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Jinne Ann Reviews [June] Is this a Scam Website?

Jinne Ann Reviews 2020

Jinne Ann Reviews [June] Is this a Scam Website? >> In this article, we review an online store, Jinne Ann that sells different varieties of products.

Are you looking to buy some home, garden, or other accessories? Or maybe you want to buy some other custom products? The problem that arises in these cases is that only a few websites are selling a wide variety of custom products at lower prices. We know of one website, it’s Jinne Ann, a United States-based online store. 

Jinne Ann has an extensive collection of varieties of products, all of which are available for purchase at cheap prices. According to some Jinne Ann Reviews, the products available on this website are not only cheap but also of high quality. They offer a wide variety of custom products and different accessories. 

Keep reading Jinne-Ann Reviews to find out more about Jinne Ann and whether you should consider purchasing from this website or not. Let’s begin by finding out more about the site itself.

What is Jinne Ann? 

Jinne Ann is an online store powered by Shopify, where you can purchase a wide variety of all kinds of durable accessories at affordable and compelling prices. Their collection is extensive and includes items and accessories like Showerheads, Golf nets, Soft toys, Garden decoration items, home decor items, lighting equipment, and much more.

Jinne Ann is assumed to be based out of the United States as they deliver primarily in the United States and offer all their products in USD. If some Jinne-Ann Reviews are to be believed, they’re not very popular and were recently established. 

Jinne Ann Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Home equipment, decor equipment, etc.
  • Processing Time: 1-3 business days
  • Delivery: 7-12 days (Express shipping) 

        15-25 days (Postal Shipping)

  • Email:
  • Contact No: 063512586324
  • Address: unknown.
  • Return: in 14 days of purchase.
  • Exchange: applicable.
  • Refund Period: within a few business days of receiving the product.
  • Payment Method: PayPal.

Is Jinne Ann Legit?

Jinne Ann is a new website created a few months ago, so there are some concerns regarding its authenticity. After doing proper research, we believe that this site is very likely to be a scam. 

The contact information is present except for the office address, which is the most critical detail. The content on the website pages is also written in an immature and unprofessional manner. The email address is directed to an individual and not the store itself, which signifies that the site is a scam. The website’s layout and appearance are not very attractive, and the site isn’t as well maintained as professional websites are concerned. 

Also, due to its lack of popularity, no customer Jinne-Ann Reviews are available on the internet. Its lack of demand is also another reason we suspect it of being a scam. Thus, these are the reasons that make the probability that this site is a scam very high. But, this is only our opinion, and we cannot say anything for sure.

Advantages Of Jinne Ann:

  • A wide variety of custom products are available in this online store.
  • The cost of products on Jinne Ann is comparatively cheap.
  • A 14-day return policy is present on the products.

Disadvantages Of Jinne Ann:

  • The chances of Jinne Ann being a non-legit website are high.
  • No information about the office address of this online store is available.
  • This site suffers from a lack of popularity and thus making it a risk to buy from it.

Jinne Ann: Customer and User Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, Jinne Ann is not very popular and was recently created. So naturally, not a lot of reviews about this website are present. Unfortunately, customers Jinne Ann Reviews are not present anywhere. Some reports on this website were available on a few platforms.

According to them, this site could be safe, but the chances of being a scam were far more significant. The reports did not recommend visiting this website calling it a risk.

Final Verdict

Jinne Ann has an extensive product collection, which is also cheap. They deliver in all major locations in the United States. However, due to their lack of popularity, they’re considered a risky website and also suspected as a scam or fraudulent site that sells counterfeit items where users may not receive any product after making the payment.

Readers, like other Jinne-Ann Reviews, we also recommend you don’t use this site. But if you’re still going to, please write to us about your experience with it so we can get to know this online store better.

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  1. I was looking to see others experiences with this website. Recently, I ordered a beach cruiser for my daughter in which she was so excited. Now I’ve been trying to contact the company to check my order status and no reply. I’ve emailed them three times. Has anyone else ordered anything from this site? Or am I the only person?

