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Joyride Harness Reviews [April] Is It Trust Worthy Store

Joyride Harness Reviews 2020

Joyride Harness Reviews [April] Is It Trust Worthy Store? >> If you are a pet owner and looking for harnesses for them, then you must read this review.

If you are reading this post, then you are a dog owner looking for the best harness that causes them no harm. This Joyride Harness Reviews will shed light on one such dog harness in the market. 

When taking your pup out for a walk, a harness is what ensures they don’t wander off or attack another dog. The Joyride harness has been selling in the United States and puts no pressure around the pet’s trachea.

Read the full review to understanding why you should get it for your pets. You will also find answers regarding the price, where to buy it, so read it till the very end.

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What is the Joyride Harness? 

As the name suggests, it is a harness that is sure to take your beloved pets on a joyride. Walkies are your pet’s way of exploring the area outside of the four walls. They are joyful for the pet as well as the owner.

It comes Vernerian approved and has been called the best dog harness by its happy users. Unlike the regular collars that can easily choke your pup, the joyride harness is strapped around the chest. It has hook attachments on the top so that you can attach the poop bag or any other to it.

Specifications of the Joyride Harness

If you are a pet owner, then you know that when they find something of interest want to explore it—often leading to a tugging than a regular collar and leash combination will drag the owner along with the misbehaving dog.  

  • The harness is lined with a soft mesh; this will cause no damage to the fur coat of your pets.
  • Joyride Harness has an EZ Grip Handle that removes the need for a leash and also helps you easily manoeuvre the pet.
  • To make it fit snug on the pet’s body, there are adjustable straps around the belly and the chest.
  • The buckles are quick and can be swiftly put on the body. All you have to do is slide and close the clasp.
  • It has reflective strips to ensure protection at night.
  • The brand Claims to build out of the revolutionary side ring anti-pull technology.
  • The Joyride website mentions a clear size chart. According to the weight, find the pet find the perfect size.
  • the harness is available in 8 different solid colours and one Burberry style check.

How to purchase this harness? 

This harness can be easily purchased from its official site with a joyride harness discount code. They are currently delivering to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Free shipping is provided over $49. For making a purchase online, the company accepts all master cards, visa cards, discover etc

The company is based out of Los Angeles and can be contacted via, phone number- 888-200-9914. You may also leave them a message on the site!

As for refunds, the company clearly states that the money will be refunded if applicable but not fully. They do not pay back the shipping charges.

Customer reviews of the Joyride harness

Joyride Harness is a famous brand that some Instagram famous doggies can be seen adorning. Below are some reviews that are up on its official site. Most of these reviews talk in favour of the harness!

Customer Allen R- he comments that he has a Pomeranian who weighs about ten pounds and the harness made it easy to keep him at bay. He was also able to control his energised paws from running around too much. It is Allen’s fourth purchase and gave spectacular results. His pom thoroughly enjoys it and sees no trouble with it. He finishes the comment by thanking the brand for creating a well-thought harness.

Julie G comments that the harness is comfortable to put on and off. It causes no restrictions to the dogs, unlike the collars. She finishes her comment by saying that she highly recommends it.

Robyn S comments that it fits her corgi perfectly, which is an escape artist who usually cannot stay still while putting it on.

A customer mentions that the staff had been accommodating and answered questions very quickly.

Final Verdict- 

The site has numerous reviews. You can give those a look as well as the videos by Instagram pets. This should provide you with clarity regarding the Joyride Harness.

Readers, if you have purchased this harness, then please share your reviews in the comments below!

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