Sep 2020) Is it Worth the Money? >> This article gives information about a washable and reusable face mask that looks chic and feels ultra-soft on your skin.

Are you looking for a face mask that provides you comprehensive face protection with skin-friendly material?That’s a double distinction indeed!

Jurasil Face Mask seems to fit the bill perfectly.Also, this mask is made of moisture-resistant and anti-microbial fiber.With such tall claims, Jurasil Face Mask seems to be a rage in the United State.

Before you get too enamored and rush to place an order, better read the following Jurasil Face Mask Review.

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What is Jurasil Face Mask?

Jurasil Face Mask is a single-layered mask made of Jurasil fibers. Jurasil is composed of polyester and plant-based vegetable oils that have antibacterial properties.

Jurasil Face Mask is a breathable mask that lets only the required amount of moisture in for your comfort.

It has excellent deodorizing properties. The mask protects against harmful microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and also pollutants. It also claims to safeguard against cold, pollen, smoke, ash, and other allergens.

The mask is sold online on the website, a brand based in the United State.

For each mask sold, this company claims to donate 3$ to a charitable organization working for front line workers.

This website also claims to sell T-shirts, hats, accessories, posters, and gifts in addition to face coverings.

Specifications of Jurasil Face Mask:

  • Products- Adjustable face mask for adults
  • Company- Chomp Brand
  • Price range- $5.95 to $15.95
  • Website-
  • Address- Not given
  • Email-
  • Contact- Not given
  • Content- 81% polyester and 19% spandex
  • Exchanges/Returns- Not applicable
  • Refunds- Applicable only if you receive a damaged product or your product is lost

Pros of Jurasil Face Mask:

  • Mask uses a very soft and smooth fabric
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • The mask is washable, reusable, and claims to be adjustable
  • It comes in very quirky and eye-catching designs
  • The company claims to work for a charitable cause
  • The mask is available only one size that fits all adults

Cons of Jurasil Face Mask:

  • Not a very large collection of masks
  • Comes in one size only
  • Only for adults not for kids
  • No information about the Background of the company that sells the mask
  • Not a very great presence on social media
  • No Jurasil Face Mask Review on their website

Is Jurasil Face Mask legit?

In the wake of the current situation, face masks have become more important than any other accessory. And, this goes both for men and women.

It is most important that the mask that you use protects you entirely and also feels smooth on your skin.

The best part about this Jurasil Face Mask is that this brand does not accept any returns or exchanges. This showcases the brand in a very positive light as face masks are the items of personal hygiene.

Such items should never be encouraged for exchanges or returns.

The company also does not make any claims about the medical usage of these masks.

Well, all this does seem to indicate that Jurasil face mask is indeed a legit name.

To discover more about the face mask, let us read the Jurasil Face Mask Review directly from its customers.

What are people saying about Jurasil Face Mask?

Even though the company features on Facebook, it does not have a single Jurasil Face Mask Review by any of its customers.

The Jurasil Face Mask Review on Instagram and Twitter is not very positive.

Sadly, the online reviews by customers also show the product in a poor light.

Final verdict:

The website that sells Jurasil Face Mask seems to be pretty erratic. If you click on the tab Lookbook, it displays an arbitrary video. The video is quite unrelated to the product that they claim to sell.

The absence of any About Us page also raises immediate suspicion about this website.

The absence of any promising Jurasil Face Mask Review makes us conclude that this product is unreliable.

It is a scam, so better stay away from buying Jurasil Face Mask.

Our say is that because of the current pandemic, one should always invest in the best face mask. Otherwise, it poses a serious health risk.

If you have any experience of using this Jurasil Face Mask, please post your comments here. It will help people know more about this face covering.

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  1. Hello,

    Your comment “It is a scam, so better stay away from buying Jurasil Face Mask” is a bit reckless.

    I will admit that finding the Jurasil Face Mask is proving to be a bit difficult.

    But here is my review of the Jurasil Face Mask.
    The mask feels like a very thin neoprene type material. It is lite in weight, easy to breath through and comfortable on the ears.
    As a employee of Toyota, we were given these masks as well as the disposable and cloth masks to choose from. Toyota says that they consult with the CDC, OSHA, NIOSH and others as well recent studies by Duke University as well as Toyota’s own internal analyses of different type masks. The Jurasil Face Mask is one of the approved masks that Toyota gives us to use. These are relatively new to us and so the life span of numerous washings on the material remains to be seen.

    I would like to be able to find more on line as supply seems to be difficult at times from Toyota.

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