    1. I’ve had the same experience with them, and have canceled my order and today, July 4th, started a case against them with Paypal.

    2. Hi! I ordered a camping tent. June 22nd. Sent 3 emails to confirm or check status, no answer. Tried to go to the website. And is closed. Already work a claim with Paypal.

    3. I ordered the same thing in June and NO email response what so ever and of course there is no way to cancel the order. Horrible!!

    4. It is a scam site. I received a tracking order originating from an amazon warehouse. Says it was delivered in a day or so. I went to the post office and the tracking order I received was never issued to my address.

    5. Same story… Except when paypal contacted them, they replied with a tracking number, which of course has PayPal on hold for their investigation. When I investigated the tracking number, USPS stated the package was a small parcel, I ordered a it’s very large item and it was delivered to an entirely different address. USPS gave me a website to report them for fraud

  2. I ordered a bike from them too. I have not received it or gotten anything but the initial confirmation from the company. I’m very concerned about the legitimacy of this company. I wrote the email about a week ago & never heard back. I might call my bank about reversing the charges, if possible . I’ve never purchased from a scam company before & it came up as one of the first on my Google search.

    1. We profoundly apologize for something that went wrong with you… but you need to go original website and leave your complaint there… thank you so much for being with us..

      1. There is no site anymore and complaining to that email does no good as you will get no response. However all these communication do support your article and tell the truth about how the website is a scam. I went so far as a dispute with paypal and they show the company name as RDK construction. Even with all the conflicting info paypal sides with the fraud co. Because they find a way to supply USPS tracking to show a delivery was made to your city, not you address but your city.

  3. I wish I had checked out this site first. Everything you will read about not getting product, no response fro seller, etc is true.

    If you read this before you place your order, I urge you not to. Not because I say so but because so many others are saying the same thing.

      1. I also ordered a bike for $98.99 on June 19th 2020. They immediately took my money from my account. No confirmation emails, no shipping tracking numbers. No delivery. This site is a scam.

  4. I also ordered an item…..e-mailed seller after a few days for shipping status of my order……no reply. Based on the above report, I have filed a PayPal dispute.

  5. Same thing happened to me. I ordered a composting bin on June 19. No product, no responses, no replies. This is a total scam IMO. I am going to try and get my money back. You should too! I just wish I knew who they were so I could break someone’s fucking face.

    1. Ordered a beach cruser …June 23. Emailed to see status. Havnt got a response. Im so sick of scam sites. So sad.

        1. I would be interested to know if PayPal issues a refund. PayPal denied my claim for $100. The email from PayPal just said it didn’t meet the requirements… No further explanation

    2. You and me both! I ordered a bike for my son on 6/22 and nothing. No response at all. Gonna try and get my money back from PayPal.

      1. paypal became worst in terms of customer service. there is no assurance to go with pay pal. they stopped taking calls and not response to email inquiries. don’t go with paypal anymore

      1. The John Richardson email is listed for jinne-ann site contact. It does not work. Only contact I can get is through PayPal and then they steal someone else’s tracking. This way PayPal is satisfied because a tracking number was given and then you are out all your money.

    3. Me to the got me for 300 bucks I ordered 3 kayaks for my son , my Father in law and my self . Took the money sent me a link that goes to a fed ex page but the fucking morons put in some wack number and did not even put in 10 digits the had 9 wtf I there ducking family gets the herpies !

  6. I ordered a bike from this website on June 20 and aside from the initial email, I’ve gotten nothing else from them. I also sent an email to “” and have gotten no reply.
    I just tried to go back on the website and got a message saying the shop was unavailable.
    I am going to contact PayPal to see if I can get a refund since the money already came out of my account.

    1. When you track you package on USPS, look under product information. In my case, the tracking number was associated with a first class package. First class is 16 ounces or less. There is no way most products are that. I was able to get a refund from paypal right away as I had ordered a kayak. No way a kayak was less than 16 ounces. Hope this helps!!

