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Joggersstop com Reviews [July 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Joggersstop com Reviews 2020

Joggersstop com Reviews [July 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> This post gives a detailed analysis of a website that sells footwear for both men and women.

Did you ever plan to shop for footwear online? You might have and would have browsed on various websites available on the web. One of them is, that sells footwear, both for men and women.

 To browse a website safely, one should undoubtedly go for its analysis first. Hence, here we provide you with Joggersstop com Reviews, for you to judge the site correctly and then proceed.

The website is not a very mature one and is hardly one year old. It has branches in main cities of India, like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. It sells footwear and watches online, for men and women. The website sells its products internationally as well, and has branches in India, but claims to be from the United States.

A piece of contradicting information for a website can lead to a lot of suspicion in the customer’s mind, and he can suspect it to be a scam. Thus, we analyzed the site and provided details.

What is

It is a website that is not noticeably young and sells footwear, like loafers, sneakers, casual, and formal shoes, both for men and women. It also sells watches on its website.

The price range is quite low, and the shipping is free. The return policy is not an acceptable one and is very unclear on the website.

The payment methods include credit card payment and net banking. It also claims to have EMI options available for payment. The contact address for the United States website is not available, nor any phone number. An email address is possible for the customer to contact.


  • Website type – Online seller of footwear
  • Country – United States
  • Branches in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore
  • Shipping fee – Free
  • Returns and Exchanges – Not available
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Phone Number – Not available
  • Email Id – support@joggersstop.comPayment methods – Credit cards, Net Banking, Bank transfer, EMI
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram 

Positive Aspects of

  • The website has a range of footwear available.
  • The shipping fee is free.
  • Social media presence is possible on Facebook and Instagram.

Negative Aspects of

  • The website has unclear or low popularity.
  • No reviews are available on WebOfTrust (WOT).
  • No contact address or phone number is available.
  • Social media presence looks manipulated.

Is Joggersstopcom Legit?

It is a website that was launched around 307 days ago and is not very mature. The Alexa ranking for the website is quite low and shows how unpopular the site is. We researched for Joggersstop com Reviews and found no feedback on famous reviewing sites. The posts available on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram seem to be only WhatsApp images, and no positive review is available.

The website gets a low trust score on scam checking sites and looks quite unpopular on the web. The speed of the website is also below average and is not a good sign. The owner information is also hidden and makes real identification difficult. 

To find out, Is Joggersstop com Legit or not, we researched more and found a lot of anonymous data, that makes the website bit suspicious. Such websites usually shut down early, and a lot of customers lose their valuable money, that was spent.

What Are Customers Talking about

For a website to run a successful business, it must win the trust of its customers first. Thus, we analyzed the site more for the new buyers to judge it correctly.

To our disappointment, we could hardly find Joggersstop com Reviews online, and the only feedback available was WhatsApp images of the customer chat, on Facebook and Instagram. Such posts cannot be entirely trusted as they are just clicked pictures, and no comments were available from any customer.

There are no reviews available on other reviewing sites and popular sites like WebOfTrust and Trust Pilot. That shows the website is not well-recognized one and is not at all popular. After careful analysis and research, we could not find any feedback from any customer for this website.

The Final Analysis

In conclusion, we would like to say that the website is an unpopular one and has a lot of hidden information at its end. For a website to be trustworthy, its transparency is very crucial, and that is missing in this case.

There is incomplete information available that can misguide a potential customer, and he can end up losing his money online. I request the new buyers to be careful and wait for some time for genuine customer feedback. 

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  1. I think, it’s a fake. I placed an order on July 12 and it hasn’t moved beyond packing. No response from mail to customer support either.. No phone number available. Please spread the word in larger interest of public. Going to lodge a police case by monday

  2. I think, it’s a fake. I placed an order on July 12 and it hasn’t moved beyond packing. No response from mail to customer support either.. No phone number available. Please spread the word in larger interest of public. Going to lodge a police case by monday

  3. My order details as they have put in courses but courier didn’t reached till now from 12th July and no other information

  4. It’s absolutely fake website . I am complaining on instagram they are removing my comments after 1-2 hour ..
    It been 12 days I ordered my sandle haven’t received yet. No one is reply on mails .
    It’s fake .