  7. This website is A SCAM!!! DO NOT purchase ANYTHING from this site! I wish I had researched the site before ordering 2 items from the site. Luckily, my bank was on point & helped with one of the transactions I made but I used PayPal for the other transaction & due to Covid, it’s a huge mess. This site has false contact information, now they provided me with a fake USPS tracking #, I’m not sure how they are doing it, if I had to guess, they have an insider at USPS. I ordered 2 Kayaks & cancelled both orders immediately after placing my order. The transaction made thru my bank was found fraudulent & refunded but PayPal isn’t on point. They allow the merchant 20 days from date of purchase so Jinne Ann contacts Paypal & gives them a USPS tracking # & also sends me notification on July 4th that the item shipped. When I use the tracking # to track the package it states the item was delivered & left in my mailbox on July 2nd. Nothing was delivered to me, moreover a kayak could not fit in my mailbox! It has been weeks and I am still trying to resolve this mess, this website is good so BEWARE! I wish I never dealt with them, Jinne Ann tried to transfer money out of my bank to my PayPal account but luckily my bank declined the transfer. Do not trust PayPal during these hard times either because they are not protecting as there purpose is to. They do not have enough reps working & it’s been a nightmare. This site should be banned & taken down. I’ve read that if they do ship an item that was purchased, which is rare, they mostly just take your money but if they do ship it’s not a new item, it’s an old refurbished item. I hope I was able to save someone from dealing with what I’m going through. I’m dealing with $98.99 transaction, and now my PayPal account is negative -$189.59, PayPal is still “investigating” the claim. It’s a nightmare! Stay away from this site!!!

    1. same thing here. I wrote a whole story of this ordeal. Google search Monty Yao scammed. I think this is a systemic problem that PayPal and others are on the side of the scammers.

    2. When you track you package on USPS, look under product information. In my case, the tracking number was associated with a first class package. First class is 16 ounces or less. There is no way most products are that. I was able to get a refund from paypal right away as I had ordered a kayak. No way a kayak was less than 16 ounces. Hope this helps!!

  8. Wow, sadly I just purchased a bicycle from this place since June 1st for my best friend’s birthday which will take place on Sunday I am very sad and shame of this company I don’t know what I am going to tell her. I got an email with confirmation # since then until now I never received any other email. I used PayPal now, I have to call them for a refund this is crazy wish I read the comment before purchased, the crazy things about it they didn’t let you review your payment before place the order automatically they took the money.

  9. I order a kayak Jun. 08. 2020. I did not get tracking number. Today is July 09 and I didn’t get the item. I just opened a case in PayPal. Hey guys! Do not order from this website!

  10. STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!It’s aSCAM please don’t fall for it like I did. I can’t believe I fell for this one. Lost my money and no product.

  11. I purchased a hose reel for $92 on June 19 and got a PayPal tracking number that was bogus, confirmed three times with USPS to be a different address in my city and was a small package under 16 ounces. It’s been almost a month and I never got my purchased item. Does not reply to emails. This must be a scam. I hope PayPal can bring justice to these people.

  12. PayPal denied my claim. Jinne Ann some how produces fake tracking labels. The tracking # I got from PayPal was for the Same city, different name and address. This con artist ripped me off for $98.77.

  13. Ordered a bike on June 18 2020 have not recieved….can’t get through to contact for store….now website is taken down. Scam store.

  14. Scam, scam , scam! 2 kayaks bought a month ago and have not yet showed up. Go to website and it says not available. Thieves. Hope whoever stole from me burns alive in their car while their family has to watch.


    I ordered Bike from the Website and they sent a scam Tracking number that goes to a different address.

    Call go to 404, no response, website gone.

  16. Jinne Ann was a Chinese scam. In a matter of days after getting my money, they disappear. They have a hold of our computer system with their endless hacking efforts. They entered the USPS system so that it shows a tracking number of something that USPS website shows as delivered. Impossible, it was a boat, bit ant the at time of delivery I was at home. It is all fake. The complaint email address is and the other email in charge of contact is
    The problem is that neither google that places these fake websites in their shopping recommendations or PayPal that makes the cash transfer, check if these vendors are authentic. Can you imagine how many millions (or billions) such scams generate? I just lost 100 dollars.

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