  5. even i tried n placed one single order order 37993 on 18-jul-20 . was receiving timing information on packing , handed to courier person n in transit with courier person on 23-jul-2020 . after that no info . Just boom. courier persons website has no contact details . neither buyers . have no clue whom to contact

  6. This is a fake i have placed an order on july 14th and the order number was also given as 33128 but when i tried tracking the order, it just says
    dispatched when it hasn’t reached me yet.

    Will be lodging a police complaint and spreading this bloody fake website news everywhere so that the others can be saved.

    They are burglars .. looting the innocent people their hard earned money. haraami saale , kutte…inki maaka..

  7. it’s Totally fake.i have also ordered one shoe having order no.46408 & order date 21/07/2020 also paid amount,still now not received…..I have to plan lodge police complain about this website and going to blocked for new users.

  8. I ordered on 13th July and still not recived order status showed it’s in dispatch but not yet receive
    There is no cutomercare contact number available to follow up not any single mail answered till today
    Its seems big scandal
    I lost my hard money
    Is anyone get any reply please help

  9. Completely fake…. I ordered a shoe on 21st July, I have not received till now, although they say order dispatched

  10. Joggersstop site is fake .it is just a platform to cheat customers and providing them very bad service

    No customer support .

  11. Please Update me about my order no #49192 Still not received. If you are not deliver my order so please refund my Amount.

  12. Dear team,

    My order of blue slippers was placed on 12/07/2020 but still now I have not received the package. I have already paid INR499 thru credit card and still its showing dispatched after checking the AWB as provided by you.

    Further pls note its almost a month that I have placed my order. If my good is not delivered within a week , am assuring you that I will move this issue to consumer forum and update about this fraud in Facebook and Instagram.

    Trust you will understand and do the needfful at the earliest.

    Thanks and regards

  13. I placed an order on 5th/6th july 2020, order no being 27343 but it has bee showing as having dispatched on 11.07.2020 but no sign of arrival yet. No sms confirmation. No response to mails sent to email I’d given. Their fb page doesnt allow you to post. It definitely is a fake website.

    1. The police also gets paid from them, This is a scam of a big order, You need to make some noise in social media.

  14. I also placed order and they given tracking information but courier name also it’s look like fake, that is Express go courier.

    Any know that courier AWB 2213339778

  15. It’s a fake online shopping site ( don’t buy anything to this site …… has fraudulently took my my which is 4,000amount ….please fraud mere paise wapas krdo

  16. This is fake and online fraud guys. I had placed an order one month back but still I haven’t received my product. They are not answering to mails. This is fake and online fraud.

  17. Same happened with me I ordered on 26 th July and still haven’t receive I feel it’s fake and I think we all should do something about it fill a complaint or take some action coz I don’t want this to happen with others so if you guys agree send me email on

  18. No update of my order since a month I hope it’s not fake I ordered shoes for ₹499 expecting it to come soon. Hello Dhruv, status of your order #35639 with Joggersstop

  19. Its fully fraud. Its courier partner also fake. They both closed their websites. Now no trace of their company.

  20. Please don’t trust it it’s fake …my dad ordered on July 24 and it hasn’t delivered yet
    It’s AWB order number tracks show no order is there like this..
    Completely fruad and disappointed with it
    Lots my cash on footwear to

  21. I ordered on 15th July No update from them until now
    got reply from Express go courier as we are facing covid order is safe wait for update on 30 July
    since then no reply from them.
    Had paid 499/- immediately for the order of shoes.

  22. Yes, this is fake.. I have ordered 5 pairs of shoes on June 18th 2020, still I didn’t recv any one of them..
    This site is just to fake the customers. I have mailed them “N” no. of times, nothing happened. I have wasted my 2000 rs on it.. please never buy from this fake sites.

  23. I have ordered by No. #31788 in JULY & till the received Babsji Ka Thullu From U..Before I will take legal action,Please Refund my Amount in a 2-3 working days….

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